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ZAN Landscape: The project is located in a traditional Hunan cuisine restaurant in Shenzhen, aiming to create a contemporary immersive natural garden space, without complicated modern decoration, wild interest, restoration, and no modification, showing the artistic conception of classical gardens.

The lush vegetation, clear water and bluestone floor are all telling the beauty of luxury and simplicity.





Stay away from the hustle and bustle, and look for Tao Yuanming’s paradise.

The restaurant is quiet but not like a city. Make a pot of tea and enjoy the scenery in the garden. In the meantime, there is another feeling of going back through time and space, as if you are out of the world.



前院 | 奇石异树,曲径通幽 Front yard | Strange stones and strange trees, winding paths through secluded


The whole courtyard uses plants, waterscapes, stones, etc. to create a sense of natural mountains and forests. The beautiful backbone trees support the skeleton of the whole garden, the low branches are evergreen, and the corners are decorated with flowers and trees.




The ancient pine branches stretch out, inviting guests from afar, talking about good words and chatting and tasting tea.




Under the clear blue sky, visitors in it can feel the gifts from heaven and earth.




After the new rain in the empty mountains, the fragrance of soil floats in the air, the rough and exposed rocks, and the graceful and elegant trees echo the movement of natural mountains and rivers.



一方是竹林幽深的莲池庭院, 一方是入户之外的都市世界。

On the other side is the lotus pond courtyard in the deep bamboo forest. One side is the urban world outside the house.



中庭 | 缀之以松,延枝迎宾 Atrium | Decored with pine, extending branches to welcome guests


The tea room pavilion is combined with the fish pond, and the slanting shape of mountain pine echos the waterfall waterscape, and the fish swim leisurely under the mottled shadow of the tree.




The path is secluded, with flowers and trees, decorated with scenic stones, passing through the corridor and the lush forest, and the mottled light and shadow move gently with the diameter.




The foyer forms a window with a picture frame, which contains the scenery. The smoke is wrapped in water, and the winding corridor, rocks and running water are eye-catching.



后院 | 潺潺水声,静中有动 Back yard | The sound of bobsling water, and there is movement in the silence


The grass and trees are sparse, the water is clear, and the bluestone is paved, all talking about the beauty of hidden luxury and simplicity.




Enjoy the sidelines of the red maple. Watching koi float and sink in the vapour fog.




It can be seen that Liushui Yiyi, Qishi and Yasong are all gathered here. There is a Taoist saying that “take the essence of heaven and earth”, which makes people have the meaning of being in the fairyland outside the world.



茶室 | 以林为庭,择树为邻 Tea room | Take the forest as the courtyard and choose the tree as the neighbour


The tough stone and the green pool water follow the pace of walking, through the opening and closing of the space and the corner of the field of vision, the natural atmosphere of the forest permeates.




Under the thick shade, the rocks lay quietly, wrapped in attached ferns and green moss.




After experiencing the prosperity, I unexpectedly met the pure spiritual residence, and returned to the poetic oriental courtyard between different scenes.




Project name: Xiao Sanpang
Project address: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Landscape area:500㎡
Content: greening design, greening construction
Design:ZAN Landscape&ZhongLan Environmental art
Construction:ZAN Landscape&ZhongLan Environmental art
Company website: www.zaaan.cn
Completion time: 2022.08



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