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HZS: China Overseas won this plot for 7.94 billion yuan as top developer, the land price is 66,600 yuan per square meter, setting a record for the king of Beijing in 2019. Onesino residence occupies the position of the prosperous spire of the city and the rare luxury mansions in the extreme location. From the developer to the designer and construction party have invested great enthusiasm and sincerity in the project, and cherish the development of this precious land to the greatest extent Resources are a kind of feedback to society.


▼项目位于西三环 Project Location




In 2020, the epidemic has swept the world. Under the special background, the project has experienced various obstacles but finally achieve good results.


设计理念 Design Concept


The landscape design introduced coherent fold lines in the plan, it is full of dramatic tension and exploration pleasure. And display the scene as a folded oasis.


▼方案以折叠绿洲为设计主题 Space Introduction




How to enbody the quality of a minimalist look curved wall ?


The scheme of the curved scenery wall makes the internal space have a sense of hiding and create a sense of private ownership of the mansion courtyard. However, the curved wall caused a series of discussions and experiments over construction.


▼曲面景墙实景 Scenery Wall of the Entrance

©Holi 河狸景观

▼方案还原度对比 Degree of Reduction



We built a three-dimensional virtual model according to the actual situation of the site to ensure the feasibility and reductivity . After discussion, we finally decided to implement Stone Dry Suspension instead of the Aluminum Sheet/ Lacquer to show the texture of the stone and the rhythm of collage.


▼施工现场结构深化调整 Detailed Design over Construction Process




We compared more than 20 kinds of similar stone. With the cost support of China Overseas, 528 pieces of imported White Mocha Stones from Italy were finally applied to this project. The stone were polished by the craftsman for six times to ensure the sense of quality.


▼材质对比 Comparison of Stone Texture




Trekking for hundreds of miles is only for a treasure boulevard


Planted on both sides of the Guest-meeting Avenue is a selection of 12 Acer Truncatums. The tough search began in 2019 when the epidemic came. We drove over 200 kilometers a day and combed all over the nursery areas around Beijing.


▼元宝枫迎宾大道 Acer Truncatums Boulevard

©Holi 河狸景观
©Holi 河狸景观
©Holi 河狸景观



The actual space on site is relatively wide. We adjusted the parking space according to the pipeline layout, and finally decides to present the space in the form of Acer Truncatums boulevard. We hope to ensure the ritual feeling of welcome.


▼迎宾大道种植调整 Planting Adjustment Process


▼元宝枫迎宾大道 Acer Truncatums Boulevard

©provided by client



How did we realize NO.1 overhanging eaves in Beijing?


The porch of drop-off area is 6 meters high and 17.8 meters overhanging, which is NO.1 in Beijing. In order to enhances the visual impact and ensure the feasibility of the structure. We calculate the force through the mechanical engineering software, and figure out feasible positions of the bearing wall.


▼落客区门廊 The Porch of Drop-off Area

©Holi 河狸景观

▼落客区门廊灯光效果 Lighting Effect of Drop-off Area

©Holi 河狸景观

▼方案还原度对比 Reductivity of the Scheme




Finally, the triangle force system is applied to the overhanging structure, which perfectly realized the reductivity of the design.


▼门廊结构深化设计 Detailed Design of Structure



落客区打造奢华酒店式的落客体验,深化设计借鉴了上海宝格丽酒店的品牌经营与视觉传达理念,为豪宅项目打造属于自己的品牌包装,因此落客区水景进行了标志化处理。古木纹大理石整石材打造圆盘水景,厚度达到12公分,上用纯铜条镶嵌“ONE·SINO ·RESIDENCE” LOGO。

The space of drop-off area brings luxury hotel experience. We were referring from the brand management of Shanghai Bvlgari Hotel, hoping to create its own brand image. The waterscape is made of a whole stone of Ancient Wood Grain Marble, with One Sino Residence logo inlaid with copper bars.


▼圆盘水景细节 Detailed Design of Disc Waterscape

©HZS & Holi 河狸景观
©provided by client

▼落客区圆盘水景涌泉状态 Spring State of Disc Waterscape

©provided by client
©provided by client



How to combine the modern and oriental beauty ?


The glass wall creates the beauty of hazy, through which can vaguely see the curved walls and green plants. The atmosphere is quiet and natural. Create a sense of private ownership as well as top-level vacation experience.


