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Zizu studio: The project is located at the intersection of Shekou New Street and Houhai Avenue. It serves as a municipal public green and the community entrance, the only space where residents walk in and out every day.


© 自组空间
© 自组空间
© 自组空间


现状问题 Existed Issues


The site was originally an inwardly closed corner space edged by green belts and was separated to be nearly an inaccessible space in the city.
The interior of the site was surrounded by pipe network cabinets, trees and walls. It was a very dim and negative space especially during peak hours when it was occupied by a large number of shared bicycles. The venue was not able to show its value as a public space.


▼改造前后 Before& after the reconstruction

© 自组空间
© 自组空间


设计概念:“定格的风景” Design Concept ” Captured Scenes ”


The community is an old one built in the early 1980s. Now a large number of people and children are living here, but in the community it is not sufficient space for activities. The only overhead floors and squares have become parking areas. The site is in everyday routine of residents, yet there is rarely anyone stopping by because of the dilapidated and single-functioned decoration. Most people just rushed past here, only a few old people you could find sitting around, no space for children to play.


▼社区居民每天进出的必经空间 The necessary space for community residents to enter and exit every day

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We hope that the venue will interact with residents, not just as an entrance to walk in and out in rush. By deviding the space into traffic and stopping areas, it creats a “Captured Scene” in a flowing space and the two elements together constitute a unique memory point of the site. A continuous corridor is implanted along the existing wall to integrate th space, then the fleeting scences are fixed in the wall frame, and the crowds become dynamic scenery, who are attracted to be staying, walking, sitting, or talking on the site, forming a continuous picture of dynamic and static blending with the background wall frame. The space becomes a touch of color in the urban interface, thus changing the original function of the venue and the closed corner space, becoming a public open space where neighbors chat, sit and wait, children play for a while, and also a stopping place for passers-by.


▼往来人群成为了动态的风景 The crowd has become a dynamic landscape

© 自组空间

▼邻里聊天交流的场所 Neighboring chat and exchange place

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设计内容 Design Details

折廊:利用小区围墙的边界固定折廊减少占地空间 ,通过折廊串联绿化空间,休息空间、刷卡进出口与社区宣传栏,形成从地面起伏到框架连续的线性空间。

The Corridor:Using the boundary of community wall to fix the corridor in order to reduce the occupied space. The corridor links the green space, the relax space, card access entrance and the community propaganda column and forms a linear space from the ground to the continuous frame.


▼一条连续的折廊整合空间 A continuous folding corridor integration space

© 自组空间
© 自组空间



Swing and Seats under the Tree:Behind the wall is a rubber fig that has been growing for many years. The big tree provides shelter and shade for the site, but it is separated by the wall of the next block, losing the complete image. Animated trunks and fallen leaves are painted on the wall frame, creating contrast to the big real tree behind, turning the untouchable tree into touchable scenery.


▼树下秋千的意象 Image of the swing under the tree

© 自组空间



Cat on Tree:During construction, footprints cats were found on the ground. The site turned to be home for the stray cats, so we combine cats with big trees to create interesting pictures.


▼把流浪猫画到墙上 Paint stray cat to the wall

© 自组空间
© 自组空间



Square Mirrors:The square mirror reflections dotted around the walls on the two sides form different landscapes, and also reflect the picture homebound residents entering and leaving the site.


© 自组空间



Ground Pattern:The simple game pattern on the ground provides a moment of fun at off peak period for children and school boys and girls.


▼地面游戏图案 Ground game pattern

© 自组空间
© 自组空间

▼儿童片刻玩耍空间 Space for children to play

© 自组空间
© 自组空间






Project name: Captured Scenes – Reconstruction of Dongjiaotou Community Entrance
Client: Shekou street office
Project address: Shekou Dongjiaotou community entrance
Project design & completion year: 2019.4-2019.6
Design area: 300㎡
Design company: Zizu studio
The creator and design team: Liang ruihua, Huang danxia, Du mengbi, Ding peng, Zhang li, Liang yan
Photography: Zizu studio


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project