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MBDI: Ink Jiangnan meets urban life. The design reflects both the modern urban lifestyle and the unique Jiangnan style of Nanxun. In the city’s genes, there is not only have the innate aggressiveness, but also the flexibility of the Jiangnan metropolis and the bones of the city of books.




Its landscape color continues the style of the building roofs, such as the ancient town tiles, sculptural structures, white scenic wall display surface, slate garden pavement of the ancient town, the shape of the vignette of Lake silk characteristics and color selection area.


▽文化提取 Culture Extraction

▽动线演绎Use a line deduction


水晶晶的屋顶 Crystal Roof


Traditional Chinese architecture is everywhere reflecting the aesthetic classics of the East. Walking through several cities with a rich history, public buildings with the style of the last century are giants that witness the vicissitudes of the times. Elements of traditional architecture from thousands of years are fused with modern design techniques to build a new city image with a strong historical color.


▽中国传统建筑元素黛瓦白砖形成的韵律感 Traditional Chinese architectural elements black tile white brick formed a sense of rhythm

▽青砖黛瓦,延续传统建筑的美 Black tiles, continuation of the beauty of traditional architecture



The traditional sloping roof element combines geometric beauty and sense of lines. The designer also bring forth the new through the old. They shape the beauty of Nanxun’s architectural features with the right slope through the delicate and transparent metal mesh material. A kind of entrance space full of flavor and elegance is thus born.


▽传统屋顶的几何美和线条美 The geometric and linear beauty of traditional roofs

▽金属网打造精致入口空间 Metal mesh creates exquisite entrance space


水晶晶的街道 Crystal streets


“The road is curved by the scenery, the realm is deep by the curve”. Jiangnan lanes are often paved with green stone bricks with strong regional characteristics. With this style, the designer’s concept is put forward. And the designer’s the modern design technique is used to integrate the open and consistent spatial sequence to emphasizing a solemn ritual and sense of ceremony when returning home.


▽通行空间俯瞰 Overlook of passage space


在 经过反复的对比与筛选后,设计师最终选择以自然面石材还原青石砖的文化质感,这种经过大自然鬼斧神工般形成的天然石材有着厚重而稳定的独特肌理,自然断裂面打破原有的秩序和连续性,将城市的喧嚣阻隔在围墙之外,打造出开阔安静、思绪沉稳的通行空间。

After repeated comparison and selection, the designer finally chose to restore the cultural texture of green stone tiles with natural surface stone. This kind of natural stone formed by nature’s magic work has a thick and stable unique texture. Its natural fracture surface breaks the original order and continuity to block the hustle and bustle of the city outside the fence. It creates an open and quiet space with calm thoughts.


▽疏朗有致的空间,石材还原青砖的文化质感 The space is clear and clear, and the stone restores the cultural texture of blue brick


水晶晶的墙 Crystal Wall


Each ancient courtyard in Nanxun ancient town is a collection of architecture. “A black and white, a real and an imaginary.” are reflected in a sense of heavy history. Layers fall, staggered, and the spirit of Nanxun culture to convey cohesion in this. The black and white buildings highlight the rhythmic beauty of bright elegance and layering, and the natural scenery and architecture are perfectly integrated.




Considering the environmental factors outside the fence, the site is not suitable for a quiet enclosed space. The designer reinterprets the elements of the ancient architectural complexes. The architectural features of gray tiles and white walls are used to create a well-organized open space. The overall design maintains a close connection with the outside world without losing the traditional elegance. The new city image of Nanxun is interpreted to the fullest.


▽古建筑元素打造开放性空间 Ancient architectural elements create open Spaces


水晶晶的院子 Crystal Yard


Chinese people’s courtyard pursues a kind of tranquil and far-reaching natural beauty. Nature is an important part of the family. Let nature meet space through modern design language. The design and layout of a complete and exquisite living space in a limited space evokes the desire for natural living. It is as comfortable as living in a quiet back garden.


▽充满现代感的庭院 Modern courtyard



Water features and scenic walls echo the spirit of the site. The combination of natural and artificial traces is fully considered in the space treatment. While ensuring privacy, the open space can be formed to highlight the quiet atmosphere of Jiangnan water village. A natural and exquisite living atmosphere is revealed unconsciously.


▽水景与景墙相互呼应,映射幽静氛围 Waterscape and landscape wall echo each other, mapping quiet atmosphere


水晶晶的蚕丝 Crystal silk


Culture is the soul of a modern commercial district. From Chengdu’s Taikoo Li to Shanghai’s Xujiahui, each block embodies the recognition of regional city characteristics and culture. In the construction of the commercial district, we uphold the “modern interpretation of traditional” design concept: retaining the characteristics of Nanxun culture series of Lake Silk, integrating modern materials and thematic cultural IP, supporting the distinctive and dynamic spirit of the neighborhood, creating a commercial district with personality and artistry.


▽街道俯瞰 Overlooking the street



The whole block with Nanxun Lake Silk culture is the main design dynamic line. Connect the traffic flow outside the block to form an open and low-density block shopping center. The lovely baby silkworm installation and the wire mesh Nanxun logo map the cultural characteristics of the city. Daylight and vibrant transparent Agri collide. In conclusion, the modernist aesthetic is used to customize a relaxing and casual food district.


▽蚕宝宝雕塑 Silkworm baby sculpture

▽透明亚格力与灯光结合的节奏感 The rhythm of the combination of transparent Agribusiness and light


水晶晶的书院 Crystal Bookstore


Everyone is longing for a garden of their own mind, which is the ideal place for people to relax and rest in the most secluded way. From the hustle and bustle of the city to the seclusion and quiet, the outdoor environment can be flexibly transformed. The small and private space provides more opportunities for people to experience, get close to and integrate with nature. It gives the living space of modern society present a classical temperament and create a natural and comfortable living atmosphere.


▽后场空间的宁静舒适 The quiet comfort of the rear space


Western-style courtyard is elegant and luxurious, but it not close to our lives. The Chinese courtyard with small bridges and flowing water is the proper label for the Chinese courtyard. In the creative process of the courtyard, the combination of plant landscape wall and interesting grass slope breaks the visual feeling of monotonous and hard space, which add endless charm to the quiet courtyard. Sitting alone in the courtyard, people can appreciate that purity. This scenario brings not only visual and spatial feelings, but also a quietness in the noisy city.



甲方设计团队: 李钰  岑崟 
Project name: Greenland wenhuafu
Project location: Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang province
Development enterprise: Greenland Group
Party A’s design team: Li Yucen, Yin
Design date: May 2020
Design area: 6000 square meters
Landscape design: MBDI Insefland
Photography team: Hejin Photography


审稿编辑 Ashley Jen

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