▼玻璃屏风 Glass Wall

©Holi 河狸景观

▼玻璃造就的朦胧感与建筑之美的互动关系 Interaction with the Beauty of Architecture

©Holi 河狸景观



Through the application of glass wall, we try to create a special effect——create the Oriental classical beauty of rain and smoke feeling with modern materials and techniques.


▼概念意向 Intention of Material



Wind is also an important factor in consideration


We need to determine the best way to assemble the glass wall. Through consulting with manufacturers and professional engineering team, the bottom reinforcement method of glass was determined. Through wind resistance test, we determined that the height of glass wall should under 3 meters to meet the safety requirements.


▼底部固定件 Bottom Retainer

©provided by client



Our glass has its own texture just like everyone has their own fingerprints


Each piece is made of Grooved Glass which is manually grooved and polished by professional craftsmen. Different from large-scale producted industrial products, each piece of glass is composed of 3 mm and 8 mm slots, with 60 grooves. A total of 318 pieces of glass are used in this project, creating ultimate sense of rhythm.


▼槽纹玻璃组件拼装与材质选型 Structure & Material of Glass Wall



▼玻璃肌理 Texture of the Glass

©Holi 河狸景观



The promotion of the landscape is a story of water flow, stone and tree


▼售楼处前场入口对景 Opposite Scenery of the entrance

©Holi 河狸景观
©Holi 河狸景观



In the concept scheme, there is a three-layer waterscape wall with a height of 3 meters. After observing the scale of field and communicating with the team of Party A, we want to create a more open landscape rather than a space with cramped sense. Therefore, we designed the arc-shaped low wall which conforms to the architectural lines to replace the 3 meters wall.


▼概念方案与落地方案对比 Comparison of Opposite Scenery Schemes


▼流水墙细节 Details of Arc Water Wall

©Holi 河狸景观



225 pieces of Versace Black Marble produced in Brazil are implemented in arc wall, creating a feeling of luxury. Natural texture of this stone can glitter in the sun and form a sparkling effect under water. The reduction of radian overcomes the construction difficulty. The walls are made of whole stones.


▼石材对比 Comparison of Stone Texture

▼流水墙细节 Details of Arc Water Wall

©provided by client



The opposite scene at the entrance of the front-yard is a super size Acer Truncatum, with a value of nearly 300,000. It has been growing for 40 or 50 years. Under the hindrance of the epidemic situation, our responsible person led the team to to probed around the nurseries in Beijing and surroundings to select the tree with full crown and most beautiful tree shape.


▼对景造型树挑选 Selection of Espalier


▼弧形流水墙 Arc Water Wall

©Holi 河狸景观

▼星光水镜 Mirror Waterscape

©Holi 河狸景观
©Holi 河狸景观



The black bottom mirror waterscape reflects the blue sky and whole building in the water. When night falls, the ’stars’ in the water light up, the whole building looks like floating over clouds and stars.


▼星光水镜方案还原度对比 Reductivity of Mirror Waterscape


©Holi 河狸景观

▼前场水景(回看视角)Front-yard (Look Back View)

©Holi 河狸景观
©Holi 河狸景观



Create a poetic backyard ——”folded oasis”


We hope to simulate the natural landscape with abstract design, and make a brand-new interpretation through geometric design to form folded oasis. The design of plants is supposed to enhance this space experience.


▼后场 Backyard

©Holi 河狸景观

▼休憩谷 Leisure Valley

©Holi 河狸景观



Due to the depth of overburden, concept design buried challenges to the later stage.


Due to the deviation of the overburden depth between real condition and concept design, we have to make certain adjustments to ensure the feasibility of detailed scheme.


▼现场问题思维导图 Construction Difficulties




How to create a folding space with micro-topography?


In order to ensure the feasibility, we turn the big slope into micro-topography. Folded line elements reflect the concept of folding oasis. We change retaining wall from straight into inclined and enhance the contrast between different interfaces through black marble and black gravel. The geometric line of the pattern hedge also visually enhances the folded feeling.


▼演变图 Formal Evolution


▼折叠绿洲 Folded Oasis

©provided by client



Planting design with limitation.


We changed the matrix planting, because after communicating with the scene, Party A, we feel that this style is not suitable. According to the load distribution, combined with micro topography, the best planting point of tree was determined, and the array planting changed into scattered planting. Though planting amount reducing, the planting effect is better.


▼种植调整策略 Planting Adjustment Strategy




The characteristic color leaf tree in the backyard is Acer Rubrum L. The selection is according to specifications, cost, tree shape, leaf and branching. The back-yard design owns a feeling of fairy tale as well as modern fashion. Acer Rubrum L. in line with this temperament. Trees planted in the backyard have been transplanted from Canada to Beijing for 10 years.


