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VERSO 是全球范围内第一所由IDEO公司进行概念设计的国际学校项目,IDEO是一家来自旧金山的全球知名设计创意公司。受到设计的影响,VERSO给予受众的体验具有高度的创造性,并以学生为中心。在这里,学习是跨学科的、以项目为基础的,而且更加地个性化。

VERSO is the first international school in the world to be conceptually designed by IDEO, the globally renowned design and innovation company from San Francisco. Driven by design, VERSO offers a highly creative, student-centered experience where learning is interdisciplinary, project-based, and increasingly personalized.


▼校园生物多样性庭院 Biodiversity courtyard



The rituals and processes of Design Thinking are embedded in our practice. Thinking like a designer is a key mindset across the school. VERSO uses a customized American curriculum model aligned with New York State Education Standards. The school anticipates full accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


▼校园大厅 VERSO


新颖的教学方法 Innovative teaching approach


Moving beyond a traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ curriculum, VERSO places each student at the center of their own learning. Students are organized into mixed-age groups and work with a team of learning designers. We value curiosity, self-direction, and independence and help students to think like designers. We have redesigned the school day so we can give students more time to dig deep into learning that truly engages them.



灵活的学习空间 Agile learning spaces


Our iconic ‘Loops’ are designed to bring a sense of fun, flow, movement, and interconnectedness to our learning. Traditional classrooms are replaced by contemporary learning spaces that are flexible, agile, and adaptive to the needs of our learners. We consider our whole campus as a learning space with frequent opportunities to play and learn beyond its walls.


▼下环庭院 Lower loop courtyard

▼中环庭院 Middle loop courtyard

▼上环庭院 Upper loop courtyard


▼中环室内游乐空间 Fun&Play space at middle loop

▼下环室内游乐空间 Fun&Play space at lower loop

▼下环教学空间 Lower loop classroom

▼实验室 Lab room


▼混合草地足球场 Hybrid grass soccer pitch


▼雨林游乐场 Rainforest playground


充满激情的学习型设计团队  A passionate learning design team


We intentionally call our teachers Learning Designers. They are highly-skilled educators who work closely with our students to design deeply engaging learning experiences.



与自然相连 Connected to nature


Our expansive campus has been designed to complement the rich bio-diversity of its natural surroundings. Working closely with environmental and landscape specialists, VERSO’s campus is designed to support a thriving eco-system that allows our community to connect with nature on a daily basis to develop a deeper understanding of the natural world and what we all need to do to protect it.


▼户外学习花园 Learning garden




建筑设计:Palmer & Turner(泰国)



Project Name: VERSO International School
Completion Year: 2020
Project Location: 198, Moo 4, Soi Sarasetthasiri, Suvarnabhumi 3 Road, Bangchalong Bang Plee Samut Prakan 10540

Architect: Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Ltd.
Interior Designer: August Design Consultant Co., Ltd., Thailand
Contractor: HHT Construction Limited, Thailand

Total project space: 168 rai (68 acres), making VERSO the largest school in the Bangkok metro area.
Total outdoor area within the school (actual space): 116 rai
Total green space: 60%
School area (as registered): 79 rai

Website: www.verso.ac.th
Contact e-mail: hello@verso.ac.th


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