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WENKE LANDSCAPE: With the changes of more than 40 years,Shenzhen has rapidly grown into a diverse and prosperous city,Stand on a new historical stage with a more open and inclusive attitude,For those who witnessed it grow,how we forgot its old face……



“历史记忆” “Historical memory”


From the 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century, Xiangmihu Resort in Futian was the largest comprehensive entertainment resort in Shenzhen at that time. The Ferris wheel is known as the largest amusement park in Southeast Asia. Qiaoxiang Road area not only carries many Shenzhen people’s good memories of the city, but also has become a part of the city’s history.


▽城市历史 The city history




“Connecting to the mountains and the sea, building corridors with greenery”:During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Futian will focus on the strategic positioning of “a first-class international central city” and the first to implement the “Four Comprehensives” of the first good district, to build a modern financial highland, a professional service highland, a humanistic wisdom highland and an innovation and entrepreneurship highland, and build a “one core”. The spatial pattern of “two corridors and three belts” creates an ecological pattern connecting mountains and seas. Among them, “Two Corridors” aims to optimize the ecology of “Two Corridors” with Tanglang Mountain, Antuo Mountain, Garden Expo Park and Mangrove Forest as the west wing and Beacon Hill, Central Park, Futian River and Futian Section of Shenzhen River as the east wing. Leisure function. With its advantageous geographical location, Qiaoxiang Road connects many characteristic theme parks in the “Two Corridors”, including Shenzhen Garden Expo Park, Children’s Paradise, Xiangmi Park, etc. It is an important part of building an ecological corridor.

The No. 1 document of Futian District in 2018, “Futian District Modern Industrial System Medium- and Long-Term Development Plan Three-Year Action Plan (2018-2020)” shows that the Xiangmihu area will build Shenzhen Financial Street and international exchange center, and become Shenzhen’s international government affairs, economic , financial, cultural, scientific and technological exchange center, become a hub for the allocation of global innovation resources, a demonstration city suitable for living, business, business, and tourism, and a model to show the world the successful practice of sustainable development.


▽城市背景 Urban background


概况 General situation


District Analysis:The project is located in the core area of Shenzhen Futian Financial Street and International Exchange Center, and its geographical location is extremely important. It starts from Qiaoxiang Road-Xiangmei North Intersection in the east, and ends at Qiaoxiang Road-Qiaocheng East Intersection in the west. It spans about 4.5 kilometers from east to west, with a total area of about 90,000 square meters, including 12 parks, 6 trunk road intersections, 9 There are 1 subway exits, 17 bus stops and 5 branch road intersections. The renovation project is mainly to enhance the design of the landscape on both sides of Qiaoxiang Road, so as to create a high-quality block landscape and create a road name card in Futian District.


▽项目区位分析 Project location analysis

▽节点空间 The node space


设计思路 Design ideas

“侨香 · 绿廊”—— 寓意新生与延续,代表一种凝聚的力量 “Qiaoxiang · Green Corridor”——It means new life and continuation, and represents a cohesive force.


For a long time, Qiaoxiang Road has attracted widespread attention for its special geographical location and historical background, from daily traffic through the lives of surrounding residents, and even the homeland feelings of a generation of Shenzhen people. How the project landscape enhancement should give full play to its existing geographical advantages and historical influence, so as to extend people’s beautiful memory, is what we focus on. After receiving the design task, we conducted many on-site inspections and community visits to Qiaoxiang Road. Through the design, the urban green space on both sides of the road, which was originally only used as a protective green space, was upgraded and reconstructed, and the space and function were optimized. It can not only meet the needs of surrounding residents and citizens, but also follow the pace of the times in terms of style, help improve the quality of Shenzhen streets, and eliminate many hidden dangers in closed spaces. This project connects regional parks and green spaces, such as Garden Expo Park, Children’s Park, Xiangmi Park, etc., and acts as a link of “green corridors”, making the urban green space park system more organic and complete.


▽发展策略 The development strategy of



场地空间综述 Site space overview








The building groups on both sides of the road are relatively comprehensive, and there are many building groups on both sides of some road sections. According to the characteristics of the road, the current situation is divided into three types: point, line, and surface. The green space is narrow, and the vegetation is mainly combed; Ribbon park corridor to build. In terms of functional use, functional spaces are nested to meet the various needs of the surrounding residents for interaction with the city; combined with the existing sidewalks and runways, a functional system that supports each other is formed; a series of theme park corridors (Jingtian area is a distributed park) community).

1. Node landscape: Emphasize landscape identity

Subway entrance: 1. Show the subway station; 2. Make the subway entrance into a functional pocket park (rest + bicycle parking).
Bus stops: 1. Rest facilities designed by artistic techniques create a comfortable waiting and resting space; 2. The vegetation is organized to create a high-quality green space that is clear, transparent, delicate and full of appeal.
Under the viaduct: Through the “ocean” and “forest”, the theme painting echoes the blue-green interweaving geographical pattern.

2. Linear Landscape: Creating a Landscape Sequence

The bicycle lane lacks resting space and facilities; the promenade in the built park section is discontinuous as a whole; the linear features of the greening are not distinct, and there is no obvious sense of rhythm and paragraph; the boundaries have different forms and relationships, such as solid fences, iron fences, barriers Earth walls, simple fences, stainless steel railings, steps, and flower ponds are mostly dilapidated and old, with low aesthetics.

