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BOX盒子实践景观事务所: 在城市不断演进中,新老城区的交迭是必然的产物。与其说新城区是朝阳蓬勃,老城区是落日余晖,不如说新城区是太阳光球层,光芒夺目,而老城区则是太阳的内核,静默深沉,却满载城市发展的能量积淀。

BOX Studio: In the continuous evolution of the city, the overlap of the old and the new is the inevitable product. It is not so much the new city is booming, the old city is the sunset, rather, the new city is the sun’s photosphere, dazzling, the old city is the core of the sun, silent and deep, but full of energy accumulation of urban development.


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Hand back to the 20th century, Jiangmen is a veteran industrial town in Guangdong. Since 1902, when Jiangmen was opened as a foreign treaty port, the booming industry has made it a shining pearl in Southern Guangdong. Among them, Jiangmen Sugar Cane Chemical Factory (referred to as “Jiangman Gan Hua Factory”), once the largest sugar factory in Asia, is the pride of countless Jiangmenites.Ganhua Plant witnessed the rapid development of Jiangmen industry in the 20th century, and became a ring of memory of the development of modern city. Now, the prosperity of Gan Hua Factory is quiet, leaving only a few empty old buildings.


▽项目区位动图 Project location animation

▽改造前场地与周边环境 Site and surrounding environment before reconstruction

▽改造前场地原状 The site was original condition before reconstruction




Many waterfront cities around the world face complex issues: urbanization, development, resilience crisis and ecological degradation. Public space can be a key breakthrough to solve the problem, through the replanning of the waterfront landscape, using the power of natural processes to cultivate rich regional ecology, enhance ecosystem services, improve public health and increase leisure facilities. Make it socially inclusive, culturally specific and ecologically valuable, and show its unique charm.


▽项目与周边环境 Project and surrounding environment




Today’s Gan Hua Factory, the industrial machinery was still there, but the noise had long since ceased. Leaving only a wild vegetation and the old factory surrounded by creeper. Decades of time passed quickly, the factories that were built in the pioneering land, Finally, the land was given back to nature.


▽场地文化元素演绎 Interpretation of site cultural elements




The key point of thinking in the early stage is how to deal with the relationship between the memory of Ganhua Sugar Factory and the transformation. How to arouse the older generation of residents of Gan Hua Sugar Factory that share emotional memories; What form of rebirth to drive the daily life of Jiangmen people; How to effectively use the historical remains of the old factory area; Giving them new meaning and function while protecting them is the first realistic problem to be solved in this project.


▽项目鸟瞰 The project have a bird’s eye view of


残存记忆-藏于残骸之中 Residual memory-Hidden in the wreckage.


The Connection of Context in the Old and New Times is the Origin of Thinking. the broken landscape elements are everywhere in the grinding of time. Showing the tenacious vitality, retain the memory of the industrial civilization and site. Adds a unique flavor to the old sugar factory, let this field complete the blend of old and new time and space


▽文脉的延续 Continuation of context

▽开阔的场地空间 Open field space

▽工业元素在场地中的二次利用 Secondary utilization of industrial elements in the site


新旧交融-时间微妙的碰撞 Blending old and new-The subtle collision of time


All things are looking for their own survival law or the change of cities or the evolution of industry in the age of civilization. Design is also constantly trying new ways. Let the city truly emotional renewal and return.


▽新旧文化的碰撞,激发场地活力 The collision of new and old cultures stimulates the vitality of the site


追忆西江-江景依伴 Remembering Xijiang-River Jing Yifan


The evening breeze was blowing along the riverbank. Look at the boats on the river in the distance. As busy as half a century ago, change after the change of time, it feels like yesterday.


▽更新后的河堤景观 An updated view of the riverbank


保护江畔-生态修复/城市修补 Protect the riverbank-Ecological restoration / urban restoration


Under the keynote of “ecological restoration and urban repair,” micro urban renewal and micro transformation have become hot issues in the project. The undulating ribbon language is naturally embedded in the raised terrain, and the original revetment of the pier is retained. The old vessels with memory of the site are integrated into the landscape design, showing a quiet ornamental node. In the form of low intervention, the pier square and urban space coexist, releasing the charm of the collision between the old and the new.


