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Cave Urban:​“竹茧”(Chrysalis)位于伍德福德民俗节的入口处。该结构营造了一个温馨、凉爽、阴凉的空间,为人们在进入节日活动区之前与朋友和家人会面提供了场所。

Cave Urban:  Chrysalis sits at the entry of the Woodford Folk Festival precinct. Designed as a welcoming, cool and shady space, the structure provides a place to meet friends and family before heading into the festival.


▽视频 The video

© Cave Urban
© Cave Urban



Made entirely from locally harvested bamboo, the scale of the large woven pavilion offers respite from the day’s heat while encouraging visitors to explore and experience an organic structure woven by the Woodford Folk Festival Special Projects volunteers.


© Juan Pablo Pinto
© Marek Knappe


在 Juan Pablo Pinto 的艺术指导下,Cave Urban 团队培训了一批不同背景和年龄的志愿者。他们学习了如何采伐竹子和使用简单的劈竹与绑线技术来建造竹结构。


Under the artistic direction of Juan Pablo Pinto, the Cave Urban team upskilled a group of volunteers of diverse backgrounds and ages. The team learned to harvest, prepare and build with bamboo using simple splitting and wire-lashing techniques.

Chrysalis was created over four weeks, from bamboo harvest to completion. A narrow time frame considering the scale and craft-based nature of the project. One of the key aspects of the build was the simplicity of the technique that allowed for an inclusive community-building process. One in which people without previous bamboo-building experience could learn and contribute to the process, a symbiotic relationship where effort and time is exchanged for education.


▽建造过程 Build

© Cave Urban


“竹茧”结构由两个编织的拱形空间组成,一个 5.5 米高的穹顶与一个 7 米高的环形大空间连接在一起。较大的结构是由竹子捆绑而成的拱形屋顶,在地面展开,就像一朵倒置的无花果花。

Chrysalis contains two woven vaulted spaces, a 5.5m high dome merged to a larger 7-metre high toroidal-shaped space. The larger space is characterised by a crown of bundled bamboo arches that unfurl from the ground like the inverted flower of a fig.


© Cave Urban


▽结构外观 Exterior 

© Juan Pablo Pinto


▽结构入口 Entrance 

© Marek Knappe



The random weave pattern that covers the canopy and sides of the pavilion dapples the light, like a bamboo forest, creating shade patterns that shift and change during the day. At night, the woven structure turns into a giant amber lantern, inviting visitors to the night events at the festival.


▽结构内部空间 Interior 

Courtesy of Cave Urban
© Jed Long
© Marek Knappe


​通常,节庆类建筑会产生大量废物和碳排放。节庆活动的短暂性要求其建筑结构可以一次性使用或能够重复使用,并将对环境的影响降到最低。为此,Cave Urban 团队与国际竹编专家合作开发了一系列竹子建造技术。这些技术促进了大型临时结构的建造进度,使用天然材料并让当地社区居民参与其中。在该项目中,竹子未经化学处理,真实地体现了这种材料的短暂性。“竹茧”的生命周期为 2-5 年,与竹子本身的生命周期( 3-5 年成熟)一致。当 它被分解并最终回归森林地面时,新生长成熟的竹竿又可以被采伐用于下一个结构,从而实现景观的不断更新和再生。


Festival structures often create a large amount of waste and carbon emissions. The transient nature of festivals should require structures to be disposable or repurposed with minimal environmental impact. Cave Urban has developed a series of bamboo-building techniques in collaboration with international bamboo experts to this end. These techniques facilitate the building process of large-scale temporary structures, using natural materials and involving the local community. In this instance, the bamboo was not treated with chemicals, embracing the ephemeral nature of the material. The structure’s life cycle ranges from 2-5 years and aligns with the bamboo itself, which takes 3-5 years to mature. By the time Chrysalis breaks down and returns to the forest floor, the new poles will be ready to be harvested for the next structure, allowing for constant landscape renewal and regeneration.

Special thanks to Taiwanese Master artist Wang Wen-Chi for his artistry, generosity and mentorship.


▽顶部开口 Opening at the top

© Jed Long


▽竹编细节 Detail

© Juan Pablo Pinto
© Marek Knappe


▽主体结构平面 Plan

© Erin Zikos


▽顶部面图 Roof plan

© Erin Zikos


▽剖面图 Section

© Erin Zikos


▽渲染效果图 Render 

© Juan Pablo Pinto
© Juan Pablo Pinto
© Juan Pablo Pinto




项目地点:澳大利亚 昆士兰州 伍德福德

设计公司:Cave Urban
首席建筑师:Juan Pablo Pinto
设计团队:Nici Long, Jed Long
客户:Woodford Folk Festival

图片来源:Marek Knappe, Juan Pablo Pinto, Jed Long
摄影师网站:Marek Knappe (https://www.instagram.com/marek.knappe/?hl=en)
Juan Pablo Pinto (https://www.juan-pablo.com/)
Jed Long (https://www.caveurban.com/)
设计图纸:Erin Zikos
概念效果图:Juan Pablo Pinto

Project Name: Chrysalis
Completion Year: 2024
Scale: 450 m2
Project Location: 87 Woodrow Road, Woodford, Australia
Woodfordia, QLD, Australia

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Cave Urban
Website: https://www.caveurban.com/
Contact e-mail: info@caveurban.com
Lead Architects: Juan Pablo Pinto
Design Team: Nici Long, Jed Long
Clients: Woodford Folk Festival

Photo Credits (as credited per image): Marek Knappe, Juan Pablo Pinto, Jed Long
Photographer’s Website: Marek Knappe (https://www.instagram.com/marek.knappe/?hl=en)
Juan Pablo Pinto (https://www.juan-pablo.com/)
Jed Long (https://www.caveurban.com/)
Drawings: Erin Zikos
Concept Renders: Juan Pablo Pinto




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