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LISM Landscape Design:The beginning of the story is still the lake.

Huangjue Lake, with 70000 square meters of water and 2.4 kilometers of coastline, has been mentioned many times in previous articles. It has witnessed the birth of Yorkshire, the land of Hong Kong, and also witnessed various stories of the region from blank to prosperity Today, Hongkong land yachts, adjacent to this “urban ocean”, has become the last jigsaw puzzle of the residential area.


▽黄桷湖实景图(2019)Real Picture of Huangjuehu (2019)


区位优势 Location advantage



The Zhaomu Mountain plate, where Hongkong land yachts is located, is a piece of land that has risen rapidly in Chongqing in the past decade and can be regarded as magical.

Before 2009, if you want to go to Zhaomu Mountain, many local people may not be able to give you directions. Now, according to the myth of “the center of the universe” of Mount Everest, it has become one of the most livable lands in Chongqing.


▽照母山片区现状(图片来源网络)Current situation of Zhaomushan Area




A commercial area of nearly 2 million square meters, an urban forest park of more than 10000 mu, a science and technology park with the highest scientific and technological output value and the largest area in Chongqing, dozens of schools, and several first-class hospitals This is the resources within the radius of five kilometers of the Zhaomu Mountain plate, which are of top quality and have been put into use now.

The small area where Tianhu Island is located can be reached within 5 minutes by 6 parks, 5 schools, 1 Class III hospital and two office buildings of Jinke and Hong Kong Land within a radius of 2 kilometers. There are also Guanghuan Shopping Park and Jinke Center · YueFUN. The two commercial bodies are less than 600 meters away from Tianhu Island in a straight line.


▽照母山片区现状 According to the current situation of Mushan area




Needless to say, the natural resources of Huangjue Lake in the peninsula are the lakeside park. Imagine that at 6:30 in the morning, breathing the freshest air in the city after settling overnight, the senses touch the dew in the dense forest, the crisp birdsong and the hazy sunshine These pictures become private enjoyment.

Prosperity and nature, convenience and seclusion are two relatively contradictory ideals. This achievement, in addition to the superior geographical location, is irreplaceable because of the interaction between the unique price of Tianhu Island and the “orphan” product power.


▽天湖岛与自然紧密相连 Tianhu Island is closely connected with nature




This land seems to have the meaning of “pyramid”.

Rich and comprehensive resources, top art design and nearly perfect presentation. All the strength given by the base is transformed into uniqueness, which complements the sense of picture of residential imagination.


塔尖里的,或许是私藏在生活里的爱与感动。In the spire, Maybe it’s hidden in life, Love and moving.



离尘不离城 Secret life



The appearance of Hongkong land yachts is both dazzling and low-key. The dazzling comes from the attention of the society. Low-key is its essence of “staying away from the city”. In short, it is “hidden”.

“The first time I saw the scene was actually very shocking. One day in autumn, the mist filled the lake, and the metasequoia forest had become golden, spreading from the lake shore to the top. Our site was just hidden in the miscellaneous wood forest behind the entire metasequoia forest, giving people a feeling of unusual seclusion, so we hope to live up to the scenery of this forest and lake.” The designer recalled.


▽场景示意(图片来源网络) Scene schematic



As the designer said, the decisive condition for the “hidden” of Hongkong land yachts lies in its plot advantage. Exploring this land is like stepping into the downhill path of a deep mountain, hiding in the forest and falling into the lake. Tianhu Island is located on the “hillside”. “Hongkong land·placid land – Hongkong land yachts – Lakeside Park – Lake”, the downward four-level structure is the key to “hidden”, and the separation of 80000 square meters of Hongkong land·placid land residential area and 70000 square meters of water makes Tianhu Island hidden in people’s sight.


▽地块区域位置关系 Plot area location relationship

▽隐于湖岸,隐于山林 On the shore of the lake, in the woods


它是绚烂和耀眼的,也是沉稳、低调、内敛的。It is gorgeous and dazzling. It is also calm, low-key and introverted.


It has already quietly opened its own story. Low-key and accumulated strong and gentle power, and stories from ancient times to now tell us that “show” is not necessarily a good thing. What the ultimate “hidden” does is that it is a kind of wisdom of life to brush off the clothes after the event.


▽低调内敛,是对待生活的从容 Low-key introverted, is to treat life calmly


尊重生活 Enjoy life



Back to the venue itself, it is a venue where the product power can be maximized.

Twenty-three “yacht villas”, which break the space logic of conventional villas, have sailed through the waves and become works of art with a sense of streamline sculpture on the lakeside. Milk white stone comes from the oldest quarry in Croatia; Honey-colored wood-grained board, with tree species from North Africa, was transported to the laboratory in Spain, and carried the aging resistance test for 12000 hours; The materials used in the basement are not careless. Each household is equipped with a copper-like stainless steel+wired-glass garage door, which stands between warm gray marble columns. The huge White Marble stone is carved into the handrail, and the white camellia has a delicate touch. There are at most 66 arcs/curved surfaces on the building of Hongkong land yachts, including “hyperbolic modeling”, “bird’s nest corner” and “hyperbolic cornice”, which are difficult to achieve. They are smooth and beautiful under strict technology, and also make the “yacht villa” unique.


