!MELK:Entrant has recently completed the first phase of a comprehensive streetscape Master Plan for the Jewelry District in downtown Providence, RI. Prior to this implementation, the district was an underutilized and barren landscape of parking lots and vacant warehouses. The relocation of I-95 created an opportunity for the nearby university to expand its Medical School campus into this former industrial zone and for the Jewelry District to reconnect to the waterfront. Entrant set out immediately to connect to Providence’s downtown urban fabric by establishing a scheme to infuse a new vitality and character.



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▼总平面图 Master Plan



Following a traditional New England materials vocabulary, a spectacular wooden pedestrian bridge over Providence Harbor is designed to connect the Jewelry District with nearby university’s campus. Situated in the heart of the district, “Ship Street Square” was conceived, a shady green oasis where once was an exposed and fenced asphalt parking lot.




With the intention to create a unique and unified identity, related to context and the neighborhood’s industrial past, Entrant developed new streetscape elements, such as, a paver system, that promotes an historic atmosphere along the streetscape, while complying with today’s safety standards and codes, as well as integrated custom tree grates that were conceived as “jewelry” for the Jewelry District.





The culmination of these successful efforts has resulted in a vibrant public realm offering a series of new amenities such as a central gathering space that accommodates a year-round weekly farmers market, performances and events. Ship Street Square, with its contextual marine styling, has quickly become the neighborhood’s social center attracting the new student, residential, and business population. The programmatic versatility of this plaza is already acting as a catalyst for economic development and growth for the Jewelry District and will continue to sustain a growing population into the foreseeable future.


▼船形广场平面 Ship Street Square Plan



项目名称: 珠宝区街道景观总体规划
地点: 罗德岛普罗维登斯
项目目的: 完成复兴RI Providence珠宝区的综合街道景观总体规划的第一阶段。
景观设计和总规划: !melk

Project Name: The Jewelry District Streetscape Master Plan
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Project Purpose: Completed the first phase of a comprehensive streetscape Master Plan for the revitalization of the Jewelry District in Providence, RI.
Landscape Architect and Master Planner: !melk


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