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L&A GROUP: Located in Jiangdong New District of Haikou District, LuxeIsland is the first Holiday Residence developed by Wide Horizon. It covers an area up to 212,000 m2, and includes six phases. Here we will introduce the foreign-style houses and pool area of the first phase. Landscape is planned and designed to complement the architecture, establishing an ecosphere for the community and creating a strong leisure holiday atmosphere.


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规划先行 整体布局 OVERALL PLAN


The landscape interprets different space experiences with distinctive regional symbols. With the concept of “floating oases”, we introduce water into the site, and create a tropical garden community.


▽项目局部鸟瞰 Aerial view


海岛森林-且看碧涌 且听风吟 Islands Forest-Enjoy the Blue Water, Hear the Wind Sing



All functions are designed around the swimming pool. Flowing lines, relaxed layout, pavilion bar and diverse experiences all contribute to an artistic space with unique symbols and memory. Around the pool, water activities and pool parties will organized to provide a holiday experience in the tropical island.

Rhythmic lines of the swimming pool are inspired by the rich textures in the ocean that are created by tides. With green islands floating around, it makes you feel as if in an islands forest, enjoying the sea breeze and the sunset glow.


▽休闲度假的泳池空间 Pool space for leisure and vacation


一叶扁舟-飘落于海 与绿相融 e Area-A Small Boat Floating at Sea 


The booths and bar counters around the swimming pool look like a small boat floating at sea, which blends with the green plants and the blue water.




Inspired by the leaves of tropical plants, the special-shaped framework standing among the bar counters “thrives”, providing shade for people.


▽水中卡座吧台 Water booth bar



The inspiration of the bar counter also comes from the leaves of tropical plants. Each “vein” of the framework is accurately modeled by parametric design and carefully constructed under the guidance of the construction drawings to ensure a perfect visual effect.


▽吧台艺术构筑 Art construction of bar counter


林下小歇-藏于椰林 浮于清波 Private Space-Hide in Coconut Forest


Hiding in the coconut forest, the white chaise longues draw inspiration from the hermit crab, providing a private space for guests here.


▽泳池椰林躺床区鸟瞰 Aerial view



The mesh bed and the SPA by the swimming pool are surrounded by green plants, which allow people to enjoy themselves in the quiet and enclosed private space.


▽泳池躺网休闲区及SPA区 Pool lying net leisure area and SPA area


草木天堂-自然而然 回归真实 Tropical Garden-Return to Nature


The encounter with the tropical garden allows you to return to nature, enjoy the permeating aroma and experience the changing seasons.


▽自然热带花园 Natural tropical garden



The lighting around the swimming pool is carefully designed and adjusted by a professional studio to create a soft, environment-enhancing lighting effect.


▽夜景氛围 Night scene



Thriving tropical plants and mossy rocks allow people to have an experience of the jungle.




The “ice” sculpture standing in the tropical garden creates a sharp contrast and brings a touch of coolness to Hainan.




Coconut trees and hanging plants surround the pergola, providing an immersive experience of the tropical garden.


▽廊架植物花园 Veranda plant garden


Sitting in the sunset with grass and desert alternating and the water washing against the bank, you will find yourself in a pretty good mood.




Winding path leads you to a green world of plants and trees and vines, where you can feel the enthusiasm from nature.




When you walk down the “valley”, coming into view is the landscape garden, a combination of nature and art, where you can sit in the tropical garden, listening to the murmuring water and expecting an encounter in the sun.




Landscape and architecture penetrate into each other, allowing people to feel the breath of nature without walking out of the house.



设计师说 Designers’ Words



Wide Horizon is a developer focusing on high-end complex development and real estate operation. From LUXEHILLS Community to LUXELAKES Eco-City, from LUXERIVERS to LUXEISLAND, Wide Horizon has always been trying to drive the development of the industry, establish the industrial ecosphere and life circle, and pay special attention to people and community value at the same time. All its products are highly targeted to meet requirements of different customer groups.

During the design and construction of LXUEISLAND, both the developer and the designer kept exploring the best solutions, overcame many difficulties, and finally realized the innovations and breakthroughs on various aspects like art, place, culture and landscape. Eventually, the creation of plant space, the expression of local art, and the integration of community scenes contribute to a holiday experience full of art and romance.



项目名称:海口万华 · 江东麓岛
项目地点:海口市 江东新区
景观设计:奥雅成都公司 项目五组
花园营造:奥雅深圳公司 棠悦组
花境专项:奥雅股份深圳棠悦组 成都易境园艺

采写 / 奥雅成都公司 项目五组
编辑 / Christine
摄影 / 罗生 忍冬

Project: Wide Horizon·LUXEISLAND
Location: Jiangdong New District, Haikou
Category: Residential
Landscape Area: 7,000 m2
Client: Hainan Wide Horizon Business & Tourism Development Co.,Ltd.
Landscape Design: L&A GROUP Chengdu, Project Team No. 5
Garden Construction: L&A GROUP Shenzhen,Tang Yue team
Floodlight Design: Guangzhou Cobo Lighting Engineering Design Co., LTD
Landscape Decoration: Astree Design Agency
Flower landscape special: L&A GROUP Shenzhen,Tang Yue team、 Chengdu Yijing Horticulture
Sculpture Special: Guangzhou Wanyu Sculpture Co., LTD
Landscape Construction: Sichuan Shuhan Ecological Environment Co., LTD. Hainan Branch
Time of Design: March, 2021
Time of Completion: October, 2022

Interview / L&A GROUP Chengdu, Project Team No. 5
Edit / Christine
Photo / Luo Sheng, Lonicera




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