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LISM Landscape Design:Longfor Island Xinyu is located in the core area of Ludao New District, adjacent to Fengxiang Lake Children’s Park and Gudaowan Park. Within 3 kilometers, there are complete facilities such as education, medical care, administration, culture, and transportation. ” and other urban parks with different themes surround it, covering a total area of more than 4,000 acres, showing the ecological livability.





Since its establishment in 2010, Chongqing Bishan Ludao New District has been the “main battlefield” of Bishan’s economic and social development. base conditions. Now the living atmosphere of the new district is gradually gathering, and the future is promising.

The entire community is divided into three plots in the planning, mainly in low-density formats. The complete functional system of the large community carries the diverse needs of residents. The project has taken comfort and quality of life as its core values from the very beginning. Tianyu Plot (Phase 3) occupies the best location in pure villa format. It is close to Fengxiang Lake Park, about 50 meters away from Fengxiang Lake in a straight line, and has a super-long view of the lake of more than 400 meters, such as small islands in the lake and lakes. While living, the landscape not only needs to highlight its advantages, but also needs to amplify it and give it higher value.


▽项目区位 The project location

▽组团关系 Group relations


景观策略 landscape strategy



Under the condition that the resources and the logic of the overall plan are formed, the site itself is focused, and the landscape is involved in the early stage of architectural planning. In addition to the standard for the division of private gardens, reserve as many and more suitable landscape sites as possible to bring comfortable spaces and scenes slightly higher than expected for the occupants.

The positioning of low-density villa projects, the core demands of residents for the living environment mostly lie in the value of excellent privacy and landscape creation. The team started from these two perspectives, from the layout of the plane to the creation of exquisite scenes, to meet this demand.


▽总平面图 Plan




For low-density products, the challenge for landscape is still the balance and interface treatment of public and private spaces. The Tianyu plot has the challenge that its own site space is slightly cramped, and the space reserved for landscape is very scattered.

The team divides the site landscape into three categories. The space with a relatively complete central axis is the core site of the public area, where the value of the landscape and the sense of ceremony gather “qi”. Multi-dimensional creation of high-quality life scenes from cultural symbols, spatial changes to plant levels; small spaces on the edge are based on the premise of a sense of privacy, and consider creating a light and integrated function of relaxation and leisure. The ingenious way of creating plants brings a quiet and comfortable feeling , a more public and more involved children’s space, far away from the core of the site, increase the thickness of plants, and reduce noise; the returning home is the public space closest to home, and the feeling of shuttle under the forest creates a sense of tranquility and privacy.


▽功能布局 Function layout


设计风格 Design style



Absorbing the rich natural elements of the Green Island New Area is a major factor in the design style. The Tianyu group is located on the island of the lake. The tranquility and restraint of the island complement the hermit style in traditional Chinese culture. The secluded corner of the prosperous city also absorbs the elegance of the ancient city of Bishan. Looking at the cultural symbols since ancient times, only the moon that arouses the imagination of the ancients has the same temperament.

The moon is introduced into the venue as the spiritual core. The various forms of the moon represent the usage in each scene, and it is also a symbol of the living state. Show the quiet and elegant life and pay tribute to this lake and mountain landscape.



圆月之形丨The shape of the full moon


As the impression of returning home, the meaning of “full moon and people reunion” represented by the full moon can bring positive psychological hints to the returnees, dilute the busyness and fatigue of the day, and return to the warm atmosphere of the family.



月半云影丨Half Moon Shadow


The sound of falling water simulates the rainy night, and the sound brings a quiet atmosphere to the yard.



半月之影丨Half Moon Shadow


Chat with friends under the moon shadow, the scene wall simulates the scene where the moon emerges from the cloud, and combined with the pine tree, it creates a comfortable picture of the pine green and the bright moon.


▽自然舒适的场地氛围 Natural and comfortable atmosphere of the site


生活场景 life scene


Tianyu first appeared, and the order of returning home was fully displayed, On the stone steps, the clear stream reflects the moon, Qingsong locks the door and climbs to the cloud platform, Fang shows the trend of elegance.


▽精致典雅的细节处理 Exquisite and elegant detail treatment



Entering the hospital for the first time, stepping into a quiet and elegant place, Shadows of trees move, rocks scattered, In the shadow of green pines, the full moon is imprinted on the wall.




