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DONGDA (SHENZHEN) DESIGN CO., LTD.:Blue sky, white clouds, green trees, green grass and the wind blowing on your face. The cicadas were singing on the trees, and the carefree children were running against the wind, playing in the fields, and laughing innocently. ——There is a cure called “Miyazaki Hayao’s Summer”


▽项目全览视频 Project overview video  ©东坑发布

▽宫崎骏动画 Animation by Hayao Miyazaki




In Dongkeng Paddy Field Children’s Park, Children run around and play happily, feel the beauty of nature.


▽孩子们在东坑稻田儿童公园合影留恋  The children took a group photo at Dongkeng Paddy Field Children’s Park 




A piece of green rice field, you can’t see the edge at a glance. Walking along the field path, you can smell the fragrance of rice, as if you accidentally walked into the real world of Miyazaki Hayao’s fairy tales.


▽孩子们穿行在郁郁葱葱的稻田里  Children walk through the lush rice fields 




As spring goes and autumn comes, the green rice fields turn into a piece of golden yellow, and the rolling waves of golden rice contain the unique beauty of autumn. Three or five little friends walked in the rice fields together, and the sun shone golden all the way through the gaps in the trees, leaving the most beautiful and leisurely time.


▽秋天金灿灿的稻田 The golden rice fields in autumn




The current status of the project is a large piece of farmland, covering an area of about 33,300 square meters. Adjacent to Dongkeng Agricultural Park, surrounded by villages and residential areas, the flow of people is relatively large, and there is no playground for children in the area. The current situation of the site is a paddy field planting area, with a single experience, and the east side of the site is a flood drainage channel, which has certain potential safety hazards.


▽现场照片  Pictures of the Site



城市中的稻田童话 Rice Field Fairy Tale in the City


Overlooked from the air, the site is surrounded by the city, forming a “rice field fairy tale” in the city, and also provides a good place for children in the area to play. The park retains the existing site layout and rice field planting attributes, uses rice fields as the background color, and integrates children’s play functions and farming cultural experience in a lightly interventional way, creating a modern public welfare children’s park that integrates knowledge, leisure, and participation. , so that children can enjoy playing in the park and experience the charm of traditional culture. In the park, there are rice planting areas, twenty-four solar terms corridors, rice field swings, cultural corridors, circular plank roads, etc. for the masses to play and clock in daily. The project is also the first children’s park in Dongguan with the theme of rice field farming culture, and it is an active attempt by Dongkeng Town to create a child-friendly space.


▽城市中的稻田童话  Rice Field Fairy Tale in the City




The circular paddy field plank road echoes the square paddy field base, embodying the traditional concept of “the sky is round and the earth is round”. The circle also symbolizes perfection, expressing best wishes to tourists. The circular gallery frame in the center forms the focus of sight and is also a place for concentrated activities. Together with the circular plank roads, corridors, horizontal roads and longitudinal ditches, a landscape pattern of one center, one ring and two axes is formed in the square rice field.


▽项目总体布局 General layout of the project 


▽水稻的季节性变化呈现出不同的景观风貌  The seasonal changes of rice present different landscape features 




The park focuses on building a central square, paddy field plank roads, four leisure spots, and a happy ditch, and creates an entrance cultural axis at the entrance to display traditional farming culture in a fun and experiential manner.



趣味入口轴线 The Interesting Entrance Axis


Taking the rice ears as the prototype, the image of the entrance arch is created, and scarecrows and stone walls are set on both sides as embellishments, creating a lively and interesting entrance image.


▽“稻穗”拱门入口  “Rice ears” arch entrance




After entering the main entrance, six activity platforms are set up on the left side of the road. With the background of simplified weather-resistant steel farming and weaving patterns, various amusement facilities are set up on the platforms, so that children can learn about farming while having fun. Learn while playing, entertaining and entertaining. On the right side of the road, an interesting guardrail with the theme of the animal world is set up, which not only serves as a safety protection, but also allows children to learn different animal knowledge in a lively and interesting way.


