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Adapt Studio: Nanning Sunac Fengyu Lake is located on the bank of Wuxiang Lake in Nanning, at the intersection of Dongfeng Road and Fenghuang Road. The project’s first opening area is located in the northeast of the entire region. In the corner space outside commercial buildings in the future, 70% of which will be green space outside the red line, and urban people flow from multiple directions is concentrated here.





Among the many open urban spaces, the users we are more likely to see are the elderly, and as the young generation with the most social vitality, they are often excluded from urban spaces. In fact, it is not that a certain space excludes young people, but young people exclude spaces that they are not interested in.

Therefore, we hope to build a street corner square with multiple social modes, and at the same time translate the concept of circle social into 〇, so as to form an interactive platform that is both open and private.


概念生成 Concept Generation



We use circles to sprouting the texture of the criss-crossing city streets, where people constantly meet and intersect when walking here, and redefine a walking path. The benches and installations on the border can also make more people happy to go. , The intervention of the public and passers-by will also bring unplanned “improvement” events to the square, thereby stimulating the vitality of the city.


多种社交模式 Multiple Social Modes



Jacobs proposed that the ideal neighborhoods in the city should achieve the following goals: first, lively and interesting streets; second, diversification of street uses; and finally, unique regional characteristics.



有趣的街道| Interesting Street


In the site, we use circular enclosures and tangency to form multiple open, enclosed, and semi-enclosed spaces, where people walk or walk, or sit under trees.


项目鸟瞰 Project Bird’s Eye View

人们三三两两围坐谈天 People Sit And Chat In Twos And Threes

开放的城市界面 Open City Interface

直线与圆形的穿插交融  Interspersed And Blended Straight lines And Circles


场地的多用途 | Multi-purpose Venue


In traditional villages, the big tree at the entrance of the village is a symbol like a spiritual symbol. It is not only a gathering place to enjoy the coolness after a meal, but also a place for various folk activities.


围绕大树的坐凳 A Stool Around A Tree


Under the modern formal language, we use ten small leaves of Lamen to form a forested square here, hoping that it will become a venue that can host a variety of community activities, so that young people can return to community life here.


围绕大树和艺术装置的社交空间 A Social Space Around Big Trees And Art Installations



The shade of the trees and the site also provide sufficient popularity and shade for future commercial buildings, which is very important for Nanning. The distribution of arbor is gradually sparse from sidewalks to buildings, and people can quickly walk to the front of commercial buildings.


贯穿场地的小叶榄仁 Trees Running Through The Site

精致的细节 Exquisite details


独有的区域特征|Unique Regional Characteristics


We use the two characteristics of color and interaction to form a colorful theater space with a tree as the center, and use the gradual transition of colors to form a characteristic landscape installation. People observe the world through mirrors of different colors.


自成风景的艺术装置 An Art Installation That Is Self-contained Scenery



The children playing and chasing, and the girls punching in and taking selfies here constitute the most eye-catching part of the street landscape, and also form a very iconic regional feature.


为城市界面注入一抹亮色 Inject A Bright Color Into The Urban Interface



Through art installations with colors and interactions, the package is wrapped in a semi-enclosed form, starting from the appearance and finally experiencing, so that people can complete the action trend from approaching to stepping in.


走近 Walk Near

在圈内自拍打卡的人们 People Taking Selfies In The Circle

在镜面中观察不同颜色的自己 Observe Yourself In Different Colors In The Mirror

在不同的日光下,焕发出不同的光彩 In Different Sunlight, Glow With Different Brilliance



After walking through the zebra crossing and entering the site, we still use the circle as the element. After being lifted, a water curtain is formed, and the water flows down from the slope.


艺术广场的入口水景 Waterscape At The Entrance Of Art Plaza

水帘近景 Water Curtain Scene

停车空间-更多的色彩 Parking space-More Colors




We hope that the venue can break away from the ultimate pursuit of form, take human behavior and functional patterns as the guide, pull people from the virtual circle back to the natural circle, and then actively embrace nature, love nature, and talk freely in nature. , Listen, observe and socialize.

Therefore, we hope that it is not only a check-in point, but also a landmark place where we can meet here on a date-see you in the circle!


总平面图 Plan





Project Name: Sunac Nanning Fengyu Lake
Completion Date :2021.08
Project location: Nanning, Guangxi
Design company: Shanghai Adapt Studio Co., Ltd.
Design team: Diao Cambridge, Zhang Wenfu, Ren Peihan, Li Xiaowan, Xie Xuanang, Song Wen, Huang Ran, Fan Zhichao, Chu Yunting
Developer: Sunac Southwest Group
Architectural design: Chongqing Tiankai Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd. & Zhouyu Design Group Co., Ltd.
Interior design: Chengdu Tianyi Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Nancy studio



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