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Espacio 18 Arquitectura:卡瓦别墅坐落在图卢姆Aldea Zamá的玛雅丛林中心地带,将奢华与自然融为一体。

Espacio 18 Arquitectura: Villa Cava blends luxury with nature. Situated in the heart of the Mayan jungle in Aldea Zamá, Tulum.


© César Béjar
© César Béjar


该别墅由 Espacio18 Arquitectura 与来自加拿大渥太华的一对年轻夫妇 Adrian 和 Andrea 合作设计,灵感来源于尤卡坦半岛神奇的洞穴式天然井——Cenote Suytun,那里的景象深深俘获了他们的心,于是他们决定建造一座体现当地自然美景和空间品质的住宅。

The villa was created by Espacio18 Arquitectura, in collaboration with Adrian and Andrea, a young couple from Ottawa, Canada. The inspiration came from the magical Cenote Suytun in Yucatan that captured their hearts, and they decided to create a home that embodied the natural beauty and spatial quality of the region.


© César Béjar
© César Béjar



Villa Cava is a sensory experience, designed to offer a unique and unforgettable stay for guests. The project was created with the intention of bringing people together in a space that offers rest, inspiration, and personal growth. The villa features an architectural concept inspired by a cave (cenote) with natural overhead lighting provided by a glass-bottom pool. The luxury is given through nature, providing a connection with the surrounding environment.


© César Béjar



The house was carefully designed to blend in with the existing landscape. The construction regulations and existing trees influenced the outline of the house, while the jungle views were considered to ensure complete privacy. The brutalist-inspired fortress is made of raw wood-formed concrete, which is slowly uncovered to reveal itself as a carved sculpture. The materials were selected to harmonize with the immediate context, considering the humid and rainy climate, as well as the potential for hurricanes.


© César Béjar
© César Béjar


由 Kayla Pongrac 设计的卡瓦别墅的室内令人眼前一亮,这是一个高度宜居的酒店级住宅。别墅可视为一座可居住的雕塑,通过围绕两棵现有成龄树建造的混凝土大门,可以抵达大厅区域。大厅上方的水池将自然光引入室内,墙壁上的水光效果给人带来一种温馨的感觉。

The interior design of Villa Cava, created by Kayla Pongrac, is a sight to behold. It transforms the project into a highly livable, hospitality-grade home. The house is a habitable sculpture, discovered through a concrete portal built around two existing mature trees that leads to the lobby area. This area is illuminated from above through a pool, providing a warm welcome with the effects of water and light on the walls.


© César Béjar
© César Béjar


一楼设有书房、开放式厨房和一个直接通向泳池的大型社交区,这些空间的设计旨在以多感官的方式进行探索,在其它不同空间显露出来之前,高度的变化会为住客带来不同的体验。二层是私人区域,设有卧室和主人房,天花板高达 30 英尺,精心布置的天窗让整个房间都沐浴在自然光之中。20 × 20 英尺的单层方窗营造出一幅自然的生活画卷,丛林美景一览无余。

The ground floor boasts a study, an open-concept chef’s kitchen, and a large social area that opens directly into a swim-up pool. The spaces are designed to be explored in a multi-sensory way, with height changes compressing the user before opening to reveal different areas. The upper floor is the private area, with bedrooms and a master with towering 30 ft ceilings and carefully placed skylights that drape the room in natural light. The 20 ft by 20 ft single pane square window creates a natural “living painting” with unobstructed jungle views.


© César Béjar
© César Béjar



On the rooftop, a second private outdoor seating area is created, taking full advantage of the stunning views of the front jungle reserve. Villa Cava is a place where people from different parts of the world can come together to live and socialize or remain independent in the different spaces created in the project.


© César Béjar
© César Béjar
© César Béjar




The house is the result of the collaboration of many talented people, including a local firm that created the landscaping, contractors, local artisans, and many others who made this project possible. Every fixture, brick, window, and appliance were sourced from Mexico, giving the house a true sense of place.

Adrian’s vision is to create a real estate fund that develops luxury villas throughout Mexico and the world, combining architecture, function, and human-centric design to create short-term luxury rentals for people seeking unique multi-sensory experiences. Villa Cava is just the beginning of a larger dream, and it serves as an inspiration to architects and designers worldwide.


© César Béjar


▽楼层平面图 Floor Plan

© Espacio 18 Arquitectura
© Espacio 18 Arquitectura


▽剖立面 Sections and Elevations

© Espacio 18 Arquitectura
© Espacio 18 Arquitectura





项目名称:卡瓦别墅(@villa.cava Instagram)
建筑设计:Espacio 18 Arquitectura (@espacio18 Instagram)
地点:金塔纳罗奥州 图卢姆
年份:2023 年
建筑面积:445 m2
摄影:César Béjar (@cesarbejarstudio Instagram)
室内设计:Kayla Pongrac (@kaypongrac Instagram)
开发者:Adrian Salamunovic (@king_of_canvas Instagram)
总建筑师:Caty and Pato
景观设计:Di Tulum (@ditulum Instagram)
团队人员:Mario Ávila, Carla Osorio, Sonia Morales, Andrea Fox, Adrian Salamunovic, Caty, Pato and Kayla Pongrac


Project: VILLA CAVA (@villa.cava Instagram)
Architects: Espacio 18 Arquitectura (@espacio18 Instagram)
Web: instagram.com/espacio18/?hl=es-la
Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo.
Mail: espacio18arquitectura@gmail.com
Year: 2023
Building area: 445 m2
Photography: César Béjar (@cesarbejarstudio Instagram)
Interior Design: Kayla Pongrac (@kaypongrac Instagram)
Developer: Adrian Salamunovic (@king_of_canvas Instagram)
Architect in charge: Caty and Pato
Landscaping: Di Tulum (@ditulum Instagram)
Team: Mario Ávila, Carla Osorio, Sonia Morales, Andrea Fox, Adrian Salamunovic, Caty, Pato and Kayla Pongrac

Interceramic: Bathroom Furniture and hardware
CEMEX: Concrete




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