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因澈景观从1到2,解决问题 Solve the problem from completeness to optimization


Interesting Landscape: The difficulty of transforming from completeness to optimization in landscape design is not lower than that of transforming from scratch to completeness. Facing many limitations, it also requires integrating new design thinking based on the previous design.


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How can we define the quality of renovation design?
Design itself? The cost? Or perfect implementation effect?
We think the answer should be meeting customer needs and solving project problems.



大连亿合城:共同成长十年,城市商业地标之星 Dalian Yihecheng: Decade of Shared Growth, a City Business Landmark



Dalian Yihecheng is one of Dalian’s business landmarks, located in the Zhonghua Road business district of Dalian, with a total construction area of approximately 220,000m2. With a superior geographical location, it has become a core component of the northern business district. It is positioned as a regional shopping plaza, an “urban complex” integrating shopping, catering, entertainment, leisure, and living.

Since its opening in 2014, it has successfully ignited the business sector in Dalian, providing significant support for the development of the northern business district, guiding regional consumption fashion, enhancing regional value, and setting a new concept for shopping plazas in Dalian.


▽项目区位 Project location


改造诉求 Reform demands

升级打造,需求关系Upgrade to meet demands



The project has been in operation for nearly a decade since 2014. With the continuous development of the city and the increasing flow of people around the project, the existing supporting facilities and landscape can no longer meet the needs of businesses and users. Therefore, we have comprehensively upgraded and renovated the entire commercial outdoor landscape.

Of course, meeting customer demands reflects purpose and result, The essence of design is still to meet the needs of the project and the surrounding population.


▽改造前 Before


如何改造 How to achieve transformation?

与设计师的对话 Dialogue with designers


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01 . 设计师何钦:洞察人群需求,梳理项目核心问题 Designer He Qin: Investigate the needs of the audience and identify the core issues



Q: Why does the project still need to be updated and renovated even though it has been thriving for nearly a decade?

A: Times are changing, cities are developing, and projects also need to grow together with them.




· 看不见:项目商业景观界面遮挡严重,商场入口不明显;
· 进不去:空间脉络需要梳理,动线不便行人进入商圈;
· 留不住:外围参与性景观有待加强,缺乏与人的互动,气氛冷清。

Q: What are the specific problems with the original business landscape of the project?

A: There are mainly three major problems: “Invisible, Inaccessible, and Unretainable”, which correspond to the demonstrative, accessible, and participatory nature of business landscapes.

·Invisible: The business landscape interface of the project is severely obstructed, and the entrance to the mall is not so easily invisible;
·Inaccessible: The spatial context needs to be sorted out, and the poor traffic flow makes it inconvenient for pedestrians;
·Unretainable: The peripheral participatory landscape needs to be strengthened, lacking interaction with people and creating a cold atmosphere.


▽项目问题梳理 Sorting out project problems


02 . 设计师何钦:基于现状条件,定制改造方案 Designer He Qin: Customize renovation plan based on current conditions



Q: So, to solve these three problems, what do you think are the biggest difficulties at present?

A: Different from the imaginative design of new projects, the conditions for business landscape renovation design are more stringent. The difficulty of this project design lies in how to update and transform the business landscape without affecting or altering the existing subway, power grid, basement boundary roof collision points, stores, municipal bus stops, municipal road curbstones, sidewalk fences, street lights, municipal electrical box transformers, and other factors, in order to enhance its visibility, accessibility, and participation, and meet requirements at the functional level, the line of sight and the on-site conditions.




Q: What is your solution approach after identifying these issues?

A: We have adopted a strategy of inheritance, transformation and activating space, and developed targeted solutions for the three major problems of “invisible, Inaccessible, and Unretainable”.




Q: How did you implement the solution?

A: To achieve visibility, accessibility, and participation in the project, we focus on creating three spaces: entrance market, image square, and life theater. Based on an in-depth analysis of the project and on-site inspections, we have comprehensively reflected all the information of the original site (for both areas that can be updated and cannot) in the 3D model, as we believe that updating and renovating is not just talk on paper, but a precise surgical operation.


▽解决思路 Solution idea


三个办法 Three methods

· 昭示性:清理现状绿化,打开昭示面;
· 通达性:动线清晰,路口打开、避免绕行;
· 参与性:增加活力景观内容及多金点位,建立网红流量场景。

·Indicative: Clean up the current greenery and open the display surface;
·Accessible: Clear traffic flow, open intersections, and avoid detours;
·Participatory: Increase vibrant landscape content and multiple gold spots, and create trending scenes to attract traffic.


三个空间 Three spaces

01 . 入口集市-通达性:通过空间、集市氛围。

Entrance Market—Accessible: Through Space and Market Atmosphere


▽改造前 Before

▽改造后实景图 Later


02 . 形象广场-昭示性:形象展示、icon植入、水景植入。

Image Square—Indicative: Image Display, Icon Implantation, and Water Feature Implantation


▽改造前 Before

▽改造后实景图 Later


03 . 生活剧场-参与性:聚气水景、昭示引导、景观装置、参与性活动。

Life Theater—Participatory: Gathering Water Scenery, Showcasing and Guidance, Landscape Installation, and Participatory Activities


▽改造前 Before

▽改造后实景图 Later


03 . 设计师何钦:精确落地细节,最大化资源再用 Designer He Qin: Precise implementation of details, maximizing resource reuse



Q: Are there any other things that impress you in this renovation design?

A: As a project for urban renewal, especially for this type of development-oriented renewal, the implementation of the plan is also a crucial part. After the renovation design plan was approved, it was not actually completed because the purpose was clear. However, as an urban renewal project, problems will continue to arise during renovation. After the plan was successfully approved, we began close construction cooperation as the mall has to operate as usual and we are not allowed to take too much time on construction. So, we proactively requested and went to the site to communicate with the construction party as soon as the plan was approved, and talked over arrangement for each spot together with the construction party and the owner.


▽铺装、旧砖利用分布示意图 Distribution diagram of paving and old bricks






In addition to ensuring the normal operation of the shopping mall through regional construction, we also want to make reasonable use of old materials instead of completely replacing them, such as floor tiles. After the construction technical disclosure, we made a distribution map of the use of old tiles, which is accurate to the movement position and installation method for tiles per square meter. For example, the plan even describes the movement of some existing plants at individual level. These are the most impressive points for me during this renovation.

Q: What is your biggest impression through the renovation design of the business landscape of Dalian Yihecheng?

A: I think the value of renovation lies not in how cool the design is, but in how we have updated a part of the city, giving it a new life, and transforming some unplanned and extensive business landscapes into reasonable, smooth, and socially participatory works through renovation.

As the project designer said, as times change and cities develop, projects also need to grow together. Along with the development of the city, people also have spiritual needs for the city, business, and landscape. The trend of design art ultimately remains to conform to the relationship between people and the outside world. Addressing the enduring challenge of dismantling barriers that have emerged with the evolution of time is a constant topic for designers.




Project Name: Dalian Yihecheng Business Landscape Renovation
Project type: Urban renovation
Project location: Ganjingzi District, Dalian City
Project area: 7693 ㎡
Owner: Dalian Shengming Asset Management Co., LTD
Design unit: Chengdu INCH Design
Creative designers:He Qin
Project completion: 2023



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