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Metrostudio: MCC·Tongluotai is located in Tiepingshan Park, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, in the middle of Tongluoxia Mountain range and the hinterland of Liangjiang New Area, hidden in the vast forest. The project continues the regional culture for thousands of years, and takes “simple and luxury” as the core, and pursues the idea of craftsmanship, rural, low carbon, to create a green and livable town.


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▽区位分析 District Analysis

▽场地分析 Site Analysis


设计理念 Design concept

设计坚守原生的山林自然,就山之势,依水之源,筑造生态气息与人文细节兼具的原生森林独院,诠释城市山居美学生活。以“丛林之上,艺术生活”为理念,在以松鼠作为 IP 形象核心打造森林主题体验区。克制内敛、含蓄细腻的写意手法,将生态、健康、品质和诗意注入日常生活,人居空间与自然无边界交融,为疲惫的都市人群打造灵魂栖居地。

Our design sticks to the original forest, according to the potential of the mountain and water, to build the original forest courtyard with both ecological atmosphere and humanistic details, to interpret the aesthetic life of urban mountain residence. With the concept of “above the jungle, art and life”, we create a forest theme playground with squirrel as the core IP image. The freehand brushwork with restraint and subtlety injects ecology, health, quality and poetry into daily life. The living space blends with nature without boundary, creating a soul dwelling place for urban people.


▽设计分析 Design analysis

▽鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view





Following the breeze to the entrance of the forest, three sinuous groups of sculptures grow like mushrooms, adding a childlike interest to the site. The flowing lines are a metaphor for the connection between the city and nature, winding straight upwards. With bright sunlight and oxygen-rich air, the wild and the artificial are seamlessly integrated in a prelude to an invitation to the forest.


▽入口空间鸟瞰 Aerial view of entrance space

▽丛林掩映的白色雕塑 White sculpture in the jungle

▽精神堡垒 Spiritual Fortress

▽精神堡垒设计分析 Spiritual Fortress Design Analysis





Visit forest and meet the energetic world at next corner. “Above the jungle, grow up with fun”, Pinecone Playground uses the IP image of a lively squirrel to build up a children’s venue with a story. Surrounded by greenery, grass and trees are interspersed in the activity area, as if weaving through the jungle, forming a separate dream world for children.


▽松果乐园鸟瞰 Aerial view of Pinecone Paradise

▽趣味攀爬 Fun climbing

▽儿童区攀爬木桩推敲 Children’s area climbing stakes scrutiny



Wooden pile, fun slide, sunshine lawn… Various functional areas based on the terrain release the child’s natural instincts. Children are transformed into curious baby squirrels, jumping up and down, playing and growing freely in the ecologically interesting grounds. Let the sunshine fall and the birds and insects chirp around you as you grow together with your forest friends in this sun-drenched paradise.


▽自然野趣的游戏设施 Natural wild game facilities

▽不规则切面松鼠雕塑 Irregularly Cut Squirrel Sculpture

▽乐园景墙 Paradise Wall





Elegant waterfront living is a different kind of life from the bustling city. The lake is open and shimmering, reflecting the shade of the trees on both sides of the shore and the changing beauty of the seasons. The starlit corridor, a pro-nature social theatre by the water, outlines the tranquillity and comfort of life in an ethereal setting like an ink painting. The curve trail is themed with flowing lines, like a stream running from the depths of the forests, bending and stretching into the distance in tune with the joyful songs of the birds. The recreational trail is painted with different themes at different functional nodes, with cherry blossoms and starry skies underfoot, adding to the fun of a jungle exploration tour, breathing fresh oxygen and running freely through the forest.


▽局部鸟瞰 Partial bird’s-eye view

▽社交剧场 Social theatre

▽康养步道 Wellness Trail





The source of nature is a place of peace for all. The indigenous forest courtyard, shaped by the mountain, grows with the mountain line and is dotted between the pine forest. There are gardens in the community, homes in the gardens with yards. You can enjoy the warmth of the sun, sip tea and enjoy the flowers, listen to the whispers of the garden and let thoughts drift away


▽自然野奢的庭院外景 Natural and luxurious garden exterior

▽条石挡墙 Stone retaining wall

▽别墅庭院 Villa courtyard





Between the houses, a clear stream of spring gently flows down, condensing the natural landscape into an elegant and quiet world. A few peach blossoms and red leaves float on the water, and makes a sound when touching the rocks. The lotus blossom and the fish swim around, creating a poetic landscape between the houses. You can enjoy the tranquil and harmonious atmosphere, whether you are looking out of the window or stepping into it.


▽宅间鸟瞰 Aerial view of the house

▽林间跌水 Falling in the forest

▽施工过程 Construction process



开 发 商:重庆中冶红城置业有限公司
景观设计:Metrostudio 迈丘设计上海分公司、项目二组
摄 影:林绿

Project name: Chongqing MCC Tongluotai
Clients: Chongqing MCC Hongcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd
Landscape Design: metrostudio
Architectural Design: JZFZ Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Interior Design: Chongqing Yuansong Decoration & Engineering Co., Ltd
Design Year: 2020.08
Completion Year: 2021.06
Photography: Lv Lin



审稿编辑 Ashley Jen

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