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WonderwayDesign: In Xi ‘An, A Famous City With Untold History,From Chang ‘An Park, Looking Into The 2600 Mu Chang ‘An Park Landscape,In Greentown Clear Water Bay, A Lake Courtyard With Endless Mountains And Rivers,The Design Uses Surrealist Technique To Construct Modern Oriental Elegant Residence.


▽项目视频 Video



长安望,湖院居 Overlook Chang ‘An, Reside Lake Courtyard


In The Era Of Pursuing Sustainable Development Of Product Force Precipitation,Greentown Continues To Increase The Quality Of The Scene.To The Home Where Body And Mind Long To Belong,With Landscape Design, W+D Seeks To Fit The Spirit And Feelings Of Contemporary Space.


▽项目与周边环境 Project and surrounding environment



Join Hands With Urban Regional Potential Energy, View The Precious Ecological Landscape,Iterating The Core Of Urban Vacation Spirit — In Xi ‘An 2,600mu Chang ‘An Park,Customize A Low-Density Lake Courtyard Collection — Greentown · Clear Water Bay,For The Spire People Preview The Living Dimension Of The Future Art East.




01 云锦石  yunjinshi

归山悦,入湖愉 Pleasant Of Return To The Mountain, Happy With Lake Live


In The Beginning, We See Mountains. The Facade Art Of The Gate Court Takes The Meaning Of Transcendence, Generation Of Architectural Inspiration Of The Fold Line, Creating Both Visual Shock And, High Discernable Space Of Dimensional Exploration.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



Demonstration Area Landscape And Strict Landscape Selection, Grinding Texture Details Both Functional And Ornamental. A More Refined, Self-Pleasing And Heart-Pleasing Lifestyle, Showing The Future Of Urban Vacation Life In All Aspects.





Turn In, See Light And Shadow. The Eastern Image Of The Crane Lives In The Stream Matsushita, Will Adjust The Mood Of Visitors, And Visit The Garden Of Zhongshan Lake Yard.



02 叠瀑谷 diepugu

山势现,水影藏 The Mountains Appear And The Water Hides Its Shadow



The Landscape Features Ultra-Modern Line Art Lines And A Very Futuristic Wind, Lattice And Architectural Body Echo, Boundless Blend Chang ‘An Park, And Temper, The Spirit Belongs To The Living Realm Of Natural Mountains And Rivers.

The Design Takes Inspiration From Qi Baishi’s Work “Frog Sound Ten Miles Out Of The Mountain Spring”, And Extracts The Image Of “Far Mountain – Waterfall – Rock – Mountain Ravine – Mountain Road – Valley – Rapids – Green Plants – Water Pool”.


▽不规则体块的叠瀑谷 A cascade of irregular blocks

▽叠瀑谷景观鸟瞰 Aerial view



The Design Is Adapted To Local Conditions, Combined With The Natural Texture Of Chang ‘An Park And The Original Height Difference, With The Landscape Structure Of “Yunjinshi – Diepugu – Lubaishi – Qingshui Ting – Andanbo – Du Yiran – Suxixing”. The Light, Lake, Grass, Forest And Mountain In The Environment Of Borrowing And Melting Landscape Melt Inside And Outside, Architecture And Landscape, Life And Nature.



云石穿,飞瀑叠 The Stones Are Pierced And The Waterfalls Are Folded


Into The Garden, Suddenly Enlightened,Mountains, Waterfalls, Lakes, Streams,Like A Map Of Mountains And Flowing Water,I Can’t Take My Eyes Off It.Chasing Eyes With His Feet,Feel The Change Of Space And Elevation With All Your Heart,Emotions Run High.


▽行走其间,全身心感受空间与高差的变化 During the walk, feel the change of space and height difference with your whole heart



The Peaks Of The Mountains Are Divided, And The Haze Haze Is Light And Concentrated.With The Mountains, In Order,It Forms An Enclosed Space For Immersive Experience.Being In It Is Like Being In The Minimalist Eastern Situation Of The Poem.


▽在沉浸体验的围合空间里,去感受极简东方情境 In the enclosed space of immersion experience, feel the minimalist eastern situation



Standing In The Sunken Courtyard, The 17m-High White Stone Extracts The Elegant Landscape In Oriental Chinese Painting With Reference To Nature And Modern Design Vocabulary, Creating An Artistic Landscape Garden That Sustens The Spirit And Feelings.


▽下沉庭院中生长的巨星白石 The giant white stone growing in the sunken courtyard


03 侣白石 luv Bai Shi

白石依,水亭畔 Near Of Bai Shi, Beside The Water Pavilion 


Follow The Context Of Mountains And Rivers, Look At The Integration Of Nature And Architecture. Mountains And Rivers Return In The Meantime, Follow The Turning Path To See The Stereo Change Of The Dust Scene,The Design Builds The Standard Of Aesthetic Life With Simple Fold Line.




