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LISM Landscape Design:Changfang Yuexiang Mountain is located in Yuelu District of Changsha City, at the junction of Lugu Plate and Meixi Lake Plate. The existing Meixi Xiangshan Mountain is the regional benchmark of Meixi Lake, and the appearance of Yuexi Mountain is another regional benchmark set by “Xiangshan Series” in city, nature and humanities. The location of advantage matches with life, and witnesses the link with the city.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view




As a representative of a child-friendly city in Changsha, Yuexiangshan community takes “friendship” as a link point to show the openness and tolerance of the city.


▽区位分析 Location analysis



The site is divided into residential buildings, natural mountains and commercial buildings. Interestingly, the original natural mountain of nearly 3,000 square meters, with a height difference of more than ten meters from the site and dense forests, is a rare growth trace of urban evolution remains. We explored, sorted out and preserved the primitive mountains, derived more lifestyles from nature, and built a humanistic community with zero distance from nature.


▽周边环境和现状 Surrounding environment and current situation


友好城市的开放与包容 The openness and inclusiveness of sister cities


The exhibition area is the mapping of the future community. With the original reserved green quantity, we can design a new perspective to show the openness and tolerance of nature and city to more people. We not only consider the unity with the architectural style, but also take the responsibility of carrying children’s education as a kindergarten in the later period. We also hope that the presentation of the venue will be a public open space of social value and form a pocket community park with the participation of people of all ages.




In the layout of the building, the main opening is inward. Although the tour line is prolonged, the enclosed space makes the venue introverted. It is at a disadvantage in combination with the municipal government, interactive participation, openness and display image.


▽市政绿带和原始开口位置 Municipal green belt and original opening location



Based on the landscape, the optimization of the overall layout, moving lines and functional plates is proposed. Without changing the column structure of the building, the main opening is moved forward, the location of the model house is optimized, and a layer of overhead space is added to connect the landscape with the interior. The city interface opens, with the spatial rhythm of “landscape-architecture-landscape”, the pocket park is open to the outside world, and at the same time, it has a sense of gathering crowds.


▽景观优化布局及流线,内外联动,创造更有价值的开放空间 Landscape optimization layout and streamline, internal and external linkage, creating more valuable open space


开放空间的景观价值 Landscape value of open space


All the trees in the original municipal green belt have been surveyed and mapped for many times in terms of points, trees, specifications and varieties, and built an open space under the forest. Through site sorting, design and reconstruction, the city will be empowered. The open way of participation in the park makes it completely new, becoming the most intensively used venue, making it easier to socialize without distance.


▽ 原始乔木点位测绘记录 Original tree point mapping records

▽ 构建林下开放空间 Open space under the forest is constructed



The design of the tree pool takes into account the function of rest and can attract people in the scene. The richness of flowers builds the color of the bottom floor of the space, lights up at night, and stage projection makes it a gathering place for people of all ages: walking, small seats, communication, games … This seems to be an arbitrary moment in daily life, but it also contains the differences in urban green forests.


▽ 树池中的花卉种植使底层空间更丰富 The flower planting in the tree pool enriches the ground floor space

▽ 边缘的座椅兼顾休憩功能 The seats on the edge give consideration to the rest function

▽ 树池广场夜晚的舞台效果 Tree Pool Square night stage effect



Inexplicably, fitness equipment is more likely to attract children to pass on laughter and laughter here, and it is also a sports venue for people of all ages.


▽ 健身器械深受儿童的喜爱 Fitness equipment is popular with children



The waterscape fountain combines with the setting of the site elevation difference, and the undefined boundary, slope and water inflow and outflow control the play range at a suitable scale. People who have not lost their childlike interest in winter and summer are here to laugh heartily.


▽ 水景与广场恰到好处地联系起来,模糊了界限 The waterscape is perfectly connected to the piazza, blurring the boundaries

▽ 人与水景可以实现亲密接触 People and waterscape can realize intimate contact



Star space is the theme background, lighting up ordinary dreams. The installation is a reflection of the galaxy surrounding, echoing the astronaut installation in the sales office.


▽ logo和宇航员装置 Logo and astronaut installation

▽ 星际装置和宇航员遥相呼应 The interplanetary device echoes the astronauts


灰空间的梦幻游历 A dreamlike journey through grey space


In order to alleviate the sense of separation between municipal roads and buildings caused by the height difference, the landscape gradually lifts the plank road, forming a winding path and blurring the boundary between parks and buildings. The selected observation deck looks back at the inside of the whole park, taking full advantage of the open urban space, and at the same time, it also has the perspective of God.


▽蜿蜒的景观看台 Curving landscape stands



At the same time of adjusting the original opening of the building, re-divide the indoor layout to form gray space, unify the visual effect from the outside to the inside of the landscape, and coordinate the cooperation and promotion of the building and hardcover bulk.


▽景观调整,利用灰空间作为入口 Landscape adjustment, using grey space as entrance




After the green tour in the park, this is the high point and ending of emotional stimulation. With the extreme curve, platinum color system and a large number of mirror stainless steel and glass, a dreamy, pure and ceremonial entrance is built. The revolving staircase is regarded as the continuation of the trestle bridge in the air, and the dreamy starry roof responds to interstellar space flight, as if traveling between galaxies.





The key to the design lies in the choice of the size and position of the opening of the rotating staircase as the entrance. Considering the structural layout, the size will affect the slope and volume of the rotation. Directly determine the near-scale experience. Frequent linkage scrutiny with architecture and hardcover majors to settle the best space feeling scheme.




Chang Fang Yue Xiang Shan, taking Xiang Shan as the source, shows the real life scene in the form of a friendly city and a friendly community, allowing nature to empower the city and life.




展示区面积: 5300平方米
景观设计: 重庆犁墨景观规划设计咨询有限公司
联系邮箱: qinyuzhou@lismdesign.com
摄影师: 三棱镜

Project name: Changfang Yuexiang Mountain
Year completed :2021
Area scale: 53,000 square meters
Project area: 5,300 square meters
Location: Yuelu District, Changsha city
Landscape Design: LISM Landscape Design
Company website :www.lismdesign.com
Contact email: qinyuzhou@lismdesign.com
Client: Changsha Real Estate (Group) Co. LTD
Architectural Design: China Machinery International Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., LTD
Landscape construction unit: Hunan Dingjie Landscaping Co., LTD
Hardcover design unit: Hunan Zhongcheng Design decoration Engineering Co., LTD
Photographer: Prism



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