Metcalfe Architecture & Design:Metcalfe与莫里斯植物园合作,创造了一个独特的树梢体验——一个向大自然学习的地方。装置沿着植物园森林中450英尺高的小路延伸。我们的设计平衡了感知的危险、实际的安全、漂亮的材料和真实的树木。游客们最喜欢的是“松鼠攀登”,这是一种悬挂在离地面50英尺高的露天攀爬装置,游客们可以在林冠上玩耍和休息。

Metcalfe Architecture & Design:Metcalfe worked with Morris Arboretum to craft a unique treetop experience – a place to learn from nature. The exhibit extends along 450 feet of elevated pathways within the arboretum’s forest. Our design balances perceived danger, actual safety, beautiful materials, and real trees. A visitor favorite is the “Squirrel Scramble,” an open-net climb suspended 50 feet above the ground where visitors can play and lounge in the forest canopy.



平面图 Site Plan  


“站在树梢上”让你以一种新的视角看世界…[Metcalfe 应用]历史悠久的建筑技巧来增强大自然的戏剧效果——通过打开这里广阔的视野,去压缩那里的焦点,同时经常测试我们对高度的恐惧。其结果是一个对年轻人和老年人都有不可抗拒吸引力的空间。“- Inga Saffron,《Philadelphia Inquirer》建筑评论家

“[Out on a Limb] makes you see the world in a new way… [Metcalfe applies] time-honored architectural tricks to enhance nature’s drama—opening up a wide vista here, compressing the focus over there, while frequently testing our fear of heights. The result is a space that exerts an irresistible allure, to young and old alike.” – Inga Saffron, architecture critic, Philadelphia Inquirer



建筑设计: Metcalfe Architecture & Design
地点: 美国宾夕法尼亚州费城
顾问: Forever Young Treehouse, Inc
结构工程师: CVM Engineering
建筑经理: CVM Construction
土木工程师: Hunt Engineering Company
照明设计师: Grenald Waldron Associates
展品设计师: Sparks Exhibits and Environments
摄影: Paul Warchol Photography

Architects: Metcalfe Architecture & Design
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Consultant: Forever Young Treehouse, Inc
Structural Engineers: CVM Engineering
Construction Managers: CVM Construction
Civil Engineers: Hunt Engineering Company
Lighting Designers: Grenald Waldron Associates
Exhibit Designers: Sparks Exhibits and Environments
Photographs: Paul Warchol Photography


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