▽生态修复后的城市微更新 Urban micro-renewal after ecological restoration


注入活力-全新的体验 Inject vitality-A brand new experience

这是一场新与旧的碰撞, 不仅有遗存已久的时代记忆 , 更有夜幕后的精彩。


It’s a collision between the old and the new,not only has a long memory of the era, it is more wonderful night behind the scenes.

Young people’s energy joins into it. This site has not been washed away by time. It’s more like it’s getting more alive, more alive. People of different ages witness the rise and fall of the great wheel of time


▽新与旧的碰撞为场地注入新的活力 The collision of old and new injects new vitality into the site

▽粤海江门甘化滨江艺术公园活动场景 Scene of jiangmen Ganhua Binjiang Art Park in Guangdong



记录故事-感受时代记忆 Record stories-Feel the memories of the times


This design is a historical and contemporary connection,the combination of art and industry. Venues have their own unique language in its special way to record the story, retaining the emotion. Perhaps time will inevitably hasten the aging of the building, but the abundance of historical cultural heritage. The value of design is not only to create, it is a skill to continue rebirth.


▽艺术与工业的结合 The marriage of art and industry





Factory buildings, warehouses, cane cranes, docks and chimneys are strongly symbolic structures. While improving the land and injecting new vitality into it, we retain the architectural and characteristic elements of the industrial heritage with a strong sense of age.

These old objects are the beginning of the beautiful memories of the sugar factory in Jiangmen City. They can also let more young people know the story of the struggle and let the memory continue.


▽空间结构 The spatial structure


▽设计分析 Design and analysis




Today’s Ganhua Sugar Factory, bidding farewell to the former industrial glory, has become a media beyond time and space. The landscape reconstruction redesigned the public domain, respected the original industrial planning pattern, continued the spatial characteristics, historical culture and ecological environment, and also revitalized the old factory and endowed it with the mission of the new era.


▽历史演绎 Interpretation of history

▽设计效果图 Design renderings





In the past, there was a lack of streets to direct people to the river. The waterfront lacks a macro landscape framework to highlight the importance of the West River.

Today, the rebirth of the history of Ganhua Sugar Factory is reflected in the preservation and remodeling of historical relics and the creation of landscape ecological environment. With “memory rebirth” as the design vision, the landscape design respects the original spatial pattern of the old factory area, The layout of the public space of the site is rearranged, the environmental style of the factory is restored, the old things are given new life through the transformation, and the participation of the river is increased, and more flexible space can be reserved for different activities.


▽设计效果图 Design renderings

▽设计总平图 Plan



项目名称 | 粤海江门甘化滨江艺术公园
项目业主 | 粤海置地
景观设计 | BOX盒子实践 (BOX博克斯林景观事务所)、深圳成行建筑设计有限公司(HCS)
建筑设计 | 博万建筑事务所、基准方中建筑设计股份有限公司、Studio 10
室内设计 | 矩阵纵横设计股份有限公司
室内软装 | 布鲁盟设计
景观施工 | 普邦园林
摄影团队 | 前方空间摄影 罗志宗
视频素材 | 前方空间摄影 罗志宗 、猫爪工作室
项目地址 | 广东江门
竣工时间 | 202109

Project Name | Guangdong Jiangmen Ganhua Binjiang Art Park
Project owner | Guangdong Land
Landscape Design | Box Practice(Box Forest Landscape), hangcheng studio (HCS)
Architectural Design | Bovan Architects, Benchmark China Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Studio 10
Interior Design | Matrix Design Co., Ltd.
Interior soft outfit | Blu Meng Design
Landscape Construction | Pubang Garden
Photography team | Luo Zhizong in front of space photography
Video footage | Luo Zhizong in front of space photography
cat paw studio
Project address | Jiangmen, Guangdong
Completion Time | 202109




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