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Zinialand Design: Chengdu has the status of “all poets from all over the world enter Shu”. Without the Jinjiang River, there are at least half of the poems that praise Chengdu.The case faces the Jinjiang River in the west and overlooks Luhu Lake in the east. which is rooted  in the distinctive red sandstone mountain. The park is rich in green resources.


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设计策略|Design Strategy


The original site has its own characteristic aura. In the exploration of the space atmosphere of the site, the design returns to the imitating of nature, constantly exploring in the imitating, pursuing more breakthroughs, and integrating the front field of the project with the site architecture.


▼方案推演 Solution deduction



The site extends from the environment of the mountain and surface water, and artificially retains the local elevation difference in the frontcourt space, combined with the red sandstone environment, to reshape the geological atmosphere. At the same time, the gate tower and the height difference are used to create a rich visual experience, continue the most primitive power of nature, and create a mountain dwelling space experience that moves easily and scenery.


▼浏览动线 Browse the moving line


探山|Explore the mountains


The natural rock formation is reconstructed with modern techniques, and the entrance is integrated into the environment. On both sides of the entrance of the cave are gems hidden in the mountains. Pedestrians pass through the entrance of the cave as if they are splitting into the mountain, bringing people into the atmosphere of the mountain dwelling.


▼入口全景 Entrance to the panoramic




The magnificent cut surface on the wall of the gate is like a naturally formed rough crystal, blooming with dazzling colors. The walls are transformed with water patterns to create a rich visual experience.





A tallow tree leaned out of the mountain wall obliquely, drawing a trajectory following time. The waterfall flowing down the mountain stream forms a natural landscape scene full of Zen charm. Looking in from the opening through the water, you can get a first glimpse of the scenery in the park.



松径|Pine diameter


Going along the road, the mirror stainless steel on the right reflects the picture of the mountains and forests on one side, making pedestrians walking through the valley. Natalie oak is standing still, waiting for time to stain it red, forming a harmony with the soil under your feet.





The protruding building fell into the waterfall, and a pool of water accumulated. The pool full of water falls down the stairs, and is accompanied by the sound of waterfalls along the way. The sound of flowing water is full of primitive vividness, giving the senses the most intuitive appeal.




At night, the overlapping stars on the overlapping water tidal flats gleam, complementing each other with the buildings.





Step up, geometric composition is the core language of the frontcourt. Red stone, green space, blue tiles, gray bricks, different forms of textures are spliced into a harmonious and coherent space. Facing the red cliffs, it progresses step by step, giving pedestrians the feeling of gradually entering the mountain.



见潭|See pool


The large secluded water scene is set against the spring flowers and trees, and the wind of Jinjiang whistles the waves and branches, so that people can sit in the forest and experience the beauty and comfort of nature in the mountains.





The large secluded water scene is set against the spring flowers and trees, and the wind of Jinjiang whistles the waves and branches, so that people can sit in the forest and experience the beauty and comfort of nature in the mountains.




Illuminating ideals into reality is a long and difficult process. For the production of the flash drill wall, the original design considered the use of a rectangular tube for positioning. After data analysis, it was found that this method is not convenient to land, and it is easy to cause a huge amount of cutting and welding. After communicating with the manufacturer, it was decided to use steel plate positioning, which is more conducive to positioning and installation.




Add a positioning steel plate behind the black titanium plate, open a positioning hole after positioning the steel plate, and weld the positioning hole to the transverse positioning rectangular tube, and finally it will become a module consisting of positioning steel plate and positioning rectangular tube.




310 triangle plates of different sizes all have hemmings, and the hemming angles are all inconsistent. It is processed in the early stage, and each square plate and the folded edge are flattened together. After the materials and lights are sampled, they are numbered for assembly.


▼闪钻墙效果实景 Flash wall effect real scene



For the site materials, the rammed earth paint was used to simulate the red sandstone environment, and the later construction ensured that the color and texture of the selected materials were consistent with the design ideas when they landed on the site through multiple on-site sampling, on-site proofing, and on-site comparisons.


▼材料选用对比过程 Material selection and comparison process





Project Name: Chengdu Luhu Yunzhuang of Tecsun
Project Address: Zhengxing Street, Binjiang Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Owner: Tecsun Property
Party a team
Product Center: Ren Huaying, Bi Xiaocheng, Wang Xuefei
Chengdu Company: Chen Yougen, Wang Zhichao
Landscape Design: Zinialand Design
Design Team: Liu Hengzhi, Tian Changcheng, Fang Jie, Chen Hong, Hu Shihao, Yang Kunyi, Zhang Wei, Ren Wei, Jiang Min, Tan Yang, Chen Jun, Zhu Ji, Wu Yueying, Zeng Junjian, Zeng Yin, Liao Xiang, Zhang Yang, Luo Lan, He Lang
Landscape construction unit: Chengshan Construction Co., Ltd
Architectural Design Company: Shanghai Fangda Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Landscape area: 6000㎡
Photography unit: snow space photography, Lan landscape brand department
Design time: 2020.08
Completion time: 2021.04


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