▼深化方案与概念方案的种植设计与空间营造效果对比 Comparison of Conceptual Scheme and Detailed Scheme



Water mist garden —— how to combine hazy beauty with modern style?


Step into the Water Mist Garden from the Folding Oasis, there are three meters high glass walls on both sides.


©Holi 河狸景观

▼玻璃屏风 Final Effect of Glass Wall

©Holi 河狸景观
©Holi 河狸景观



According to the size and texture of the glass wall, the plant design of the water mist garden was further deepened, and finally the bamboo in a certain height range was selected. After comparing the varieties, the best plants were determined.


▼水雾园夜景灯光效果 Lighting Effect of Water Mist Garden

©Holi 河狸景观

▼落地效果 Reductivity of Scheme

©provided by client



We combine the leaf of Acer Rubrum L. as an element of ground carving. As an interesting symbol, the real fallen leaves echo the ground carving and become a metaphor for the backcourt landscape.


▼落地枫叶地雕 Final Effect of Geoglyph

©Holi 河狸景观



Lighting and fog sprayer create dramatic effects and special function. Although the required materials tend to be minimalist and pure, the use of light, proportion, reflection, gradient and other design elements is ingenious.


▼水雾园水雾效果 Fogging State

©Holi 河狸景观
©Holi 河狸景观



Simplify the complexity and create a boundless space

由于覆土不够,我们以地雕+灯光的全硬景来实现下沉庭院的景观。考虑到此处空间尺度很小,我们决定将这个空间以观赏功能为主,我们通过铺装的延续模糊了室内外的边界,将中庭景观作为室内的视觉延伸,达到室内外在视觉上无缝衔接的效果。 并通过地雕和灯光来增强了这种镜面星空水景无边界的感觉。

The part of the sunken courtyard is in charge of the landscape, which a linkage with the interior profession. We finally design this area with all hard landscapes. We hope that this sunken courtyard will bring a sense of high quality in the simplest and direct way.


▼下沉庭院实景图(后场视角)Sunken Garden(View from the Back-yard)

©provided by client

▼下沉庭院实景图(会所内部视角)Sunken Garden(View from the Basement Level)

©provided by client


材料思考:项目想要塑造奢华度假感体验,是低调,内敛和历久弥新的。这一理念在材料中展示得尤为突出。 整体材质的选择,从落地效果出发,参考建筑元素,选用了中性色调的白摩卡石材为基调,引入了槽纹玻璃,金属条等细致而有趣的材料来体现项目的创新和奢华格调。基于材料特性而设计的细节才是合理且极尽优雅的,我们通过材质细腻的肌理对比于简单的细节中尽可能体现豪宅景观的品质感,让人与空间与材质进行对话。


Material Thinking: Project wants to create is a luxury holiday experience, which is low-key, introverted. This concept is particularly prominent in the materials. The overall material selection is according to conceptual scheme and elements which used in the building. The details based on the material characteristics are reasonable and extremely elegant. We hope to show the high quality as much as possible by combining the fine texture of the material with the simple details, so that the work can have a dialogue with space, material and nature.

Project Reflection: With the rapid development of the design industry, Party A pays more attention to the originality and innovation. On this basis, the project has super high requirements on the final effect. In this project, we need to feed back the concept of the conceptual scheme. The limitation of time, the strict control of cost and the impact of the epidemic in 2020 are all challenges to the whole production chain of our project. The final effect also benefits from Party A’s respect for the design. On the basis of the conceptual scheme, it retains the highlights and controls the construction according to the site conditions,finally reach a high level as a detailed scheme.



设计团队:Blake Sanborn, Penny Wong, Glen Phillips, Wen Zhang, Hanting Xie

Programme Design: AECOM San Francisco Office
Design Team of AECOM: Blake Sanborn, Penny Wong, Glen Phillips, Wen Zhang, Hanting Xie
Deepen and Construction Design: HZS_No.2 department
Design Team: Cai Xiang, Chen Yun, Hu Qiongyan, Zhang Rongrong, Cai Yingying, etc
Architectural Design: HZS_Beijing No.2 department
Construction: Jinglin Garden_No.2 department
Photography: Holi Landscape Photography
Developer: China Overseas, Beijing
Developer Team: You Rui, Wang Yan, Huang Li, Ma Xiaojing, Du Xiao, Li Xingyan


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