WaterScales arquitectos:Forum公共空间作为一种新的景观在格拉纳达的城市边缘发展起来,它与农业景观融为一体。与历史名城内华达山脉(Sierra Nevada Mountain)的视觉联系以及该地区开发的新文化设备,决定了它的干预范围。

WaterScales arquitectos:The Forum public space is developed as a new landscape in the city edge of Granada, where it merges with the agricultural landscape surroundings. The visual relations with Sierra Nevada Mountain, the historical city, and the new cultural equipment developed in the area, defines the intervention.



总平面图  Master Plan




Space is defined thanks to a flexible strategy based on the landscape of the lowlands whose crop fields are furrowed by irrigation channels. 

The landscape carpet tries to create a new reality in dialogue with the existing one. It spreads out onto two levels. The upper one may be used as entrance and for the development of small acts, while the lower one admits larger events. Both follow a topographic map furrowed by strength lines and in diffracted continuity. These strength lines, made in oxidized steel have different uses; define the limits of the different materials, contains the vegetal topography with its colors and aromas, guide our steps and contain some water courses. 





The lower level is a large surface surrounded by trees, bushes and a marked slope. Next to the main stairs, linking the two levels, we find the sound of the water on a pond. 








The chosen materials enhance the space qualities.

The floor is made by warm´s bands of wood, white concrete with black stones, dark slate and vegetation, contained between oxidized steel force lines. In the access, the simple geometry and the perfumes define the spaces. On the lower level, color and variety of textures and volumes of bushes and trees are the main elements.





The new building roofs are an experimental proposal of dream gardens where visitors could enjoy the wonderful views. In one roof, visitors will be floating on a sea made of blue recycled glass. In the other, they will walk on a red grass carpet between vegetal white clouds.




Water is one of the main instruments used for shaping the different spaces. Its sound and presence modifies our feelings. It springs calmly sometimes, others it’s sonorous and rhythmic, it follows our steps on a water stair and it proposes our rest ending in a pond thanks to a channel guided by one of the strength lines designed.

We hope we have captured the essence of the agricultural territory on its surroundings.




第一版平面手稿 Forum sketch first idea


总平面图 Site Plan

鸟瞰图手绘稿 Aerial view general


鸟瞰图详图手稿 1  Aerial View drawing detail 1


鸟瞰图详图手稿 2  Aerial View drawing detail 2


概念草图  Concepto



细节手稿 Detail sketch lines Materials


细节手稿  Detail sketch


细节手稿 Detail sketch



平屋顶手稿 Sketch Flat roof 



剖面图 1  Section 1


剖面图 2  Section 2沙丘剖面图  Section Dune


铺装细节 Pavement Detail


建筑师: Francisco J. del Corral (WaterScales) + Federico Wulff
景观: Ana Ibañez + Jorge Asencio

-建筑学学生Daniel Marcos
-建筑师Virginie Brazille

工程: Ingeniería Medina

-土木工程师Nedy Hortet
-El Partal公司

建筑公司: El Partal s.l.
照片: Fernando Alda
面积: 11.000平方米

Architects: Francisco J. del Corral (WaterScales) + Federico Wulff 
Landscape:Ana Ibañez + Jorge Asencio

-Daniel Marcos. Architecture student
-Virginie Brazille. Architect

Engineering:Ingeniería Medina

Construction management:
-Nedy Hortet. Civil Engineer
-El Partal Company

Building Company:El Partal s.l.
Photographs:Fernando Alda
Surface: 11.000 m2


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