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奥雅 :建筑选择了一个非常有意思的角度:光之舍。一切从最简单的光出发,满足城市人对自然最本真的渴望。通过一个最简单的光之中庭串联起从地下车库到地上三层的所有空间,所有的功能空间也围绕着这个核心再去展开。而在景观上设计师更多的是强调氛围和意境,所以也没有更多的去定义这是一个什么风格的项目。

L&A:Everything starts from the simplest light and meets the most genuine desire of urban people for nature. All the spaces from the underground garage to the three floors above the ground are connected in series through the simplest light intermediate court, and all the functional spaces are also expanded around this core. On the landscape, designers emphasize more on atmosphere and artistic conception, so there is no more to define what style of project this is.



On the east side of the base is a 15 – meter – wide sign greenbelt on the plan. A dirt road that should be 16 meters wide in the plan but is actually occupied by the opposite plot and only 4 meters wide in the sign greenbelt is left. The complexity of the scene makes designers have no idea where the entrance to this exhibition is. Later, they found out the location of the entrance to the exhibition area, the choice of model houses and sales offices, and the optimal space moving line and functional structure through a series of on-site sketches.


总平面图   Master Plan


The landscape emphasizes the atmosphere and artistic conception. when you walk into the display area, you feel the poetry of the traditional garden. the central garden organizes all the views of the porch, the hall and the room to achieve the goal of having a different view at each step.




In order to meet the aesthetic requirements of modern people and interpret the traditional Chinese aesthetic arts.



All the materials and processes have adopted the latest technology. Whether it is stone polishing or waterscape presentation, it embodies the international design level and architectural skills.





Therefore, everyone who understands the traditional gardens will feel extremely comfortable when entering the display area. Through a central garden, we have organized all the lines of sight of the porch ( entrance ), the hall ( sales office ) and the room ( model room ), and this comfortable feeling comes from the atmosphere of Chinese gardens shown on the site. But seeing all the details, materials and techniques are the latest technologies, which is also the best explanation of ” Chinese culture, modern landscape” advocated by L&A design.




The rational and orderly architecture and landscape of Palace Of Light are the perfect combination. Take the traditional landscape pattern and modernist methods to create a landscape design suitable for this time and place. This is the best explanation of ” Chinese culture, modern landscape” advocated by L&A design.



Project name: Palace Of Light
Location: Beijing, China
Project type: Demonstration area
Floor area: 9656 ㎡
Landscape area: 9340 ㎡
Design time: 2016
Completion date: 2017
Client: Beijing Zhitai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: L&A Beijing company project group 9
Architectural design: ZHUBO Design
Hardpack design: T.K. CHU DESIGN LTD.
Soft suit design: LSDCASA


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