PLAN:B: 这所学校的用地由其独特的地形决定,设计师希望以此来进行项目设计。设计师把年幼孩子的教师设置在被原生森林环绕的山坡上,把年长孩子的教室设置在可以看到开阔景色的山坡上,在中部高地周边设计了自助餐厅和图书馆,其顶部就是一个巨大的自然操场。

PLAN:B:  The lot available for this school was mainly defined by its particular topography and we wanted that to determine the program. On the hillside closed by native forest we located the classrooms for the younger children, on the hillside that had an open view of the landscape, the classrooms for the older children, and in the perimeter of the central plateau we placed the cafeteria and the library.  The top of the central plateau was left as a large natural playground.


©Sergio Gomez
©Sergio Gomez


Since the beginning we wanted to mix the landscape or topographic diversity with the kid’s growth, and the fact that they changed classrooms across the landform as they got older. Merging time and displacement with the landscape, in a manner that the kids could perceive the difference between being young and near to the forest, and growing older and acquiring a more open relationship with the environment.


Courtesy Veronica RESTREPO+Felipe MESA


In this particular project, the earthworks had a starring role in the construction, reason for which we decided to make a longitudinal land terrace following the topographic forms: by moving a little and filling in a little, and trying to be as less aggressive to the soil as possible.  This way, all the school was constructed on the same level, avoiding flights of stairs, for the children with learning and/or motor difficulties to move around from the upper ramp with no problems.


©Sergio Gomez
©Sergio Gomez


L: Courtesy Veronica RESTREPO+Felipe MESA / R: ©Sergio Gomez




This school had to grow by stages. In view of this circumstance, we proposed to make a large, one-leveled land terrace that could function as a playground during the first stage, while leaving space available for the school to grow without trouble.

This project has a modular or relational pattern, which is in this case, a rectangular classroom that adapts to fit the land terrace. The module includes a backyard and a front hallway that faces the landscape. In this case the modules have been connected by a flat cover that defines the hallways and circulation areas, providing shelter from natural elements such as rain and direct sunlight.

©Sergio Gomez
©Sergio Gomez
©Sergio Gomez
©Sergio Gomez
©Sergio Gomez
©Sergio Gomez


L&R: ©Sergio Gomez


场地平面  Site Plan建筑平面  Plan


剖面  Section

项目名称: Hontanares教育机构
用途: 供1000名学生就读的私立学校 (有些学生有身体/学习困难)
年份: 2005年 (第一阶段),  2012年 (第二阶段)
面积: 2000平方米 (第一阶段),  2268平方米 (第二阶段)
每平方米价格: 450美元
地点: 哥伦比亚麦德林
朝向: 南
风向: 南北向
结构: 混凝土砌块墙
材料: 混凝土砌块、水泥瓦、雕刻玻璃、钢瓦。
建筑设计: Plan:b (Felipe Mesa + Alejandro Bernal)
项目经理: Felipe Mesa + Alejandro Bernal
工作团队: Camilo Restrepo Villa, Jorge Buitrago, Federico Mesa, Juan David Diez, Andrés Benitez, José Cárdenas, Isabel Dapena, Sergio Escobar, Julián Bahena
客户: Evolucionar SA
摄影师: Sergio Gomez, Veronica Restrepo, Felipe Mesa

Name: Hontanares educational institution
Use: Private school for 1000 children, some facing physical and/or learning difficulties
Year: 2005 (phase 1), 2012 (phase 2)
Area: 2000m2 (phase 1), 2268m2 (phase 2)
Price per square meter: US$ 450
Location: El Retiro, near Medellín, Colombia
Facing: South  
Direction of wind: North -South 
Structure: Walls in concrete blocks.
Materials: Concrete blocks, cement tiles, engraved glass, steel tiling. No linings or ceilings. 
Architects: Plan:b (Felipe Mesa + Alejandro Bernal)
Project Manager: Felipe Mesa + Alejandro Bernal
Work team: Camilo Restrepo Villa, Jorge Buitrago, Federico Mesa, Juan David Diez, Andrés Benitez, José Cárdenas, Isabel Dapena, Sergio Escobar, Julián Bahena
Client: Evolucionar SA
Photographer: Sergio Gomez, Veronica Restrepo, Felipe Mesa


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