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Stuart Silk Architects:该山庄原建建于20世纪60年代,此次设计的挑战在于不牺牲其原有魅力的前提下,将其更新为现代住宅。项目坐落在科切拉山谷(Coachella Valley)上方的高原上,占地1.3英亩,站在后院一眼就能看到崎岖、荒凉的圣罗莎山脉;有时还能看到大角羊在山上的岩石上散步。遗址的中间是占地6357平方英尺的住宅空间;穿过住宅庭院,就能看到车道外的入口。

Stuart Silk Architects:Originally built in the 1960s, the challenge for this project was how to update a mid-century modern house without sacrificing its charm. Situated on a 1.3-acre site perched on a plateau above Coachella Valley, the rugged, inhospitable Santa Rosa Mountains rise immediately from the back yard; bighorn sheep can often be seen wandering on the rocks above. The 6,357-square-foot house sits roughly in the middle of the property; entry is off the driveway and through a private courtyard.


© David Papazian
© David Papazian



The client’s goals were to create an open and light filled home that maximized views of the Coachella Valley below and the Santa Rosa mountains to the south and west. They also wanted to create a fluid connection between the primary indoor rooms and the outdoor terraces both for entertaining and for casual outdoor living with their young children.


▼与室外露台无缝连接的设计Design of seamless connection with outdoor terrace

© David Papazian
© David Papazian


建筑师斯图亚特•西尔克(Stuart Silk)指出:“这座扁平化的单层平顶住宅优雅的呼应了原址环境,并与圣罗莎山脉形成了戏剧性反差。”通过进一步整合建筑与沙漠环境,充分利用光线和景观,使住宅更加具有画面感。其丰富的材料和质地消除了视觉上的紧张感,并唤醒感官,提供一个美妙的生活体验。建筑师大卫·马切蒂(David Marchetti)提出:“通过使用明亮和清爽的材料与岩石地形形成对比,同时设计温暖和人性化的尺度来致敬沙漠的暖色调”。

“The horizontality of this one-story, flat roof home provides an elegant response to the site and a counterpoint to the drama of the surrounded Santa Rosa mountains,” notes architect Stuart Silk. By further integrating the house with its desert context, this home has captured a sense of place by making the best possible use of light and landscape.Its rich palette of materials and textures banishes any feeling of austerity, and awakens the senses to provide a wonderful living experience. “The materials concept was to contrast the rocky terrain by keeping the materials bright and crisp, while also complimenting the desert palette by maintaining warmth and human scale,” notes architect David Marchetti.


© David Papazian




The original design was closed-in and compartmentalized, and though the house was remodeled in the 1980s, it suffered from deferred maintenance. This new remodel eventually encompassed 90% of the existing house, including reconfiguring the entire floor plan and the exterior elevations. Portions of the existing foundation and roof structure were repurposed. New brick walls, delicate cruciform-shaped columns, and steel trellises were introduced, as well as large roof overhangs to limit exposure to the harsh sun.

“Walls of floor-to-ceiling glass provide intimate views of the dramatic desert surroundings.The glass extends each room, blurring the line between interior and exterior—the experience is one of living in nature,” notes Silk. Among the most significant changes was opening the living room and kitchen to two, open-air terraces, and adding a generous pantry and combined mud/laundry room. Several bedrooms were also added to accommodate the growing family (for a total of five bedrooms).



© David Papazian
© David Papazian
© David Papazian
© David Papazian
© David Papazian
© David Papazian



The master bedroom was re-envisioned to open out to a private garden featuring a statue of St. Francis. The master bathroom has its own private outdoor shower that is accessible from the main shower. The swimming pool, previously located in the courtyard, has been relocated and paired with a spa in the spacious rear yard at the base of the rising mountains.


▼主卧mater bedroom

© David Papazian
© David Papazian

▼主卧外庭院private garden

© David Papazian

▼主卧淋浴房master bathroom



Inside, the design departs from the typical monochromatic color schemes of many mid-century homes by introducing unique design elements, rich textures, and bold colors. These elements include the custom designed decorative metal screens at the front gate and entry hall, the custom-designed cruciform-shaped columns, the white terrazzo floor, a bright yellow wall of tile in the kitchen, and the custom-designed aqua blue front door.


