Landscape Collaboration :我们是一家综合景观设计公司。位于泰国曼谷,在泰国和世界各地拥有超过15年的行业经验,使用开放式设计方法创造了宝贵的空间。

我们的设计理念 – 我们通过以人与自然为中心的协同设计过程塑造我们的设计和环境。 我们的作品体现了创造性的解决方案,通过专业实践将文化和环境融为一体。

Landscape Collaboration :We are a comprehensive landscape design company. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, with over 15 years of industry experience in Thailand and other parts of the world, the open design method has created valuable space.

Our philosophy – We shape our design and its environment through the collaborative design process centered around people and nature. Our works manifest creative solutions which are the integration of cultural and environmental concern through professional practice.



一个聚有“林气”商业步行街 Mega Food Walk 



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曼谷,泰国/2017年/商业/Thailand, Bangkok/2017/business/sansiri

Mega Food Walk位于曼谷Mega Bangna大型美食街内庭,是一个延伸的半户外扩展区,项目于2017年底完工。项目主要包含了一个由木质台阶组成的放松露天剧场,将游客带入到一个充满活力,极具森林质感的餐饮商业步行通道空间,通过互动景观装置,能让游客在一个舒适的小气候环境下拥有一个愉快的体验。

“Reconnecting Urban Life with Nature Through A Flowing Shopping Experience”

Mega Food Walk, located in the inner atrium of Bangkok’s Mega Bangna Food street, is an extended semi-outdoor extension area. The project will be completed by the end of 2017.Project mainly includes a relax amphitheater, composed of woodiness step into bringing visitors to a vibrant forest texture dining business channel space walk, through the interactive landscape device, can let visitors in a comfortable microclimate environment with a pleasant experience.



泰国湄南河旁的高端豪华公寓 NYE



曼谷,泰国/2017年/住宅/Thailand, Bangkok/2017/Residential/sansiri


NYE is a high-end luxury condominium project located in the rapidly growing Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River along the main BTS Skytrain lines. The twin towers of the high rise project by the well-known Thailand developer, Sansiri, stands out as one of the premier residential projects in the area. To meet the requirements of the client, Landscape Collaboration developed a landscape architectural design of classical modern style to address the growing demands of the high-end market.




曼谷,泰国/2017年/公寓/Thailand, Bangkok/2017/Residential

IDEO Q Chidlom-Phetchaburi是Ananda的最新42层豪华公寓,Ananda是泰国领先的开发商,靠近BTS车站,拥有住宅公寓。酒店位于底层,设有停车场和大堂,顶层3层设有专属住宅设施,可满足渴望提高生活质量的现代亚洲投资者的需求。这些设施包括图书馆和共同工作空间,时尚的社交俱乐部,花园,健身中心,游泳池和男女独立的土耳其热水浴池。

IDEO Q Chidlom-Phetchaburi is the newest 42-storey luxury lifestyle condominium by Ananda, the Thailand’s leading developer with residential condominium close to BTS Station. caters to the needs of modern Asian investors who aspire for a higher quality of life. These amenities include a library and co-working space, a stylish social club, gardens, fitness centre, a swimming pool and separate Turkish Hot Tubs for men and women.