DAVID RUBIN Land Collective:  占地23英亩的Pennovation Works是还在规划中的3700英亩河岸重建区的一部分,位于宾夕法尼亚大学( UPenn )和费城海军船坞之间。它推广了学术研究并成为该市重要的创新孵化基地之一。

DAVID RUBIN Land Collective:  Part of a planned 3,700-acre riverfront redevelopment zone between the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and the Philadelphia Navy Yard along the Schuylkill River, the 23-acre Pennovation Works extends academic research and become one of the City’s key innovation incubators. 




The new campus is one of the first initiatives toward re-imagination of this waterfront site of former heavy industry. The campus combines professionals and researchers from wide-ranging disciplines such as robotics, cyber physical systems, and security. 



Pennovation Works的景观是校园里的第一个项目,它发扬了DAVID RUBIN Land Collective工作室的使命,即把不同背景的人联系起来,解决复杂的问题,增进知识和文化。围绕着Pennovation Works,一个包容性很强的广场和景观融入了绿色基础设施,将现有的草坪移植到野花草地里并进行乡土种植。

The landscape of Pennovation Works, the first project on the campus, promotes DAVID RUBIN Land Collective’s mission of connecting people from various backgrounds to solve complex problems and advance knowledge and culture. Surrounding the Pennovation Works, a generous plaza and landscape incorporate green infrastructure, as well as naturalize existing lawn into wildflower meadows and native planting. 




The design accounts for future development while creating meaningful places on the campus in the short-term. Within the landscape is an instrumented, outdoor laboratory with netting which enables the testing of high performance outdoor aerial and ground robots.



该设计是Penn、HWKN、KSS建筑工作室、LAND COLLECTIVE、Bruce Mau设计、Ballinger、Focus Lighting和Atelier Ten成功合作和创新的结果。经过研讨会,各方都为更广阔的场地以及建筑、景观、身份、标志和项目做出了贡献。

The design is the result of a successful collaborative and creative process between Penn, HWKN, KSS Architects, LAND COLLECTIVE, Bruce Mau Design, Ballinger, Focus Lighting and Atelier Ten. Through workshops and charrettes, each party contributed to the vision of the broader site as well as the architecture, landscape, identity, signage and program.


景观设计:DAVID RUBIN Land Collective

Year: 2016
Landscape Architecture: DAVID RUBIN Land Collective

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