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Mario Cucinella Architects: “Urban Mining envisions cities as potential reservoirs for the future. This concept views urban spaces as ecosystems capable of deconstructing and transforming themselves using their own materials, much like natural processes. It promotes a circular approach to architecture, where the creative process takes center stage.”——Mario Cucinella



2024米兰设计周,MCA打造的最新装置艺术,“Urban Mining城市矿山:设计、拆解、传播” 亮相布雷拉展区Solferino 28。

主办方为《晚邮报》设计杂志 Living e Abitare 。历史悠久的米兰知名媒体的总部向公众敞开大门,迎接国内外参观者。

For Milan Design Week 2024, MCA’s latest installation, “Urban Mining: Design, Disassembly, Dissemination”, was presented at Solferino 28 in Brera.

Organised by Living e Abitare, the design magazine of the Corriere della Sera. The historic headquarters of Milan’s leading media outlet opened its doors to the public, welcoming national and international visitors.



受欧洲可持续发展议程的启发,设计从再生的角度探讨未来城市的主题,人类活动不再是对自然的侵略,而是从自然中汲取灵感并自我再生。该装置艺术,揭示了 “人工遗产”(原材料开采后,转化为基础设施、建筑和日常用品)的回收和管理过程,旨在倡导废旧资源的循环再利用,赋予其新的社会价值。

Inspired by the European Agenda for Sustainable Development, this installation delves into the theme of the future city from a regenerative perspective, wherein human-made spaces are not perceived as detracting from nature, but rather draw inspiration from it, seeking self-regeneration. Urban Mining is conceived as a process aimed at reclaiming and managing the “anthropogenic heritage” (materials extracted and transformed into infrastructures, buildings, and everyday items), with the goal of rejuvenating matter and reutilizing it.


▽设计草图 Design sketch

▽从再生的角度探讨未来城市的装置艺术 The installation art of the future city is discussed from the perspective of regeneration


从一个简单、有点简陋的日常物品:用于采摘果蔬的木箱,开始重新设计。这个 “不起眼 “的东西,在农闲季节被组装起来,构成一个充满潜力、具备无限可能的城市文化景观。之后再拆解,木箱恢复其原来的用途,随着生产活动散布到整个农业领域,将其循环利用的理念传播开。

The redesign began with a simple, somewhat humble, everyday object: a wooden box used for picking fruit and vegetables. This “unassuming” object is assembled during the farming season to form an urban cultural landscape full of potential and infinite possibilities. Later disassembled again, the wooden crate resumes its original use, spreading its recycling concept as production activities are dispersed throughout the agricultural sector.


▽木箱的循环再利用,构成一个充满潜力、具备无限可能的城市文化景观 The recycling of wooden boxes constitutes an urban cultural landscape full of potential and unlimited possibilities



“Urban Mining”是一个可以无数次拆解和重组的城市背景,展示出以灵活性、弹性和可持续性为基本原则,自然、创新的城市建设和设计方法。

Visitors are drawn into a skyline of dismountable, luminous towers, where various themes related to Urban Mining and the future society are scattered throughout, including The Materials of the City; The Material City and the Immaterial (Digital) City; The Wood of the City; Shared and Intelligent Micro-Mobility; The Living City (featuring ‘urban vegetation’); and The City Experienced by its Inhabitants.

“Urban Mining” is an urban context that can be dismantled and reconfigured countless times, demonstrating a natural and innovative approach to urban construction and design based on the fundamental principles of flexibility, resilience and sustainability.


▽灵活多变的微场地营造 Flexible micro-site construction


米兰设计周期间,以”Urban Mining城市矿山:设计、拆解、传播 “为平台 ,展开了循环性和城市良性发展模式等紧迫问题的讨论。不仅强调了循环经济的3R原则 “减量化(Reduce)、再利用(reuse)、可循环(recycle) “,还引导人们对拆卸和再生设计的关注,顺应自然系统的演化规律,激发社会的可持续发展思考。

The Urban Mining installation, “Design, Dismantle, Disseminate”, serves as a platform during the Design Week for discussions on circularity and virtuous development models. It not only emphasizes the principles of “reduce, reuse, recycle” but also directs attention towards designing for disassembly and regeneration in alignment with natural cycles.


▽装置艺术夜景氛围 Installation art night scene atmosphere




项目名称:Urban Mining 城市矿山
客户: RCS MediaGroup, Corriere della Sera Living e Abitare
年份:2024 年
面积: 350 平方米
地点: 《晚邮报》(Il Corriere della Sera)总部庭院Solferino 28
设计:MCA建筑事务所(Mario Cucinella Architects)
Mario Cucinella
项目负责人:Valentina Torrente
高级产品设计师: Antonella Di Luca
效果图: MCA
照片:RCS MediaGroup,Walter Vecchio, MCA
景观设计:Gardenia con il vivaio Central Park
技术合作伙伴: Artemide、De’Longhi、Kartell、Vimar
项目合作伙伴:Koelliker、Acrobatica、Fantoni 、 MV Line,A2A 、 Biorepack

Project name: Urban Mining
Client: RCS MediaGroup, Corriere della Sera Living e Abitare
Year: 2024
Area: 350 square meters
Location: Solferino 28, the courtyard of the headquarters of Il Corriere della Sera
Design: Mario Cucinella Architects
Design Team:
Mario Cucinella
Project Leader: Valentina Torrente
Senior Product Designer: Antonella Di Luca
Renderings: MCA
Photos: RCS MediaGroup, Walter Vecchio, MCA
Landscape design: Gardenia con il vivaio Central Park
Technical partners: Artemide, De’Longhi, Kartell, Vimar
Project partners: Koelliker, Acrobatica, Fantoni, MV Line, A2A, Biorepack



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