▽独一无二的「游艇墅」 Unique “Yacht Villa”




The sense of “custom” ceremony is to create the respect for the venue and life of all people in Hongkong land yachts.

The architecture of Hongkong land yachts has become “the only thing in the world”. It faces the inner life of every family. As the interpretation scene of the public life of 23 families, how can we continue this respect for life to the end?



从自然中来,到自然中去。From nature, Go to nature.


The design of Hongkong land yachts is difficult to find reference in the market. It can be summed up as people’s exquisite feelings of nature. Respect for land is respect for life. The aura of lake water and forest spread to Hongkong land yachts, where it was haloed and spread among “yachts”, forming the freehand curve shape of Hongkong land yachts. All the problems of elevation difference and distance were resolved in the winding curve. Just like there are no two identical leaves in nature, the lines formed by the curve and pavement are not repeated in any place. The pool shading is inherited in one continuous line, extracted from the aesthetics of traditional ink painting, like the lake water spreading up and rippling slowly on Hongkong land yachts.


▽传统水墨晕染(意境表达) Traditional ink painting (artistic conception expression)

▽在绿林间层层墨染 Layer upon layer of ink in the green forest



The principle of private garden division and household separation, each household is different “customized”: the irregular shape of the villa and the irregular edge of the site near the lake create the “maximum utilization” of each household’s garden. At the same time, the form of entering the house is also adapted to local conditions. The shape, height difference and distance are all connected with curves of different shapes, which are exclusively customized for each family.


▽依场地特性的入户定制 Customized according to the site characteristics



Originating from nature, landscape designers and sculpture designers have the same idea. The inspiration of the sculpture comes from “mountain stone” and “light”. “mountain stone” gives the keynote: stability and calm, which is the feeling we can think of when describing the concept of “home”. The “light” makes the soul. The wave light on the lake is a flash every time, and the connection carries the eternal, as if expressing the indescribable feelings of time and life.


▽「山石」与「光」”Rocks” and “Light”



The aura of the ground converges in the patio, which has a sense of “finishing touch”. The waterfall connects the ground and the basement, breaking the space limitation on the Z axis, and bringing more aura to the site. The secret garden of the basement has a sense of passing through time and space. The curved courtyard with great tension, the skylight and waterfall pouring down, sprinkled on the rocks, black pines, and broad-leaved saffron. In a trance, it can’t be clearly divided between the halo botanical garden and the basement of the residence.


▽纵向空间的点睛之笔,为园区赋予灵气 The finishing touch of longitudinal space gives the park aura


为这23席臻品保驾护航,唯有,时间与匠心。To escort these 23 seats, Only, Time and ingenuity.


In order to better highlight the feeling of ink halo, nearly 10000 bricks are paved on the ground, and each brick needs to be judged by the designer personally in terms of size and color, and then undergo pure manual typesetting and dozens of adjustments to achieve the best experience.


▽地面铺装凸显层层晕染的气质 The ground pavement highlights layers of dizzy temperament

▽匠心打磨,精准还原效果 Ingenuity grinding, accurate restoration effect



From the construction mobilization to the delivery presentation, and then to the detailed adjustment and polishing, the team visited the site at least once a week to control the site process. The hyperboloid planter in the site and the metal capping on the top of it are really “different”, which leads to great difficulty in the process. It is in the high-intensity field inspection service that the details of its smoothness, high and low dimensions, size relationship and so on are finally controlled to the utmost.


▽流畅的线性、示意的尺度 Smooth linear, schematic scale

▽从寒冬走到盛夏 From winter to summer




In the current environment, Hongkong land yachts is in a hurry. Time and ingenuity are indispensable, so we should sink into thinking, designing, adjusting, making This is also the original and most beautiful design we obtained from Hongkong land yachts. Only then can we harvest the final presentation

hitherto unknown, It cannot be replaced.




Project name: Hongkong land · yachts
Year completed: 2022
Project area: about 9000 square meters
Project location: Yubei District, Chongqing
Design Company: LISM Landscape Design
Company website: www.lismdesign.com
Contact email: qinyuzhou@lismdesign.com
Client: HongKong Land (Chongqing Company)
Landscape construction unit: Chongqing Jisheng Ecological Landscaping Co., LTD
Architectural design unit: Tianhua Architectural Design Co., LTD
Hardcover design unit: Chongqing Yiyiku Culture and Art Development Co., LTD
Photographer: Holi Landscape Photography, Prism




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