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Yizhan Design: Running in the fast times, we always hope that people and things around us can slow down. Faced with the accumulated anxiety and restlessness, we choose to release the inner depression with music and draw inspiration from the flashing neon lights, which has become one of the ways to forget the troubles and cure the life in the nightlife of the Z era.




In the hearts of the Z age group, nightlife requires distinct personality expression, unconventional visual experience and lively and interesting experience, but here, instead of following the established route, everyone just needs to be yourself and enjoy the moment.



作为CC CLUB 品牌的升级空间,设计师希望通过灯光与色彩,创造新的社交场景,在平庸日常中制造一处充满惊喜的夜生活新坐标。一展设计从社交本质入手,提取标志性的“CC”元素,在塑造品牌记忆的逻辑中,利用变幻的灯光与艺术装置,呈现出具有多重属性的综合社交空间。

As the upgrade space of CC CLUB brand, the designer hopes to create a new social scene through lighting and color, and create a new coordinate of nightlife full of surprises in ordinary daily life. The first exhibition design starts from the essence of social interaction, extracts the iconic “CC” element, and presents a comprehensive social space with multiple attributes by using changing lights and art installations in the logic of shaping brand memory.



品牌记忆引发魅力风暴 Branding makes charming hurriance


The project is located in the fashionable creative block where people gather. In the glass window along the street, the original facade structure is retained. In the transparent optical illusion system, it is like a delicate emotional storage box, conveying the iconic brand symbol to every passing pedestrian. When night falls, the colorful lights outline the multiple quadrants of the senses. In the known and unknown, the attitude of young people belongs to the age of Z era is revealed.


▽沿街玻璃橱窗 Vitrines along the street


CC CLUB 从年轻群体的社交方式切入空间,重塑一个极具个性的情绪现场,打破夜店沉闷的空间印象,当夜晚被染上颜色,属于这里的活力时刻才真正到来。

CC CLUB cuts into the space from the social way of the young group, reshapes a highly personalized emotional scene, breaks the dull impression of the nightclub space, and only when the night is stained with color does the vitality of the place really come.



在年轻群体心理的洞察上,品牌记忆与设计达成了高度一致:通过遍布空间的半圆形体与多媒体艺术装置,映照了品牌名称中“CC”的意象,以“Charm Capital”(魅力中心)诠释了品牌对Z世代社群的感召:每个人在这里都能找到表达自我的新方式,在群体认同的有效半径内,唤起每个体验者的心理慰藉。

In terms of insight into the psychology of young groups, brand memory and design have reached a high degree of agreement: the semi-circular shape and multimedia art installation covering the empty space reflect the image of “CC” in the brand name, and interpret the Charm Capital of the brand to the community of Generation Z: Everyone can find new ways to express themselves here, arousing the psychological comfort of each experiencer within the effective radius of group identity.




The strong colors coming from the entrance hall are mixed with the overlapping of time and space. In the deep communication with the brand, the design extends the energy magnetic field with strong circulating meaning through the iconic double C graphics. At the boundary between art and scene, the scroll of text on the installation declares to everyone that the way to happiness can be very simple.




In the changing lights, the design makes waiting no longer boring and space order is redefined by shaping the shape and color of the background wall in the overlap and interleaving. Through the contrast and shaping of light, the locker is cleverly hidden in the dark, taking care of the overall look and feel of the public space on the basis of function.



遇见隐藏的自己 Express Yourself


Based on the commercial thinking of the nightclub form, sufficient transition space is needed between the outside world and the noisy dance floor. The design forms a strong perspective focus in the space before entering through the changes of the light and situation of the time tunnel, creating an infinite extension of space in the limited space.




The combination of strong colors and materials, as well as the introduction of art installations, opens up a unique field perception in visual games, where curiosity and happiness can be called together, and spiritual and emotional interactions can be accommodated.




From the entrance hall and the back of the transition zone, the tone of the field is separated by the designer with clever virtual and real techniques. Through the folding of the moving line, in the limited space torsion, the moving line is effectively extended. Before formally entering the dance floor, through the subtle light changes, to provide sufficient buffer zone for the emotions of the experiential, the whole space creates a deep sense of mystery.



情绪触发场景记忆 Emotional Flied

在 CC CLUB 主厅的Party区,设计对于独特的感官场景营造有着独特的诠释:设计师延续品牌的标志性环状意象,用连贯的设计手法将空间场域进行重新“解构”,在听觉与视觉的双重加持下,营造出具有实验性的空间新秩序。

In the Party area of the main hall of CC CLUB, the design has a unique interpretation of the creation of unique sensory scenes: the designer continues the iconic ring image of the brand, re-” deconstructs “the space field with a coherent design technique, and creates an experimental new order of space under the dual support of auditory and visual.




By combing the dynamic lines of the dance floor effectively, the double thinking of using experience and brand business is taken into account in a small space. In the changing lights of the dance floor, the combination is an art installation with a strong sense of order. The long-lost energy exchange between people is completely awakened at this moment, establishing a new relationship in the floating city.




When the music plays, each cell is excited by the light. In the corridor area, the bathroom area is designed to emphasize the creation of optical illusion through repeated refracted images. The space boundary is dissolved and fused again and again. Besides stimulating the experiencers’ sensory world, a perspective space with great visual tension is created, and the space experience is more transparent and spacious.



从传统夜店昏暗拥挤的环境体验,到CC CLUB以灯光与感官秩序构建的奇妙幻境,设计见证了群体需求与自我表达的更迭:走出越来越熟悉的“舒适区”,不断突破自我的边界,这是一场关于勇敢与真诚的讨论。

From the dark and crowded environment experience of traditional nightclubs to the fantastic fantasy built by the light and sensory order of CC CLUB, the design witnesses the change of group needs and self-expression: stepping out of the increasingly familiar “comfort zone” and constantly breaking through the boundaries of self, which is a discussion about courage and sincerity.



而设计所营造的,是对于自我的勇敢表达与面对,在沉浸式的感官体验中,一展设计延续品牌对于当代休闲方式的思考,在CC CLUB 富有安全感的社交体验中,人与人的信任被重新链接, 设计给予了人们心理的中熟悉的安全感和情绪链接,而这也是品牌与设计为都市夜生活休闲模式的当代思考。

What the design creates is the brave expression and face of the self. In the immersive sensory experience, the design continues the brand’s thinking on the contemporary leisure way. In the social experience of security in CC CLUB, the trust between people is re-linked, and the design gives people the familiar sense of security and emotional link in their psychology. This is also the contemporary thinking of brand and design for urban nightlife leisure mode.


▽平面图 Plan




设计师 -肖懿展
项目名称 – CC CLUB
项目地点 -中国·义乌
项目面积 – 278m²
竣工时间 -2023年 3月
项目类型 -酒吧空间
设计团队 -王鹏飞、毛建雄、陈利亚、 王忠天、张来建
设计单位 -杭州一展室内设计有限公司
软装设计 -杭州一展室内设计有限公司
项目撰文 -壹+品牌管理咨询
项目摄影 -瀚墨视觉·小四

Designer | Xiao Yizhan
Entry Name | CC CLUB
Project Location | Yiwu, China
Project area | 278m²
Completion time | March 2023
Project type | Bar space
Design team | Wang Pengfei, Mao Jianxiong, Chen Lia, Wang Zhongtian, Zhang Laijian
Designer | Yizhan Design
Soft decoration design | Yizhan Design
Project writing | One + brand management consulting
Project photography | Xiaosi




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