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Zinialand Design: The story begins with the mission of Boano and his friend Acco. The planets of Boano and his pet space dog Acco shuttle in the vast universe, creating a paradise for residents everywhere, and collecting the joy of the balls of the world as a nutrient for the spacecraft. One day, Acco grabbed the spacecraft’s fire control, and Boano’s spacecraft lost control and hit the earth like a meteor, leaving a crater on the wasteland…


▼鸟瞰 Aerial view

▼项目视频 Video


唤醒这块街头荒地 Wake up this street wasteland


The project is located in Fengjiazhuang, Xingtai City, Hebei Province. The old city has a long history of construction, and the surrounding area interface is slightly outdated. Based on the scarce public function space in the old city, we hope to create a new and old urban public micro-space here as a dedication Gifts from citizens, reshape the face of the neighborhood and activate the vitality of the district.


▼项目原场地 Site context



When Jane Jacobs talked about cities, she said that when the streets are alive, the cities are also alive. The vitality of the city lies in the vitality of the human settlements. Apart from the public openness and equal sharing of the pocket park, we hope to give the space “emotionality”, set free scenes and fuzzy functions, so that residents can feel freely, act comfortably, and actively give All souls in the venue.


▼场地设计推演 Deduction



The design language simulates the radioactive pattern formed after the spacecraft hits the earth to the greatest extent, integrates urban public functions and display marketing functions in a theme park-like way, and at the same time original IP, sculptures and amusement facilities, and narrative design builds the space skeleton of the site to improve The recognition of the site provides a free, open and happy pocket street corner park for new and old residents.


▼平面分区 Site division 


撞击花园 Hitting Garden


Boano’s spacecraft dropped a crater, radiating undulating terrain. Clear water is deposited in the low-lying areas, and the uplifted land plants grow naturally, and the pure stone texture has a primitive touch. The concise and clear venues are combined into the main gathering space without dividing functional areas. As an open and charming place full of uncertainty and flexibility, waiting for various activities to be staged in turn.


▼放射状起伏的地形 Radiating undulating terrain



Once the Impact Park was put into use, it attracted children and children to gather and play. Children interact with terrain, interact with water, and interact with other friends in the space. With the concept of “fuzzy functions, free scenes”, there are no restrictions, freely explore the mysteries of ecological space, and construct memory scenes of street corner life.




The outdoor site is free enough, and it is matched with the landscape rest corridor to construct a diverse and flexible site space. The construction of the gallery frame continues the concise design language of the site, and the refreshing paving is combined with the play device to meet the needs of play and rest, communication and meditation.




The beauty of the street corner lies in the joy of gathering, relive the intimacy of an open-air movie, enjoy the cosiness of the clear breeze, or snuggle in the starry sky to make fun with your partners, and enjoy the joyous scene.


▼夜晚场地依然富有活力 At night, the site is still vibrant


火焰乐园 Flame Paradise


After Boano’s Dream spacecraft landed, the ground burned red. The softened material paved the space for children to play with confidence. The Dream spacecraft combines the terrain to break the single-dimensional experience setting and give the venue a multi-dimensional narrative exploration experience.




The Dream spacecraft is built on top of the terrain and incorporates the fun ways children like. As a children’s amusement device, the device has multiple openings and multiple paths exploration methods inside and outside, creating rich exploration methods and routes for children and improving children’s physical abilities.



潮汐秘境 Secret Tide


The still water is silent and the shadows of the trees are whirling. The entrance area of ​​the sales building focuses on creating a sense of quality. The slightly elevated terrain presents a guiding visual effect. The irregularly cut water separates the movement and the static. The dotted tree array shows a pure and elegant quality. Picture scroll.


▼售楼处入口 The entrance area of the sales building


街道的美学:老城街角公园 The aesthetics of the street: Old Town Corner Park


The scenery in the city cares more about the emotions of the generations of people living here. When the emotions of human settlements are integrated into the scenery of the scenery, the scenery you see is not just the unique personality of the landscape, but the gentle village that contains the memory and soul .




For Poly Yunshang, the design team has built it into a diversified, multi-dimensional, and more complex street corner park in the old city. It is hoped that this park will be full of vitality and fireworks, and it is also hoped that this park can accompany the growth of generations. After many years, I can recall the meaning of these landscapes and images with an incredible feeling of nostalgia.



设计师 Designer:

我们一直认为城市化的进程,也是在重构人和人之间的交流与沟通方式,在这片“钢筋混凝土的森林里”也会有充满情感的空间。我们以 “模糊的功能、自由的场景“为理念核心,创造出一个充满不确定性的魅力场所。




We have always believed that the process of urbanization is also to reconstruct the way of communication between people. In this “reinforced concrete forest”, there will be a space full of emotion. We take “fuzzy function, free scene” as the core idea, and create a charming place full of uncertainty.

This is based on the thinking of “Scene Design”, which is also the focus of our attention. Here, we don’t want designers to create a variety of rich scene space; instead, we want to provide a space with free attributes to let the behavior occur naturally, so as to grow unexpected scenes.

The relationship between design and scene may be more like the relationship between container and soil. The designer only provides a topic and space for the existing land, as for what scenes can grow, it is full of uncertainty, freedom and openness. This is the charm of public space where we hope for.

In a word, this is a common playground for children and adults. Many scenes can happen here naturally. All of these are not guided by the designer, because this venue is originally carrying freedom, openness and happiness.




Project name: Xingtai Poly · The Sky Garden
Location: Kaiyuan South Road, Xiangdu District, Xingtai City, Hebei Province
Construction: Hebei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Poly team: Zhang chendi, Hu Hongbo, Song Ming
Landscape design: Zinialand
Design team: Wu ye, Tan Hang, Yang Xiao, Li Peian, Tian Ting, Zeng Mengjie, Xu Miao, Li Jiarui, Feng Yulin, Liao Tao, Xie Nianli, Deng Yuwen, Li Xue, Zhang Hu, Xu Chunmei, Zhang Jinmei, Hu Ruiting, Wang Taotao, Liao Xiang, Zhang Yang, Luo Lan, he Lang, Yu Jie
Construction: Pubang Garden
Architectural design: Shanghai You`an Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Photography: XUEER Space Photography
Project area: 8000㎡
Design time: November 2019
Completion: July 2020


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