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RAD+ar:帕木兰大学 (Pamulang University) 委托Antonius Richard和RAD+ar设计事务所为其设计伊斯兰式的新公共广场、广场建筑及公共艺术品,项目从发展建设、文化融合、特征识别方面强化其伊斯兰风格特征。

RAD+ar:Pamulang University has chosen Antonius Richard and RAD+ar to design their new Islamic Oriented public square, plaza building, and public artwork. The project attempts to strengthen the character of its Islamic based development, reconcile cultures and define identities.


©William Sutanto


▽广场顶视 Top view

©William Sutanto


八芒星广场 (Octa Plaza) 以其对空间乐趣的探索为特色,成为广场空间三维规划的重点。此项有关八芒星的研究旨在让人们了解一个简单但重要的符号:Rub-el-Hizb (阿拉伯语:ربع الحزب, rubʿ al-ḥizb),又名“伊斯兰之星”,它呈八角形形态,用两个叠合的正方形表示。这一符号通常出现在各类标志和旗帜上,是伊斯兰的象征。设计采用八芒星符号来划分空间,旨在将古兰经中对花园空间的描述融入广场设计。RAD+ar设计事务所将新的社区建筑和广场设想成“发现之地”,基于循环、连通性和渗透性的概念,以雕塑景观和建筑相结合的方式,将其塑造为一个具有象征意义的休闲空间,远离繁忙的街道环境。

Octa Plaza will be a focal point by exploring many spatial fun in its 3 dimensional Plaza planning that was displayed. The intention of this study is to bring awareness of a simple but important symbol Rub-el-Hizb (Arabic: ربع الحزب, rubʿ al-ḥizb), also known as the Islamic Star, is an Islamic symbol. It is in the shape of an octagram, represented as two overlapping squares. It has been found on a number of emblems and flags. The main purpose of this dividing system is to facilitate the garden-spatial recitation of the Quran, RAD+ar imagine the new community building and plaza as a ‘found place’ based around the notion of the loop, connectivity, and the permeability, a symbolic respite away from the busy streetscape that is united thru a sculpted landscape – architecture.


©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto



An Idea of a hybrid form that merges the Tropical Contemporary architecture-landscape approach with the legacy of its heritage, the program that includes an open plan plaza, outdoor gallery space, hidden amphitheater, floating discussion pod and garden terrace, is scattered in a flexible, permeable and free-flow space to activate the connection between plaza and its adjacent development, that encourages trades of ideas, artistic discussion and community engagement.


▽斜坡人行桥 Diagonal ramping pedestrian bridge

©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto



The central idea derives from the need to create a well-organized area of urban nature in a mutual ‘osmosis’ between public plaza and the development. The project envisions a micro architecture intervention in a dynamic new landscape, a permeable green buffer zone of passages in which osmotic relations can be developed from Pamulang University towards the new plaza.


©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto



RAD+ar marries the idea of an open highly interactive environment that connects holistically to its neighboring buildings and the privacy of many pockets of private tropical outdoor meeting / shaded area. Diagonal ramping pedestrian bridge as well as the integration of the proposed cycle parking facility are integrated seamlessly within.


©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto



Floating Sky Planter as the roof of discussion pods is well lit floating up from the sculpted softscape of greeneries during night time was seen as a metaphorical Islamic symbol of the knowledge that is being spread across 8 directions.  Incorporating these public interventions with the spirit of Pamulang University ensures a building which is tied to its location and community.


▽夜间效果 Night view

©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto
©William Sutanto



RAD+ar was aiming to make another prototype that evoked public approaches in private developments and enhanced historical and cultural connections between parks, buildings, and cities. In addition, this roundup showcases conceptual interventions that tackle social distancing and the challenges of the pandemic, in order to allow people to move freely and safely across space.


▽模型 Model



▽平面图 Plan



▽剖面图 Section



▽空间活动类型分析 Activities in the space





社交媒体账号:@radarchitects ; @antoniusrichard
联系邮箱:visionary@radarchitecture.net; studio@radarchitecture.net
公司地址:印度尼西亚 雅加达 & 巴厘岛
总建筑面积:3800 m2
项目地点:印度尼西亚 西爪哇 帕木兰
建筑总监:Antonius Richard
图片来源:William Sutanto

Project Name: Octagram Plaza
Office Name: RAD+ar
Office Website: www.radarchitecture.net
Social Media Accounts: @radarchitects ; @antoniusrichard
Contact email: visionary@radarchitecture.net ; studio@radarchitecture.net
Firm Location: Jakarta & Bali, Indonesia
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 3800 m2
Project Location: Pamulang, West Java, Indonesia
Program / Use / Building Function: Public Plaza
Lead Architects: Antonius Richard
Lead Architects e-mail: antoniusrichard@radarchitecture.net
Photo Credits: William Sutanto
Photographer’s Website: www.artipictures.com
Photographer’s e-mail: info@artipictures.com




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