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Instinct Fabrication is named as a synthesis within design process and a hybrid between two distinct layers: 1.We believe there's certain nature or logic within every project/design experiment, something wouldn't be subjective, alike 'instinct', requiring comprehensive exploration by designers. That is a fundamental key to understand a project correctly and appropriately; 2. Once we found that nature, there's a process adding designer's craftmanship and customization to represent that nature/instinct in a sleek and feasible fashion, which, we call it as ' Fabrication' We’re teamed up by a group of international-scope team formed by boutique designers(from SWAGroup, AECOM, SOM) running an unconventional design practice with philosophy ‘simplicity and subtle’ to deliver posh and feasible design solution for clients and to provide our service in more quality rather than quantity.


In addition to our day-to-day routine practice of landscape architecture and urban design, we are extending our service to environmental strategy and even to product/industrial design in near future. We always believe sense of design and the enthusiasm to come up with revolutionary and creative solutions for improving our life style is universal and boundaryless.