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GM LANDSCAPE: Yangzhou, as a famous historical and cultural city in China, has a long tradition of educational culture, of which academy culture is an important part, which not only reflects the profound cultural heritage of Yangzhou and the inheritance of traditional culture, but also the epitome of the literary style of Yangzhou and even the Jiangnan region.



感知东方,入境自然 Oriental artistic conception and nature


Shanshui and nature of the strength vitality hidden in the simple and elegant, to create Oriental aesthetics implicit deep, intriguing overall feeling.



以院落为载体,叙写形与意的艺术 Based on the courtyard, create the art of form and mood


Extract Yangzhou local culture, emphasize the charm of Oriental aesthetics, integrate the modernity of contemporary art, continue the architectural language, create a courtyard space with a sense of elegance and belonging, and let people feel the atmosphere of seclusion.



沉浸式体验-东方美学的意境与氛围 Immersive experience with Eastern aesthetics

山水禅院 SHANSHUI Garden


Plan the space structure reasonably according to the site conditions. Drawing on the techniques of arranging mountains and rivers in traditional Chinese gardens, the streams are abstracted and refined to form a natural and smooth dry stream to create a rich and diverse landscape level.




The bridge carries the unique charm of the East and embodies the artistic conception of Zen. At the same time, in the space, the dry stream is divided rationally to make the space more abundant and natural.


▽旱溪栈桥 Dry stream trestle



The inspiration of the water scenery stone comes from the famous poet Wang Wei’s poem: “The bright moon between the pines, the clear spring stone upper stream”. The terrain is slightly undulating, and the stone combined with the metal outlet forms a painting to create a quiet artistic conception space.




The form of the entrance wall refers to the pattern of the lattice window of He Yuan, and Oriental lamps are embedded in the wall to create a poetic landscape and light up the road to home.



墙体颜色与地面颜色形成呼应, 在空间上分隔了山水禅院与烟波水院,两侧迎宾种植紫薇与杜鹃龟背造型,打造温馨归家路。

The color of the wall echoes the color of the floor. The wall separates the Shanshui garden from the water courtyard in space. Both sides of the welcome planting crape myrtle, cuckoo and turtle back, to create a warm home road.




烟波水院 Water Courtyard


Discuss space combined with leisure platform set up solid wood rattan chair sofa. Around the platform, elegant small red maple and miscellaneous wood sapinella are planted to create a quiet space atmosphere and create a private customized version of the secret ideal space.


▽水院品茗 Water garden tea



Green plants around the landscape stone embellished, with a very Oriental charm of lamps, to create a unique Oriental landscape feeling. The male host can invite friends to drink tea, and feel the quiet and pleasant natural interest.




In order to create the strongest natural atmosphere, we permeated the space with plants. Set up a characteristic swing on the rest wooden platform to pursue the most authentic and comfortable life. We create a flower wall and set shelves and flower arrangement guide table lockers on the wall to enrich the landscape effect.


▽花园景墙 Garden view wall



Floral border with landscape light fixtures, stone and water bowls. The romantic garden allows people to relax and stretch, creating just the right amount of natural poetry.


▽水景置石 Water feature stone



The overlapping water feature sets off and extends the space, and the water and sky connect the city with one color.




There are stones at the edge of the water, and the very gesture of the stone porphyritic wood combines with the flowing water and the teahouse to create an Oriental aesthetic poetic atmosphere.




The bridge is set on the water feature to meet the dual functions of traffic and viewing. The bridge divides the water surface to increase the sense of the landscape, while being quite zen. The bridge and the teahouse complement each other, as if stepping into the ancient nature of the picture make people enjoy the poetic time.




Referring to the culture of Yangzhou Academy, the teahouse abandoned modern splendor and pursued simplicity and elegance. The technique of leaving large areas blank raises the space to the level of eastern artistic conception. Drink tea with friends here and let the heart to relax.


▽水院茶室 Shui Yuan tea room


茶室被水景环绕,风竹帘遮光不遮景,打造安静美好的朦胧氛围感,极具东方意趣。点缀芳香植物,书香四溢,清气满乾坤,打造一个文人墨客聚集赏景的趣味空间 。

The teahouse is surrounded by the water, and the bamboo curtain does not cover the light and the scenery, and the hazy feeling is very Oriental. Fragrant plants make the space smell good, creating an interesting space where scholars gather to enjoy the scenery.



以植物来营造-游园体验的多样情绪 Use plants to create a variety of emotions in the garden


From the bamboo forest at the entrance to the courtyard, you will pass through a number of Spaces with different atmospheres. As an element of design, plants can not only shape the beauty of the four seasons of the space, but also convey emotions. Through different colors, forms, smells, etc., to create a diverse atmosphere, so that the experience of the park continues to progress, feel a rich emotional transformation.



01.花艺雅集 The garden


The garden is a specially designed scene for the hostess to arrange flowers, drink tea and communicate. Meet a group of friends who love to arrange flowers and cut flowers together in the garden to arrange flowers.