3. Area Landscape: Create a landscape with rich changes and a sense of continuity

Through the design of the garden road, the color, texture, collage, and other details of the road pavement are unified. Through planting design, high-level combing, thinning and pruning, under the premise of safe sightliness and security, the shade of the resting place is guaranteed; the middle-level is mainly used to block the bad visual effects near the building and achieve layered embellishment at key positions; ground cover And flowers and shrubs, as the main material for characteristic landscaping, form the characteristics of the park corridor. The background boundary is treated with local plant embellishment to pursue changes in unity; the retaining wall is painted to form a background board.


▽总体规划 Master plan


PART A 一条承载生活的带状公园群—— 福田区的道路名片

A strip park group that carries life—— Road card of Futian District




Different parks, combined with site embedding: leisure, parent-child, pet, walking, fitness, nature and other modules, form a complete functional system. The design of each garden is also inspired by the surrounding natural environment and history, trying to respond to the history, present and future of the site, to achieve a seamless connection between the site space and the design language, and to optimize the “Qiaoxiang·Green Corridor” to the greatest extent. overall benefit. Each park, with its unique personality, shows citizens the park cultural path that traverses the city!

The functional combination of the strip park cluster:

Leisure: promote communication between neighbors and build a harmonious community together; parent-child and fitness: some old communities lack public space, and external parks are used to solve the insufficiency of residents’ sports and leisure functions; pets: dog lovers’ paradise, which belongs to the rigid needs of citizens; natural : Partial green space with height difference, with the help of the existing height difference to form a characteristic terrace garden, combined with the planting of characteristic plants, to form a unique natural garden; Strolling: Citizens walk among the park green spaces, through the series of park groups, forming a continuous Strolling through the space has become the characteristic of Qiaoxiang Road. The project builds distinctive functional distribution areas such as landscape hills, rain gardens, interactive huts, and pet parks to meet the living needs of different groups and build a harmonious community.


▽一派生机盎然的气息(改造后的侨香路)A breath of vitality (Renovated Qiaoxiang Road)

▽丰富的社区活动空间 Rich community space



Yearning garden
The green grass is green, the sun is pouring, and the shadows of the trees are falling
A light wind blows, insects chirping under the leaves
Come and listen to the flowers falling under the tree


▽家门口的花园 Garden on the doorstep


PART 2 一条唯美的景观带—— 艺术气质的公园走廊 A beautiful landscape——Artistic park corridor


The accelerating pace of urban development has further stimulated urban residents’ yearning for high-quality life. With the continuous growth of population density, urban residents’ requirements for the quality of public space have greatly increased. Seeking new breakthroughs in limited urban space is a major test for designers in the future.


▽节点分析 The node analysis




There are mainly high-end residences along Qiaoxiang Road, and there are many regional parks. However, some of the surrounding old communities have insufficient functional facilities, lack of vitality in the street space, cluttered green surfaces and lack of sense of hierarchy. In addition, there is a long-term lack of maintenance and management, and the facilities and equipment are outdated. , the landscape effect is not good, which not only affects the walking experience of citizens, but also affects the style of the urban area.

In order to echo the high-quality positioning of the International Exchange Center, we designed by artistic techniques, integrated the surrounding landscapes, systematically created a rich and distinctive linear park group, appropriately added functional areas, and endowed the blocks with cultural connotations, such as: “The Land Art Technique” Hill Park”, “Street Corner Forest Square”, “Walking Park”, “House Park” of life in nature, “Xiangmi Sports Park”, “Qiaoxiang Park”, “Neighborhood Park”, and exquisite “Highland Park”, “Stacked Garden”, “Taiwan Park”, “Taifa Community Square”, etc. Follow the pace of the times in terms of style, help improve the quality of Shenzhen streets, create a high-quality streetscape, inject new vitality into the limited urban space, tie a new link to the regional landscape, and create a beautiful art corridor.


▽印力中心 Force India center



“Little House” in Nature
hide, Leisurely / Laughter
bid farewell, strangeness and distance
A small inn on the rushing road
stop/listen, natural whispers……


▽互动小屋 Interactive hut


▽特色休憩平台 Featured rest platform


▽艺术化的入口景墙 Artistic entrance view wall



The designer uses the theme of “Ocean” as the painting form, combines modern art forms, and uses vivid colors to embellish the negative gray space under the bridge, so as to eliminate the drowsiness of the road for people and add vitality to the green corridor.


▽桥底新世界 New World under the Bridge

▽道路旁的“艺术画” “Art Paintings” beside the road


PART 3 一条开放的绿廊—— 侨香“绿廊” An open green corridor——Qiaoxiang “Green Corridor”


“Building corridors with greenery”, we use ecological art design techniques, through systematic sorting, to connect green space, connect landscape, connect culture, connect history, and connect future, so that Qiaoxiang Road can be reborn. We are convinced that Qiaoxiang Green Corridor will also become a part of people’s good memories. In the landscape improvement of Qiaoxiang Road, we have received strong support from Shenzhen Futian District Government, Futian District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, and found new breakthroughs in the limited urban space to jointly create a road business card for Futian District. Adhering to the urban construction concept of “scientific innovation, openness and sharing, and ecological livability”, the design team combines the surrounding landscapes to give full play to its comprehensive benefits to create a successful model of a composite demonstration city, which is a successful exploration of the construction of urban ecological civilization.





Project Name: Landscape improvement of Qiaoxiang Road, Futian, Shenzhen
Entrusted owner: Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Futian District, Shenzhen
Agent: Shenzhen Tianjian (Group) Co., LTD
Design area: about 90,000 square meters
Design date: December 2019
Completion date: December 2021




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