▼前门the front gate

© David Papazian

▼入口大厅entry hall

© David Papazian


© David Papazian



The bedroom wing is accessed via a corridor lined with white brick, which functions as a gallery for the client’s art collection. The opposite glass wall allows the art to be seen prominently from the adjoining courtyard. Other surprising ideas are evident in the treatment of the kitchen backsplash and bathroom showers. Furnishings reinforce this feeling of delight and complement the architecture. The floor is white terrazzo with amber accents to pick up the warmth of the earth tones found in the landscape.



© David Papazian

▼从庭院看画廊View the gallery from the courtyard

© David Papazian

▼鸟瞰图aerial view

© David Papazian

▼总平面图master plan

© Stuart Silk Architects

▼建筑平面图floor plan

© Stuart Silk Architects





项目名称:  雷鸟高地山庄
项目地点:  加利福尼亚兰乔米拉奇

建筑师:  Stuart Silk, David Marchetti, Brittney Wilson-Davis

Stuart Silk Architects (建筑)
Maison Inc. (室内设计)
RA Structural Engineer (结构工程)
Anne Attinger (风景园林)
West Coast Builders (承包商)

摄影:  David Papazian

外立面:  砖、灰泥、彩钢、玻璃
外部走道:  浇筑混凝土
屋顶:  TPO膜
内墙:  石膏板和外露砖
入口门和装饰金属(Jaeger metal Fab&Concept)
地板:  定制混合水磨石(建筑混凝土创新)
主卧:  长椅(全球视野提供;舒马赫面料);椅子(ABC地毯和家居)
化妆间:  瓷砖(希思陶瓷);照明(复古意大利玻璃泪珠吊坠);梳妆台(定制)
主浴室:  梳妆台(定制设计,染色纵切白橡木,地板上有定制混合水磨石;台盆(科勒);台面(五边形表面,石英);淋浴瓷砖(Bisazza玻璃马赛克瓷砖);带有定制混合地板的水磨石(新型建筑混凝土)
厨房:  橱柜(定制设计,染色纵切白橡木;由Adonai Concepts&Design制造);台面(五边形表面,石英);瓷砖(波普汉姆设计);桌子(定制);椅子(由Reach设计);凳子(劳森芬宁);吊灯(老式Murano)
客厅:  咖啡桌(1stdibs);扶手椅(Jan Showers);地毯(定制,Kush地毯);柚木边桌(Look Modern)
书房(Jonathan Adler,白色沙发和椅子);咖啡桌(复古,1stdibs);地毯(斯塔克地毯);皮椅(德威尔工作室)
水疗(Team Pool Construction)
露台家具(Janus et Cie)

Project name:  Thunderbird Heights Residence
Project location:  Rancho Mirage, California

Stuart Silk Architects team:
Stuart Silk, David Marchetti, Brittney Wilson-Davis

Project team:
Stuart Silk Architects (architecture)
Maison Inc. (interior design)
RA Structural Engineer (stuctural engineering)
Anne Attinger (landscape architecture)
West Coast Builders (contractor)

Photography:  David Papazian

Exterior facade:  brick, stucco, painted steel, and glass
Exterior walkways:  poured concrete
Roof:  TPO membrane
Interior walls:  gypsum board and exposed brick
Entry gates and decorative metal (Jaeger Metal Fab & Concept)
Windows and doors (Arcadia)
Floors:  terrazzo with custom mix (Architectural Concrete Innovations)
Master bedroom:  settee (by Global Views; fabric by Schumacher); chair (ABC Carpet & Home)
Powder room:  tile (Heath Ceramics); lighting (vintage Italian glass teardrop pendants); vanity (custom)
Master bath:  vanity (custom-designed, stained rift cut white oak cabinetry, terrazzo with custom mix on floors; sink (Kohler); countertop (Pental Surfaces, quartz); shower tile (Bisazza glass mosaic tile); terrazzo with custom mix floor (Architectural Concrete Innovations)
Kitchen:  cabinets (custom-designed, stained rift cut white oak; fabricated by Adonai Concepts & Design); countertop (Pental Surfaces, quartz); tile (Popham Design); table (custom); chairs (Design within Reach); stools (Lawson-Fenning); chandelier (vintage Murano)
Living room:  coffee table (1stdibs); armchairs (Jan Showers); rug (custom, Kush Rugs); teak side table (Look Modern)
Den (white sofa and chair, Jonathan Adler); coffee table (vintage, 1stdibs); carpet (Stark Carpet); leather chair (Dwell Studio)
Spa (Team Pool Construction)
Terrace furnishings (Janus et Cie)


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