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奥雅 :项目总长为 1.5公里,中间被 2条 道路和河流割裂开,团队需要在局限的 12米 的狭窄空间拓展步行空间并丰富空间体验。奥雅设计团队为这个线性公园提出了一个全新的思路,采用参与性、连接性、开放性、统一性的原则,将整个线性公园串联起来,促成河流和城市的重新兴连接。设计为了打破狭窄河道的壁垒,通过推-拉-悬-浮等三维设计手法延展空间,营造多维的景观体验,产生视听味嗅触全息的感官感受。

L&A:The project has a total length of 1.5 kilometers and is separated into several parts by 2 roads and rivers in the center. The team has to expand pedestrian space and enrich spatial experience within the limited narrow space of 12 meters.  L&A team provided a brand new concept to construct this elongate park. Following the principles of involvement, connectivity, openness and unity,   the design links all parts of the park and reconnects the river and the city. To break down barriers set by the narrow river course, the team utilized three-dimensional design methods including pushing-pulling-suspending-floating to expand the space. It does not only provide multi-dimensional sight-seeing experiences, but also creates comprehensive sensory experience of visual, auditory, olfactory and haptic feelings.


▼活力水广场鸟瞰  Aerial view of vigorous waterfront square


多种空间形态  Diverse spatial forms


The new connection made able through river course enriches lives. At every key location, diverse spatial forms and functions are delivered according to different needs and demands of people in proximity.


办公花园/ Office garden


Through pulling-pushing-suspending-floating, the design expanded vertical spaces. Waterfront gathering square at lower place and sight-seeing leisure platform at higher place provide suitable places for office people in the neighboring area to come to relaxing, communicate and have casual business talks.


▼低处的亲水聚集平台以及高处的观景休憩平台为人们提供休憩空间  Waterfront gathering square and sight-seeing leisure platform provide suitable places for relaxing and communicate


▼休闲空间  Leisure space


▼交流洽谈空间   The pavilion for communicate


▼木材与钢的结合  Combination of wood and steel


▼混凝土材质细节  Concrete details


活力水广场/ Vigorous waterfront square


Waterfront Square provides a venue of activity for people living nearby. The design elevated topography and configured a coffee bar into it. Small ground springs and the scene of water falling from pergola provided wonderful places for children to play with water in short distances.



▼绿轴鸟瞰  Aerial view of ecological green axis


▼滨水休闲空间鸟瞰  Aerial view of waterfront leisure space


▼活力水广场夜景  Night view of vigorous waterfront square


休闲带状花园/ Leisure ribbon garden


Considering the large-scale shopping center in the neighborhood, we incorporated a multi-functional waterside sunshine lawn, which, together with lanes and leisure space dotted by sakura trees, creating a perfect place for shopping people to relax and rest at riverside.


▼休闲带状花园鸟瞰  Aerial view of leisure ribbon garden


▼草地-卵石带-木质铺装的过渡  Transition from Grassland to Pebble Belt to Wood Pavement


街角口袋花园/ Street corner pocket garden


By elevating the ground, it does not only block noises from streets, but also forms a small square and stage that is suitable for performances and activities held by neighboring citizens.



▼夜晚的灯光  Light at night


晴雪 · 日夜/ Sunny or Snowy, Day and Night


Whether it is sunny or snowy, day or night, people may escape here from their busy city lives, leaving behind burdening thoughts and forgetting troubles. Come here and take a seat. Look at the green water which reflects the lush grass on the river bank. Enjoy this moment of easy and solitude.


▼晴空下的绿轴  The ecological green axis under in the sunshine


▼办公花园的雪景  Office Garden Snowscapes




The green axis in front of Nantong Municipal Square will become a source of vitality in the city–a main venue for citizens to have outdoor activities. As an ecological green axis in the city, it expands the city’s functional space, connects major roads and rivers, and gathers its vitality. A new attractiveness in Nantong, it is a window that showcases the city’s beauty.


▼场地原貌  The origin of place




项目设计 & 完成年份:2017 & 2018

Project name: Green axis of east extension in Nengda business district
Client: Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area Corporation
Location: Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China
Design & Completion: 2017 & 2018
Area: 36,000 sqm.
Design company: Shenzhen L&A Design
Chief designer and Design team: Shenzhen L&A Design
Photography: ZOOM Architectural Photography


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