▽孩子们在平台尽情玩耍 Children are playing on the platform



中心广场 Central Square


In the center of the rice field, a circular square is formed by a ring-shaped gallery, which is also a concentrated activity venue for the entire park, which can accommodate small-scale events. The introduction of the twenty-four solar terms is engraved on the ground in the center of the square, and the benches under the gallery are laser-engraved to draw the twenty-four solar terms into twenty-four poems related to farming activities. The combination of the background color of the symbol of farming civilization and the circular gallery fully demonstrates the splendor of traditional farming culture and the wisdom of the ancients. It is also a wonderful dialogue between man and nature, man and culture, nature and man-made.


▽中心环形廊架  Central circular gallery frame  


▽广场可容纳小型活动(开园仪式现场)The square can accommodate small events (site of the opening ceremony) 



环形稻田栈道 Circular paddy field plank road


The east-west road and the north-south canal divide the rice fields into four parts, and connect the divided rice fields through a circular plank road. Along the plank road, rich and diverse experience content such as rainbow corridors, swings, wind chime curtain walls, and parent-child photo frames are set up.


▽孩子们在栈道上恣意奔跑  Children run freely on the plank road  




Acrylic panels of 12 different colors form a rainbow corridor, echoing the golden and green colors of the paddy field.


▽彩虹廊架 The rainbow corridor  




On the side of the plank road, you may find a set of swings. On a sunny day with blue sky, sitting on the swing, listening to the chirping insects in the field, smelling the fresh fragrance of the rice, what a pleasing experience.


▽稻田里的秋千  The swings in the paddy field  




Hundreds of palm-sized stainless steel sheets are used to form a wind chime curtain wall. Under the breeze blowing, the sound of metal collision echoes with the swaying of rice, like a symphony of a harvest in autumn.


▽风铃幕墙 Wind Chime Curtain Wall 


▽镜面墙映出稻田美景,环形廊架若隐若现  The mirror wall reflects the beautiful scenery of the rice fields, and the circular gallery frame is looming 




The square structures form a framed view, and tourists come here to take pictures. Perforated panels are used as the facade, and lights are added inside to simulate a firefly-like starlight atmosphere at night.


▽在亲子相框拍照的孩子们  Children taking pictures in the parent-child photo frame  



欢乐水沟 Happy ditch


Use the existing ditch to transform it into a fun axis where you can catch fish, tread on a water wheel, and go on a stepping adventure, etc., so that children can have a happy childhood full of wild fun and nature.


▽欢乐水沟  Happy ditch




In the harvesting season, the field takes on a golden appearance. The picturesque scenery attracts a lot of visitors here, including children coming to paint from life. The park also holds agricultural and intangible cultural heritage exhibitions at solar terms, providing visitors with leisure and entertainment, parent-child interaction and farming experience. By presenting the changes in the growth of all things, the children’s park enlightens the children to observe the world with their hearts. It encourages children to discover the beauty of life in nature, experience the delight in labor, and live out the inheritance of culture.


▽孩子们在稻田里写生Children sketching in the rice field  


▽写生作品与景色相映成趣  Sketches and scenery complement each other  


▽稻田收割场景,自成一幅美好画面 The scene of rice field harvesting is a beautiful picture 





Project Name: Dongkeng Paddy Field Children’s Park
Project Address: Nongfeng 2nd Road, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City
Project scale: covers an area of about 33,300 square meters
Design team: Zhou Yongzhong, Deng Xin, Bai Yuan, Liu Bin, Pan Hongxing, Chen Longxia, Liang Shufeng, Zhang Jiahui, Liu Siyu, Yang Wenfeng
Copywriting planning: Liu Bin, Jiang Qionghua
Owner unit: Dongkeng Town Engineering Construction Center, Dongguan City
Design/Completion: 2021/2022
Photography: Bai Yu / Xie Yuhui / Dongguan Dongnong Investment Co., Ltd. / DONGDA (SHENZHEN) DESIGN CO.,LTD.




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