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SHUISHI: This is a stroll for the soul, a quest for thought, a philosophical journey of conversation with nature. The succession of the seasons is like the melody of the soul, We follow the steps of nature, seeking a sanctuary for our hearts within the passage of time.



01 城市自然交汇处-赣式生活的多彩呈现 Natural intersection of the city, a colorful presentation of Jiangxi-style life


Located to the east of Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center, Jiulong Lake Yuyang Park sits by the Ganjiang River, Jiangxi Province. To build an uninterrrupted urban ecological corridor of charming views, the city has mapped out a plan that initiates from the Celebration Park to the west of the center, linking from the west to the east the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center, International Expo Complex, Yuyang Park, and Ganjiang River Scenic Belt. Jiulong Lake Yuyang Park is an important part of the connection between the expo urban green corridor and the Ganjiang waterfront landscape belt. The park is also adjacent, in the northeast side, to Jiangxi Gan Opera Theater, which is brimming with humanistic and artistic atmosphere, and is the most important exemplary site of the new “Jiangxi style” life.


▽公园与周边环境鸟瞰 Aerial view of the park and its surroundings



What is advocated in the new “Jiangxi style” life? The designer gives a good answer in the design process of Yuyang Park: “connected green ecological environment + relaxed and diverse activity space + Jiangxi style exclusive cultural nourishment + humanistic care”. All these elements are well integrated into every road turn of the green corridor, every activity site where visitors gather, and every flower and grass that is overflowing with vigor.





On the whole, Yuyang Park follows the landscape pattern of “one center, two axis, two rings, and three districts”. Revolving round the lake in the center, the designer integrates the sports and fitness, parent-child leisure functions in the site, intensifies and effectively lands the contents of sponge city, wetland science popularization, low-carbon strolling, and smart park.

As the climatic finish of the green corridor, Yuyang Park not only connects the green space of the green corridor and the Ganjiang River scenic belt, but also brings the vitality and humanity of the city into the entire scenic belt, so that visitors can better enjoy the beautiful scenery brought by the river.


▽“一心两轴两环三区”的景观格局 The landscape pattern of “one heart, two axes, two rings and three regions”



As the morning mist rises from the surface of the river, the soft water vapor fills the air, forming a thin layer of white gauze. Every time the morning mist comes, the whole park seems covered by a thin layer of misty rain. The skyline of the city in the distance is faintly visible, creating a blurred and mysterious sense of beauty. The Gan opera theatre in the misty rain looks hazy and soft, impressing people with the enjoyment of beauty and peace of mind.



02 亲子活力剧场-赣剧袖舞概念的戏水舞台 Parent-child vitality theater, a water-loving stage of Gan Opera in sleeve dance concept


In order to enrich the water experience in Yuyang Park, the designer makes multiple attempts, such as introducing the concept of “sleeve dance” of the Gan Opera, and setting up a group of themed sculptures of dancing sleeves right in the middle of the Sunshine Theater. A circular interactive linear fountain is also set up in the sleeve dance sculpture. “Interactive water” is introduced inside the site. Two interwoven “water streamers” are brought in to maximize the water-loving interface. Meanwhile, different characters of the water-loving interface are shaped in line with the ground water system, so that the water in the park is highly interactive, accessible, and multi-variant.




The linear water and lights are constantly changing, producing a rich flow rotation effect, which maximizes people’s sensory experience throughout the period. These places are paradise for children’s activities. The children may have an all-round exploration of the water in the front through the water feature, while the parents take a rest next to the elegant water sleeve sculpture. Such a scene in the hot summer could best interpret the intimate relationship between people and water.


▽环形的互动线形水飘带 Circular interactive linear water streamers



In addition, the Sunshine Theater is also an important place for cultural activities in the park, which not only provides a stage for the public to watch shows and performances, but also becomes a hot spot for literary and artistic exchanges. Here, people can enjoy all kinds of wonderful cultural performances, feel the power of art, and enrich their spiritual life.



03 川流戏水空间-模拟赣江流动的亲水乐园 Endless water-loving space, a paradise simulating the flow of Ganjiang River


The clear Ganjiang River is rushing down in an endless flow. In some shallow sections, it whirls about in green shadows. The project vividly simulates the flows of the Ganjiang River, looking majestic in deep water and rippling with green shadows in the shallow water, so as to create a recreation space by the water, as if telling the power of nature and the rhythm of life. Visitors can choose to wander in it, to feel the baptism of the water, or find a quiet corner, to enjoy this beautiful moment.


▽亲水乐园 Hydrophilic paradise



Light-color water-washed stones, in varying shades, create a variety of bays, along which are lined stones and domed waterfalls, with an awing beauty of nature. Here, people can play with the water, have fun, feel the coolness and vitality of the current, and enjoy the close contact with the water.



04 环湖林阴步道-与自然同行 Shady paths around the lake, a companion of nature


Running in the woods, we’re growing with nature. In Yuyang Park, there are two circular running tracks. The blue one is the track around the lake, which connects the reflections of the central lake with fresh colors, and features rich terrain changes, enhancing the jogging experience. The red one is the power runway, which increases the intensity of training with longer paths of more changes.


▽活力跑道连接着不同主题的休闲活动空间 The dynamic runway connects leisure Spaces with different themes



Now and then, the two tracks cross each other and get diverged. Shuttling between the open woods and the waterfront, they connect more diverse scene spaces, provide more choices of walking experience, and maximize the intimate integration of man and nature. Advancing slowly in nature, people can feel the plants moving with the wind, the mottled trees, the laughter of parents and children, and the dynamic rhythm in the headphones — they are the best epitomes of happiness.



05 花海秘境-构建生机的水陆生态系统 Secret land of flowers, a vibrant land and water ecosystem


The treatment of water boundary has always been one of the most important subjects in landscape design. Although Yuyang Park is located on the shore of the Ganjiang River, its water body is not directly connected to the Ganjiang River. As an important life support system along the Ganjiang River, Yuyang Park plays a key role in flood control, drought resistance, soil and water conservation, biodiversity maintenance and leisure tourism.




Therefore, a secret land of flowers composed of wetland plants has become an important exploration link in parent-child activities. Swathes of floridia and calamus, and patches of naturally growing aquatic plants, create a natural and vibrant land and water ecosystem along the entire central lake.


▽极具自然生机的生态湿地 An ecological wetland with natural vitality



The park has also attracted more small animals to live here. Visitors can observe the free flight of waterfowls at close range and enjoy wetland flowers in full bloom. The picturesque scenery is intoxicating. Strolling the wetland walkway and bathing in the fresh air, people are cleansed and stretched in the mind.





Project Name: Jiulong Lake Yuyang Park of Jiangxi Province
Project scale: 125,000㎡
Completion time: May 2023
Project Type: Public Landscape
Client: Greenland Group Jiangxi Regional Headquarters
Design unit: SHUISHI
Job Description: Landscape Design
Design team: SHUISHI Landscape Design Department II
Client design team: Lei Min, Zhang Honghui, Wu Kai, Wu Long
Photo photography:IAM PHOTOGRAPHY




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