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María José Romero:FLOW是一种抽象绘画,它摆脱了画布和已知的展览空间,进入到了为体育运动而设计的建筑空间领域——滑板公园。

María José Romero: FLOW is abstract painting escaping the canvas and the known exhibition spaces, entering the architectural space territory made for sports, in this case, a skatepark.


courtesy of María José Romero


“Flow是线条在空间中的笔触,是我个人的书法艺术。我一直将线条理解为一种表现力,一种构图元素,它不仅是单纯地去回应叙事,相反,它有自己的生命力。项目中的线条是即兴的、游荡的,它创造节奏、探索空间,开拓出新的维度。当我通过线条表达自己时,那是我感觉最自由的时候”,设计师María José Romero如是说。

“Flow is the stroke of a line in space, my personal calligraphy. I’ve always understood the line as an expressive force, an element of composition which not only responds to narrative but on the contrary, it has a life of its own. A line improvises, wanders, it creates rhythms and explores spaces, opening up new dimensions along the way. When I express myself through the line, that’s when I feel the freest.”


courtesy of María José Romero



FLOW was created for the skateboarding park in the Papagayo Park gardens in Acapulco. With this intervention, the skatepark was transformed into an art piece which is brought to life thanks to the participation of the people and as such, FLOW too enriches the culture of its citizens.


courtesy of María José Romero
courtesy of María José Romero



“Skaters particularly establish a relationship when they encounter it while gliding on the track and are in correspondence with the graphic gesture traced in the location. That’s what distinguishes this piece, as it places art on a horizontal level with people, where both are protagonist of the place and both are creative thinking in action.”


courtesy of María José Romero
courtesy of María José Romero



FLOW encourage informal game and interaction for all ages also encourages contemplation of the vast expanse of space above. It is an object to be both observed and used and has de incidental effect of bringing its users into proximity, thereby making conversation between strangers almost inevitable.


courtesy of María José Romero
courtesy of María José Romero



Urban art enhances and invigorates public space and shows the cultural and community energy of the site. Culture and education are inherently interconnected; increasing access to cultural education delivers social value to communities. Creating a sense of place and belonging, of cohesion and of community, social and economic growth is created as well. Therefore, the relevance of dialogue with architects, engineers, landscape designers and developers, to integrate art and culture at the beginning of any project by collaborating with artists to provide a contemporary narrative to cities and urban centers.


courtesy of María José Romero
courtesy of María José Romero
courtesy of María José Romero



Creating works of art to inspire public scope transforms perceptions and modify our relationship with spaces. Rarely have our public spaces been quite so important for our mental and physical wellbeing. In this project shines a light of a work of art in the open air, creating a place for inspiration and enjoyment. The result of this collaboration is a project of scale vision and sensibility.


courtesy of María José Romero




规模:1170 m2
项目地点:墨西哥 格雷罗州 阿卡普尔科
艺术家工作室:María José Romero
景观建筑公司:Tecnósfera SC. (Instagram: @tecnosfera.sc)
FLOW项目负责人兼设计师:María José Romero
设计团队:María José Romero 和 Bruno Jarhani
客户:SEDATU 和 Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero, México
合作者:Arq. Felipe Leal.
图片来源:Angie Pineda. Juan Luis Ugarte. María José Romero

Project Name: FLOW
Completion Year: 2021
Scale: 1170 m2
Project Location: Acapulco, Guerrero. México
Company/Studio: María José Romero
Website: www.mariajoseromero.com
Contact e-mail: contact@mariajoseromero.com
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Tecnósfera SC. Instagram: @tecnosfera.sc
Contact e-mail: contact@tecnosfera.mx
FLOW Proyect Leader & designer: María José Romero
Architect Psj: Bruno Jarhani, Arq Jorge Nuñez, Pro-skater Eder Martinez
Design Team: María José Romero and Bruno Jarhani
Clients: SEDATU and Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero, México.
Collaborators: Arq. Felipe Leal.
Photo Credits: Angie Pineda. Juan Luis Ugarte. María José Romero
Photographer’s Instagram:




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