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Zinialand Design: Chengdu is a city full of poetic and picturesque beauty inherited from ancient times. There are Xiling Snow Mountain that you will occasionally see, and the usual lifestyles of ordinary people. Overcoming the difficulties of climbing the old Shu Road, the future of the city now has thousands of possibilities, which has been portrayed by more people. When the booming trend injected into the urban space, the old city also ushered in young blood.




“A city’s historical relics, cultural monuments, and cultural heritage are part of the city’s life.” Every city has memories of aging and reborn. The beauty of the city lies in its history, which is kept in the city body in various ways. The memories of the past are revitalized accumulating new and unique memories and logos.


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城市里的人文魅力  Humanistic charm in the city


The predecessor of Dongjiao Memory was Chengdu Hongguang Electronic Tube Factory, which was founded in the early days of China’s founding. The design at that time witnessed the historical changes of Chengdu`s industry. Later, as the city progressed, the industrial zone was gradually abandoned, and the memories of a generation were condensed in graphic symbols, projected everywhere in the area, and retained.



多元与复合 革命与传统  Diversity and Compound Revolution and Tradition


With the rapid development of the city and the scarcity of new land resources, there are rows of glamorous high-rise buildings appearing, surrounding the old buildings, so the space of the old city is squeezed, causing a sense of visual pressure and abruptness to local residents and visitors and also separating the humanistic charm of the city.


▼项目区位示意图  Location map of the project



Vanke Tianhui project is between Dongjiao Memory and Longfor Binjiang Paradise. It is simple and mottled on one side, and modern and fashionable on the other, which is located in areas of two different styles: open and semi-open, low-density and high-density. As we also had the pleasure to participate in part of the landscape design of Longfor Binjiang Paradise project, so we took this advantage of the convenience to integrate the green corridor spaces on both sides of the main road of Shanbanqiao Road, according to Vanke’s demands of differentiating commercial activities.




Vanke Tianhui project involves functional areas such as residential housing, public space, cultural tourism, etc. As a new urban public body in Chengdu, how to create a differentiated commercial experience? Between the old industrial and the modern commercial landscapes, how do we inherit Dongjiao Memory’s historical context, and balance the past and future of the city to create a new urban space that not only inherits the cultural memories of the past, but also indicates the infinite possibilities of the future has become the difficulty and focus of design? It is the key and difficult point of this design.


▼鸟瞰  Aerial view



From great demolition and renovation, the original repair of the old, to the compatibility and the pursuit of coexistence and combination of revolution and tradition, urban renewal has been seeking the combination of review and expectation, looking for the connection between the past and the future, so as to make historical culture and modern life complement each other, to make the original temperature and poetry of cultural memory introduce into the new space and integrate into urban life.



与过去对话 与现在对话  Dialogue with the past , Dialogue with the present

With direct and mutual spatial combination, free and coherent internal flow design, Dongjiao Memory Industrial Zone serves the production and life of a generation of Chengdu. Vanke Tianhui project continues its characteristic. The space is coordinated with the layout style, and pays attention to more possibilities for residents, tourists and merchants to use the same space. Here, users can have an open and customizable living space, thus a bright, free, and vibrant urban space is constructed, which forms a field that exists in people’s memory.



The south side of the project is along the main road of the city. In order to enhance the landmark and dynamic of the site, the design started from the aspects of terrain construction and ground paving. With the use of steel and concrete materials in the site of Dongjiao Memory, these elements were reorganized to form the language of the site, to echo the architecture of the commercial street, and to dialogue with the memory of the site of Dongjiao Memory.




In consideration of the site’s location, the main road along the street are integrated into the municipal green area. By designing the green field space of the front outside commercial place, the functions of driving and playing are separated in order to increase the display area of the commercial stores while ensuring the privacy of the outside commercial. At the same time, the introduction of artistic elements creates a rich visual interactive experience and the small square in front of the building also creates different functions to expands the space for citizens to stay and play.



自由与秩序 空间的两面  The two sides of freedom and order space


When the original electronic tube factory was abandoned, commerce flourished and formed a characteristic of the old-and-new integration, thus forming the unique humanistic charm of Dongjiao Memory. In the space design of the main entrance area of the axis, the intervention of design techniques is reduced, so the store owners can have more large-scale free space, leaving more possibilities to the commercial space.




There is always uncertainty in urban space, in which eternity and occasionality coexistence. Inside the main axis, simple and movable landscape sketches are set up. People can easily push, combine, and collage to form a comfortable scene. Chengdu people are free and cozy here for displaying their initiative to those various elements.




The central waterscape is located at the midpoint of the main axis of the project, which is at the intersection of Dongjiao Memory and the business office flows. It is also the internal popular center of Tianhui.


▼项目分析图  Project analysis chart



A small gathering space is set up in the central area of the project to build a channel connecting Dongjiao Memory with the new urban space. The central plot is lined with springs that intermittently run increases the visual and tactile experience of the tour, enriches the spatial hierarchy, and adds more possibilities of stay.




Whether it is summer or winter, day or night, the simple waterscape design can always attract different people to gather together and participate in it, and it also increases the experience of visiting the commercial district, thereby enhances the vitality and closeness of the space .



结语  Conclusion


In Vanke Tianhui project, we inherit the cultural context of Dongjiao Memory, create a traditional courtyard-style landscape space, and welcome the new era of urban life with a strong historical and cultural atmosphere. At the same time, we also create an open and comfortable quality space without dividing the space and restricting the structure, so that the commercial exterior space is more diversified and complex, where the new cultural memory is continued.




The original urban space is now wrapped by a rich layer of commerce, so residents can not only listen to the sounds of the river but also see the city lights to perceive the historical memory of the past and taste the possibilities of the future.

The development of a city is itself a process of continuous renewal and transformation. The charm of a city lies in the combination of its rich and diverse living spaces, which become the support of human emotions. When the space becomes the recorder of people’s activities and is infected by the humanistic atmosphere, it can become a living space with cultural heritage, and bring new opportunities and meanings to promote urban renewal, improve city quality, and activate the district economy.






Project name: Vanke·Tianhui
Project address: Intersection of Shanbanqiao Road and Jianshe South Branch Road, Chenghua District
Owner: Vanke Group
Landscape design unit: ZINIALAND
Design team: Yang Xuanxuan, Li Liang, Yang Kunyi, Zeng Junjian, Feng Hao, Li Zhichen, Liu Bo, Zeng Yin, Jin Yueqi, He Jinyi, Chen Dan, Qi Lei, Wu Qingyan, He Zeyao, Jiang Biao, Wang Xin, Luo Mei, Yu Yunqing
Architectural design unit: JZFZ
Construction unit: Xingli Garden
Project area: 49239㎡ (including municipal land acquisition)
Design time: 2017.11-2019.8
Project picture shooting: JINGSHANG


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