Under the sparse forest, a bay of clear stream, Detour from the quiet green island, Strange rocks stand, vegetation blends, When the spring water falls, the mind is calm and clear.




Under the sparse shade, Spread out a clear green lawn , and sit by the water, stealing a half-day leisure.




Go down the stairs and walk through the shade, Great view, lakes and mountains.


▽休闲观景台景观动图 Leisure observation deck

▽休闲观景台 Leisure observation deck


设计思考 Design thinking


The core axis, broken down into pieces丨Create a refined life atmosphere


The main axis space is divided into four small sites of different scales by means of partition and enclosure. Each space expresses the sense of atmosphere around different functions, giving people the delicacy in the quiet courtyard and creating the elegance of the scene.


▽庭院鸟瞰 Garden have a bird’s eye view of



The central axis uses the repeated sequence of “opening-closing-opening” to construct a five-layered space to experience a rich and interesting tour, so that the connected sites are closely interlocked, and each courtyard complements each other, without losing the continuity of harmony and comfort.


▽中轴景观空间 Central axis landscape space



As soon as you enter the courtyard, the entrance and the core landscape are open, and the shrinking space acts as a transitional function, making the tour experience more flexible. The opposite scenery formed by the scenery wall well absorbed the sight in the first part of the tour route, and the image of Songyue became the first expression of the theme of the scene.




The core water courtyard integrates two spatial levels of opening and closing and shrinking. The first impression of entering the water courtyard is presented with a sense of opening and closing. Stepping on the Yueqiao, I came to the second scenery wall opposite the scenery. The design of the scenery wall weakened the influence of the building on the scene. The combination of black tallow, red maple, chicken feet maple, and red leaf plum of different shapes shrinks the feeling of space and adds to the fun of play.




The leisure garden at the end is the space at the end of the central axis, and the front and rear ends are respectively set up with landscape walls to become the third opposite scene, and at the same time define the size of the site. The scale of the landscape wall, close to the wooden platform, is based on the user’s sitting position. The height of 1.2m ensures privacy without being oppressive. The end wall is also based on the viewing line of sight at the platform, with a size of 1.8m×8.4m. The scale guarantees the spatial feeling of people in the process of traveling.


▽休闲平台 Garden have a bird’s eye view of


入口细节推敲丨第一体验点的最佳感受 Deliberation on the details of the entrance丨The best feeling of the first experience point


After determining the plan for the elevation of the main entrance to create a sense of ritual order, multiple versions of the shape and materials of the enclosure wall are considered. In terms of shape, the multi-level and horizontal shapes are considered, and the method of unifying the level of the top of the wall is finally determined to visually ensure the overall The ductility of it can better highlight the charm of the atmospheric mansion.


▽设计的推敲与演变 Design elaboration and evolution


主题植物营造丨引导归家乐趣 Themed Plant Creation丨Guiding the Fun of Homecoming


The house welcomes the return of users with a sense of tranquility. The four house paths are supported by begonias, crape myrtle, cherry blossoms, and magnolias as the main arbor spaces, adding different experience pleasures in terms of vision and smell, making Tianyu flowers fragrant.


▽植物设计 Plant design


▽宅间空间 Curtilage space between


我们希望龙湖·千山新屿 天玙能够将中华文化底蕴里的“雅”带到生活场景与细节中,人与景的互相熏陶,融入行为印记里。

We hope that Longhu·Qianshan Xinyu Tianyu can bring the “elegance” in the Chinese cultural heritage into the scenes and details of life, and the mutual edification of people and scenes is integrated into the imprint of behavior.



项目名称:龙湖·千山新屿 天玙

Project name: Longfor Island Tianyu
Year completed: 2022
Project area: 25,000 square meters
Location: Bishan District, Chongqing
Design company: LISM Landscape Design
Company website: www.lismdesign.com
Contact email: caoyl@lismdesign.com
Customer: Chongqing Longhu
Landscape construction unit: Chongqing Tongqi Landscape Co., LTD
Architectural Design unit: Shanghai Chengzhi Architectural Design Co., LTD
Photographer: Prism



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