Looking At The Towering Mountains In Front Of You, The Clever Fall Of The Water Turned Into A Stream Winding All The Way To The Foot Bank, Can Not Help But Pour Out The Words Of The Heart.


▽不规则水景、步道与场地整体呼应融洽 Irregular water features, walking paths and the whole site echo harmoniousl



Look To Travel And Live, The Presentation Of Each Scene Is The Return Of The Spirit Of Arriving At The Landscape. Bypassing Several Mountains, The Leaping Stream Once Again Leads To The Art Pavilion Above The Terrace.



04 清水亭 qing Shui Ting

水畔亭,云下座 Pavilion By The Water, Under The Clouds

绿林掩映,云亭傍水,居高而临下,湖水与,天色相映成趣, ,以不同的视角俯,瞰城市的美景。

The Green Forest, The Cloud Pavilion Beside The Water, The High And The Next, The Lake And The Sky Complement Each Other, Overlooking The Beautiful Scenery Of The City From Different Perspectives.


▽搭配以同样不规则的艺术休憩廊 It is paired with an equally irregular art lounge



From Line To Hedron, From Gesture To Artistic Conception, Layout And Construction Enhance The Sense Of Domain Of Space, And The Structural Form Itself Becomes A Powerful Facade Language. Make The Structure And Landscape Integrated, Implement The Logical And Mechanical Beauty Of The Structure.


▽营造不一样的户外休闲体验 Create a different outdoor leisure experience



The Line Art Is Interspersed And Combined On The Block To Form A Pleasant Lakeside Pavilion That Is Suitable For Viewing The Scene Alone And Negotiating With Each Other. The Hazy Light And The Fit Art Sculpture Make The Body And Mind Calm And Absorb The Healing Power Of The Lake Sky.


▽极简的艺术雕塑 A minimalist art sculpture


05 安淡泊 an Dan Bo

镜光谧,水声涌 The Mirror Is Quiet, The Sound Of Water Is Surging 


Enter The Natural Field, Feel The Sense Of Ritual And Healing Wrapped In The Mountains. The Continuous Connection Of The Stereo Scene Wall, The Tour Space That Starts And Turns, Moves A Scene, And Is Secluded And Quiet.


▽局部鸟瞰 Aerial view




As Far As The External Concept Is Concerned, Each Individual Line Or Painted Form Is An Element. As Far As The Concept Of Immanence Is Concerned, The Element Is Not The Form Itself, But The Tension That Is Active Within It.

— Vasily Kandinsky




Enter The Natural Field, Feel The Sense Of Ritual And Healing Wrapped In The Mountains. The Continuous Connection Of The Stereo Scene Wall, The Tour Space That Starts And Turns, Moves A Scene, And Is Secluded And Quiet.




The Simple Line Depiction Perfectly Fits The Architectural Design Language. Winding Path, Eliminate The Dull Sense Of Space, Expand The Richness Of The Tour.



06 渡怡然 du Yi Ran

日光栖,绿意漫 Daylight Dwelling, Green Diffuse


The Macro Pattern Of Mountains Surrounded By Water, In The Narrow And Long Site With Large Changes In Height Difference, Shaping The Tour Experience Full Of Ups And Downs And Surprises.




The White Crane Heads Up The Stream Bank In Front Of The Courtyard, Completing The Echo Of The Story Chapters. The Surrounding Mountain Paths And Green Forests, The Cascading Water Sound Stone Steps, The Open Platform On The Terrace, The Verdant Mountains And Forests, Are Picturesque.




Crossing The Delicate Corner Behind The “Mountain Lake”, The Simple Planting Controls The Height And Color, And The Romance Shaped By The Flower Border Swings In The Breeze, Becoming A Pleasant Natural Background For The Courtyard To Relax.


▽后场庭院景观 Back yard view



The Combination Of Materials And The Brightness Of The Mirror Create A Transparent And Extended Sense Of Viewing Vision, And Give The Feeling To The Changing Scene.


▽细节设计 Detail design


07 溯溪行 Su Xi Xing

溯溪游,越山行 Playing In The River, Walking In The Mountains


Follow The Stream, Meet A Light And Shadow With Details, Waiting For A Gaze.


▽静谧的夜景氛围 Quiet night atmosphere



See The Height Of The Mountain, The Extension Of The Forest, The Vine Attack Near The Water, The Stick Of The Stone, To The Mountain, Into The Water, Pull Back, Smell The Sound. Meet The Residence Of Art, Understand The Poetry Of The Lake.



项目名称:西安绿城 · 清水湾

Project name: xi ‘an lake way
Year completed: 2023.6
Project area:About 132.5 acres
Project location: Chang ‘an Park xi ‘an China
Design Company: WonderwayDesign
Company website: www.wd-dg.com
Contact email: 50578175@qq.com
Customer:xi ‘an Lehui lake way Real estate Co., Ltd.
Partner: WATG
Photographer: Shrimp Studio,Tao Wu




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