The upper level of the plant is clean and transparent, and the lower level creates a pure Chelsea little garden. It is mainly romantic pink purple series, green thin strip leaves as the base, dotted with small white flowers.




Space atmosphere: romantic healing, natural comfort
Upper species: Pipa, olive, starflower magnolia, crape Myrtle, wild jasmine, viburnum hydrangea




02. 洽谈品茗 Discuss and drink tea


Different from the hostess’s garden, the tea area favored by the male host features a tough and crisp texture. The upper layer is dominated by upright varieties, which are different in thickness and interlace with each other, focusing on the beauty of the tree branches. The lower layer is also dominated by upright growing plants, and different green series and thick and thin leaves are selected for comparison.




The main tone is calm and understated. The combination of rich and elegant sapindus and red maple trees on the upper level matches the main color of blue and green flowers on the lower level, while adding some silver leaves or white flowers as embellishment.




Space atmosphere: natural and pure
Upper species: sapindus, maple



03. 茶庭水院 Tea courtyard and water courtyard


Pass through the side courtyard and enter the central area of the whole garden, which is the main core area of the whole courtyard. Different from the first two gardens, the lower layer is largely left white, and the upper layer is mainly planted with points, creating a pure space feeling as a whole.




Each tree has a unique gesture and profound meaning. Poets always love to describe the spring flowering of the wooden pen magnolia, the elegant beauty of the aftertaste.





The lower layer is mainly based on point planting, some are planted under trees, and some are placed on the edge of the stone seam, which looks wild but is carefully matched. With the way of making mountains and water, people return to their inner simplicity, feel the fun of natural mountains and rivers in the courtyard, and find another kind of restrained luxury.

Space atmosphere: quiet and elegant
Upper species: Chinese tallow, sapindus, Magnolia wood, grouper (island spring flower), island gardenia, Acer purple




Sitting in the pavilion looking out, is a picture of quiet years. Combined with the building wall, the plant trunks on both sides are tall and slender, and the water feature in the middle creates a micro-terrain that mimics natural mountains and forests.



04. 杂木庭院 Wood yard


The end of the courtyard is dominated by miscellaneous wood. The trees were green and interlaced with large stones. There are not too many plants to pile up, with the simplest design techniques, to create a natural forest. This is a quiet corner of the courtyard, where the owner can meditate and quietly feel the quiet years of life.





In summer, the fragrance of moss, the branches of light and shadow crisscross, like being in the woods to relax the whole person. In autumn, you can feel the power of nature and experience the changes of the four seasons.

Space atmosphere: quiet and natural
Upper species: mixed wood Pipa, mixed wood maple, wild jasmine, Acanthophora, grouper (island spring flower), mixed wood gardenia



05. 施工后记 Construction postscript


1. 跋山涉水的号苗。大部分非常规形态的杂木在苗圃中选不到,基本都是在山林中寻找所得;
2. 从第一株乔木进场开始,植物设计师就驻守现场,指挥每一颗乔木的种植点位及朝向,以确保设计意图可以精准呈现;
3. 此次杂木风格,下层的每一株苗也都是自然点缀,未有规律可循,全程的每一株散点苗木,都是设计师亲自指挥摆放,调整,以达到一次成型,避免后期提调整;
4. 最后一步的苔藓铺设,为了模仿苔藓在自然界中呈现的状态,设计师亲自堆出苔藓自然起伏的微地形。

The project cycle is very short, the plant designers cooperate with the whole process, and the plants are in place in one step.
1. Find plants. Not in nurseries of unusual forms of plants, most of which are found in mountain forests;
2. Plant designers will be stationed at the site from the first tree to direct the planting position and orientation of each tree to ensure that the design intention can be accurately presented;
3. Wood style. This planting has no rules to follow, each plant is personally directed by the designer to place, adjust, to achieve a molding, avoid later adjustment;
4. Moss laying. We stacked the natural undulating micro-terrain to imitate the state of moss in nature.


▽施工过程 Construction process



后期团队: 朱海明,邵丹,郑刚
摄影单位:E-ar TARS、何文红

Landscape design: GM Landscape
Landscape area: 1650㎡
Design Director: Li Ran
SD Team: Cai Tongjie, Chen Huimin, Li Chunlai, Liu Chenhui, Wei Hongcheng, Xiu Daisy, Sun Jiafeng
CD team: Zhu Haiming, Shao Dan, Zheng Gang, Li Chang ‘an, Ren Li
Plant Team: He Wenhong, Huang Xiangyu
Client: Zhonghai Hongyang Real Estate (Yangzhou) Co., LTD
Client Team: Li Yao, Guo Bin, ZHU Wenxia, Chen Biao, Chen Xiaoling, SONG Ting, Zhu Yushan
Architectural Design: Liang Huanggu Architectural Design (Shenzhen) Co., LTD
Interior Design: Guangzhou Yantang Decoration Design Co., LTD
Construction Company: Yangzhou Zhubo Environmental Engineering Co., LTD
Image Credits: E-ar TARS、Wenhong He




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