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Jiejie Studio :This is a bookstore reconstruction project located on the west side of Zhongguancun Street in Beijing. The owner of Sheyu World bookstore entrusted us with the reconstructing design of its first floor on the basis of the original two-story building. Besides, the teahouse function is added except for bookstore function. The site is situated inside the city block and surrounded by urban buildings. There is only eastern side opening towards the front public courtyard. We try to find the relationship both inside and outside from here, aiming to build a block facade facing outside and an inward courtyard facing inside.


▽项目视频 Video

▽空间概览 Space overview



项目背景 Project Background


Green cloud house is the name of this courtyard. A half misty pond, a winding bridge, three cloud walls, seven pavilions and several mountain terraces are the places built in this garden. You can enjoy reading or tea parties here, which are sooner upcoming.


▽青绿云屋轴测图 Axonometric drawing of the Green Cloud House


半潭云雾A misty pond


The courtyard is spreading out from a pond. We envision the pool water flowing from the underground pool in the east outdoor courtyard to the west indoor room. The water inlet is hidden somewhere underground in the east and pool water converges into this half pond in the indoor low-lying place.The terraces around the pond flow high or low just like mountains, meanwhile form an enclosed pond boundary.


▽池潭南向The southing pond


▽池潭西向The westing pond


▽池潭北向The northing pond



三道云墙 Three Cloud Walls


A cloud wall in the north of the pond divides the courtyard into south garden and north garden. Most of the north garden is covered in the mountains and forests by the cloud walls, partly hidden or visible. Because of the winding changes of the cloud walls, people shuttle through the garden among the walls, like playing hide and seek. An infinitely changeable world in shown in such an inch of land.


▽云墙 Cloud wall




At the same time, this curved wall wraps the columns of the original building, shuttling and changing, which dissolves the separating sense of the original structure.


▽瞥见云墙洞外的空间深处Catch a glimpse of the deep space outside the cloud wall cave


▽月上云墙头 The moon climbs up the wall.


▽南边的云墙构成南园东南角山洞的一部分 The cloud walls in the south construct part of the cave in the southeast corner of the south garden.


▽云墙截景Cloud wall section



一座折桥 A winding bridge


There is a winding bridge across the water at the entrance, crossing a moon cave in the cloud wall from east to west, entering the north garden.


▽折桥 Winding bridge




The scenery differs from every step on the winding bridge. With the turning of the forward direction, the scenery will change where your sight reaches.


▽登桥 Getting on the bridge


▽行进 Moving on


▽转折 Turning


▽入北园 Entering the north garden


▽回望 Looking back


▽远看 Overlooking



七个亭子 Seven Pavilions


The pavilion is a place for reading and tea parties. It is located above the mountain terraces and around the pond. They present as high or low, near or far, hidden or visible, some are like giant rocks chiseled from the wall protruding out of the mountain.


▽云墙洞内的亭子与密林之畔的亭子 Pavilion in the cave of the cloud wall and pavilion by the forest


▽山巅之上的亭子 Pavilion on the top of the mountain


▽凿壁而出,悬于山间的亭子Pavilion chiseled from the wall protruding out of the mountain


▽透过云墙洞外远眺的亭子Pavilion where you can overlook a corner of the garden through the wall hole



数处山台 Several mountain terraces


On the mountain terrace, there are jagged rocks and lush plants, which are almost real natural scenery. What’s more, the up and down flowing changes of the terraces make various postures of the pavilions. To enter the pavilion requires you to walk through the preface space constructed by the mountain terraces. You can also sit chatting, drink tea and read on the mountain terrace.


▽随处可停留的山台空间Mountain terrace space which you can stay everywhere


▽路径穿插其中The path is interspersed within it


▽山台之上怪石嶙峋The rocks on the mountain terrace are jagged in grotesque shapes


▽悬于立面之上的亭子和雨棚构成了新的城市界面Pavilions and canopies lied above the facade form a new urban interface




Green cloud house is not only a design practice of gardening in the room, but also an attempt to build a landscape garden space in a narrow interior space. This architecture, Seven terraces and pavilions with a pond in the cloud and mist, is just that poetic place I want to present.


▽平面图 Plan

▽剖面图 Profile




Project name: Green cloud house
Project address: Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing
Project type: Bookstore, teahouse
Designer: Jiejie Studio
Main director: Ming Guanyu
Project member: Liu Wenrui
Building area: 200 square meters
Completion time: January 2022
Owner: Beijing Sheyu World Bookstore
Photographer: Xiazhi ,Heyu



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