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HWA安琦道尔:  星星之所以美丽,是因为其中一颗上有一朵看不见的花;沙漠之所以美丽,是因为它的某个角落里藏着一口井;童年之所以美丽,是因为那无忧无虑的幸福时光。福州,福建省省会,拥有2200多年建城历史,是古代“海上丝绸之路”的重要门户,也是中国近代海军摇篮和工业、科技发源地。福州的规划格局,使晋安区处在大力的城市发展建设之中。黄土、乱石、塔吊,就像一张褶皱的牛皮纸,期待着它焕发生机的一天。


HWA:   The stars are beautiful because of an invisible flower on them.The desert is beautiful because of a well hidden in the corner.Childhood is beautiful, because of the carefree happy time.Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, has a history of more than 2,200 years. It is an important gateway to the ancient “Maritime Silk Road” and one of the birthplaces of the modern Chinese navy and industry and technology.Fuzhou’s planning layout puts Jin’an District in the process of vigorous urban development and construction. The loess, the rock, and the tower crane are like a piece of creased kraft paper, looking forward to the time for a revival.

The designer understands and explores the entire space from the perspective of children. Space is created to be an interactive space that suits diverse ages, diverse groups of people, and young parents.We look forward to creating a children’s playground with interactive participation and fun exploration. Here, children grow up in play, think in interaction, and feel the charm of space in the adventure.




We constructed a landscape space concept according to the site features and the extraction of the elements,The design blocks the surrounding messy context to create an introverted landscape space that can be retained eternally.The designers did not conservatively adopt a simple and economical implementation strategy, but took the plan into account and used innovative methods to complete the task. This is the only way to establish this interesting children’s space.


▼设计构想Design idea

▼构想成果Idea results


入口格栅,透出光影跳跃 ,悦动的色彩好似漫不经心的打翻颜料桶,色彩蔓延开一片绮丽的天地,恰似那心无愁绪的孩童时光。

The entrance grille reveals the light and shadow change. The joyful colors seem to spill over the paint bucket, forming a beautiful world, just like the carefree childhood time.




Jasmine is known as “Muli” in ancient times, the city flower of Fuzhou. The folk song of Fuzhou mentions the flower, “the slave house along Minjiang is my home. Please come to have a cup of tea when you are free. There is nothing but a field of Muli in the front.”The white jasmine is abbreviated to the “curve” elements, and an artistic, fun, and interactive participation space is designed to complement and integrate.


▼“茉莉花”元素简化空间 & 装置模型”muli” shape space & Device model



The site composed of art installations and gradient grilles provides a lovely and leisurely coziness to people.




The children pass through, chasing playfully, and there was a lot of fun in the space.


▼童趣在空间中穿行The fun and joy of childlike innocence are depicted in the space

▼儿童探险爬网Children’s adventure climbing net

▼奇异传声筒Bizarre microphone



When the dusk falls, the flashing lights are like stars, decorating the childhood of children.




The combination of dynamic and static in the space, the dynamic environment that is constantly growing, and the humanities and arts are integrated with the modern urban life concept.





Children’s Dream Paradise carries hope and future, a place where growth begins. It should be carefree, safe, and secure.




项目地点:  福州市
业主单位:  旭辉集团
景观面积:  2000平方米
完成时间:  2020年5月
景观设计:  HWA安琦道尔
设计团队:  HWA安琦道尔
项目摄影:  RIF摄影工作室
文字编辑:  HWA安琦道尔

Project location:  Fuzhou City
Owner:  CIFI group
Landscape area:  2000 square meters
Completion time:  May 2020
Landscape design:  HWA
Design team:  HWA
Project Photography:  RIF photography studio
Text editor:  HWA


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