HASSELL: 达令港改造是20年来悉尼城中最重要的城市更新计划——是重塑这一重要街区的“一次千载难逢的机会”。达令港片区现已成为由三幢壮观的独立建筑组成的悉尼国际会议中心(ICC Sydney)以及一家奢华酒店的所在地,新的综合体街区也即将亮相。HASSELL与新南威尔士州基础设施部及联实集团紧密合作,为整个20公顷的片区规划城市设计框架,使达令港公共空间更好地与城市相连,并提供人们聚集、放松以及游玩的新场所。

HASSELL: The transformation of Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia, is the city’s most significant urban renewal initiative in 20 years – a once in a generation opportunity to remake a critical, central neighbourhood. The harbour-side precinct is now home to the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) comprising three exceptional new venues, a luxury hotel – and a new mixed-use neighbourhood is on the way. Working closely with iNSW and Lendlease, HASSELL delivered the urban design framework for the entire 20-hectare precinct and designed Darling Harbour’s public realm to better connect the city and offer new places for people to gather, relax and play.



以“人”为本是设计的核心,通过为公共绿地重新注入活力,整合景观及开放空间,融合水景、公共艺术品、广场及展演空 间,HASSELL打造了丰富的空间来举办各类活动,包括露天音乐会、马戏表演、市集摊位、以及街头表演等,此外也有简单的例如在浅浅的池子中和飞溅的水花嬉戏的场所。

HASSELL董事及景观设计负责人Angus Bruce说:“我们不仅希望能令初次来访的游客感到惊艳,也希望使用空间最多的当地上班族和居民们 能够感到满意,让他们愿意一再造访。” 升级后的人行道、骑行道以及公共交通网络让人们可以更方便地到达此片区,此前这里与邻近 的社区、海港以及悉尼市中心呈互不联通的状态。

People were firmly at the heart of the design process. By reinvigorating parklands, integrating landscapes and open space and incorporating water features, public artworks, plazas and event spaces, HASSELL has created opportunities for events and activities as varied as open-air concerts, circus events, market stalls and busking – and simple pleasures like splashing in shallow pools. 

“We wanted to both ‘wow’ first-time visitors and delight those who use the space the most – the local community of workers and residents – and keep them coming back,” said Angus Bruce, HASSELL Principal and Head of Landscape Architecture.  




达令港公共空间通过跨专业团队之间的紧密协作打造而成。这样,优美的设计融合公共景观, 加上因地制宜创作的艺术品与建筑的融合 — 使公共开放空间最大化、文化特征更突出、联接更紧密、视野更宽阔。


An integrated design amplifies the spaces and experiences

Darling Harbour’s public realm was delivered through a close, interdisciplinary collaboration. This approach enabled an elegant design that integrates the public landscape and customised artworks with the architecture – maximising the public open space, cultural features, connectivity and views. 




All three ICC Sydney buildings are united through their continuous landscape base, terraces and materials. The landscape blends seamlessly with the surrounds and encourages permeability of the wider area. It integrates with the ICC Sydney Exhibition building façade to deliver a terraced landscape, elevated event deck and expansive native grassland green roof, connected by pathways and platforms that overlook the precinct. 






Creating an authentic, captivating and sustainable public place

By creating more inclusive and engaging new places and improving existing locations, Darling Harbour’s appeal has increased with locals and visitors alike – generating ongoing social, economic and environmental benefits for Sydney. 

A greener harbour with 650 new trees and 9,000sqm of additional green space, improving amenity and habitat through the extensive use of native species. Crepe myrtle has also been used as a nod to neighbouring Chinatown. 







The stories of Darling Harbour come alive through a wide range of curated artworks and interpretative landscape features inspired by the site’s history and ecology. 

Sculptures, audio and visual installations, including a 600sqm mural of indigenous flora embedded in the walls of the terraced landscape, provide new points of fun and intrigue. And active water fountains, including the renovated Woodward Fountain, celebrate the waterfront location.





A dynamic events destination with three major public venues and Tumbalong Park as a high-capacity, open-air event space – now 40 per cent bigger and complete with a stage, event screen and improved lighting. 

A connected precinct with an enhanced network of lanes and streets, including The Boulevard – a 680m-long, Eucalypt-lined promenade that anchors the entire site and extends the pedestrian connections between Central Station and Cockle Bay. 






The transformation project also embraces the City of Sydney’s wider sustainability goals for open spaces through integrated WSUD solutions, green spaces and improved walkability. It has delivered 30 percent more public space for Sydney’s inner-city, and has received a 6 Star Green Star Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. 

The revitalised public realm is turning Darling Harbour into one of the world’s best places to live, learn, meet and be entertained – a place that people want to return to, time and again.


总平面图  Plan


设计分析  Design Analysis


The redevelopment of Sydney’s Darling Harbour has been shortlisted in the 2018 World Architecture Festival awards in the Landscape – Urban Projects category.


项目名称: 悉尼达令港公共空间
地点: 澳大利亚悉尼
景观设计/城市设计: HASSELL
规模: 20公顷
完成时间: 2018年
客户: 新南威尔士州基础设施部 / 联实集团
– 建筑设计(悉尼国际会议中心): HASSELL + Populous
– 艺术家: Ryoji Ikeda, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Danie Mellor, Janet Laurence
图片: Simon Wood, Brett Boardman, HASSELL

Project name: Darling Harbour Public Realm
Location: Sydney, Australia
Landscape Architect/Urban Designer: HASSELL
Scale: 20 hectares
Completed: 2018
Client: Infrastructure New South Wales (iNSW)/Lendlease
– Architecture (International Convention Centre Sydney): HASSELL + Populous
– Artists: Ryoji Ikeda, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Danie Mellor, Janet Laurence
Imagery: Simon Wood, Brett Boardman, HASSELL


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