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域道设计:最终,总是那些宁静的地方提供了最深的慰藉。——彼得·祖姆托尔(Peter Zumthor)

WEDO Landscape: In the end, it is always the quiet places that offer the deepest solace.


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穿梭於林 Shuttle Through The Forest


Return to the beauty of nature, Blot out the city noise.





The project site is located on the 209km coastline, and there are about 50 old residential buildings with the appearance and layout of traditional Hainan villages, but most of them have been damaged due to disrepair.

The Poly ORIGNAL TONE Project is located in Sanya City, Hainan Province, China, at the intersection of Coastal Avenue and Haitang North Road, with a superior geographical location, surrounded by super five-star hotels and 500 meters away from the sea in a straight line. In view of the nature protection, coastal characteristics, cultural inheritance and other attributes of the project site and the bad status quo, the design concept of “leaving the city and returning to the courtyard” is proposed.


▽改造前的村落原状 Project site status quo

▽方案手稿 Project manuscript

▽改造后的村落 The transformed village

▽被自然包裹的入口空间 Entrance space surrounded by nature



True nature should be plain. The design respects the culture of the site, combines the original materials of the site, and retains the original natural texture with the least disturbance. While returning to nature, a small number of construction lines connect with the palm trees along the road to create a resort hotel style guest order.


▽于停车场入口出的构筑——休憩驿站 The construction at the entrance of the parking lot – rest station

▽提供等待的休憩林下空间 Provide waiting space under the rest forest

▽构筑物结构 Rest structure


居於高庭 Residing In a high court


Hidden in the bustling world of quiet life.




“Living” in the high court, using the small height difference of the site, the building is placed in a far-reaching place, increasing the pleasure of visitors to explore the secret. The lighting of the construction is hidden in the forest, strengthening the image of “hidden”, and the matrix lines crisscross and crisscross the space while presenting the exquisite sense of the site.


▽交流洽谈空间 Exchange and negotiation space



The buildings are connected in series around a waterscape square. The sound and light of the waterscape behind the landscape wall together attract visitors’ desire to explore from a richer sensory dimension. Indoor light, tree shadow, water and the building have a vivid chemical reaction in this small space.




In the interlacing of the buildings, a number of different sizes of residence Spaces are formed, in which plants quietly grow and blend with the light to create a comfortable atmosphere. In the treatment of the rear courtyard, the design team combined the space under the reception forest with the height difference to present in the form of sinking booth, under the Hainan black natural texture and the exquisite living atmosphere against the lights, between the height and the trees, the sense of natural wrapping becomes more intense and quiet.


▽隐匿在自然中的后场庭院 Hidden in the nature of the back yard


游於溪涧 Touring In the streams


Know the beauty of trees and watch streams


▽溪涧拱桥 Stream arch bridge




“Tour” in the stream, along the nature of the change of the season, the beauty of the trees, the watch of the stream: in the coconut forest to divert water into a stream, repair the water quality and ecology of the site, cross the bridge across it, increase the fun of the tour at the same time, the bridge, the view of the stream and other different angles of space, in this space, the people and objects, in this space, each other into a painting.


▽自然起伏的椰林微地形 Natural undulating coconut grove microtopography



In the misty coconut grove, people feel as if they are roaming in the secret island, feeling the ultimate beauty under the marks of time.


▽薄雾弥漫的海岛秘境 A misty island wonderland



With the combination of the original coconut forest and the created terrain, the use of artificial traces as little as possible to decorate, restore the original appearance of nature, let the site temperament back to natural attributes, and create a state of slow life.


▽营造自然质朴的生活场景 Create a natural and simple life scene



In the construction of the site, the team hopes to accommodate both the philosophy of life and the temperature of life, integrate the natural moisture, rainforest climate, and simple texture of old buildings into the scene experience, hide a piece of nature and create a elegant place.





项目名称:三亚 保利 · 棠隐
项目地点:海南 · 三亚
室内设计:EPÌC DESIGN巨作设计
项目摄影:Chill Shine丘文三映

project name: Sanya . Poly ORIGNAL TONE
landscape design: WEDO DESIGN
Project location: Sanya, Hainan
Design area: 19665.14㎡
Owner’s unit: Sanya Forum Center Construction Co.,Ltd.
Architectural Design: SKY
Landscape construction unit: Guangzhou Pubang Horticulture Co.,Ltd
Design time: September 2023
Completion date: May 2024
Project photography: Chill Shine



审稿编辑: Maggie

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