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Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker 最近完成了 Samuel-de Champlain 长廊的第三期工程,该项目将圣劳伦斯河沿岸 2.5 公里长的一片荒凉的高速公路和铁路走廊改造成了一个重要的娱乐和文化项目的理想场所。

Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker introduces the recently completed third phase of Promenade Samuel-de Champlain, a project converting 2.5-kilometers of a previously desolate expanse of highways and rail corridors along the St. Lawrence River into an ideal canvas for a significant recreational and cultural project.


© Maxime Brouillet


▽海岸草甸;由巨型鹅卵石构成的原生海岸景观花园 Coastal Meadows; gardens composing a native coastal landscape, animated by giant pebbles

© Maxime Brouillet
© Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker / Luca Fortin



Completed fifteen years after the inaugural phase, Phase III offers a continuation of the same design language, while evolving to provide distinct and enhanced visitor amenities.


▽海岸草甸;Quai Frontenac 码头的复兴为人们提供了难得的河上探险机会 Coastal Meadows; revitalization of Quai Frontenac as a rare opportunity to venture onto the river

© Stephane Groleau
© Maxime Brouillet


该地区曾是城市居民难以逾越的障碍。后来,高速公路蜕变为城市林荫大道,铁轨的迁移释放出约 15 万平方米的土地,用于促进河滨地区积极的交通方式。

The area was once an insurmountable barrier for the inhabitants of the city. The metamorphosis of the highway into an urban boulevard, and the relocation of railway tracks unlocked approximately 150,000 square metres of land for championing active mobility along the riverfront.


▽​源于木材贸易和造船业的丰富历史 A rich history rooted in the timber trade and shipbuilding, 1872

© Archives du Musée McCord


▽作为栖息地的河岸 The riverbank as a habitat, 1908

© Bibliothèque et Archives Canada


▽被公路和铁路荒地破坏的海岸线 A shoreline disrupted by highway and railway wastelands, 1973

© Archives de la Ville de Québec



The primary goal was to return the river to the people—a social mission and driving force behind the Quebec government’s legacy project for its capital city. The architectural vision embraced a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach encompassing all scales, from the master plan, to architectural and landscape design, down to urban furniture and signage.


▽海滩区;整个项目中极具吸引力的休闲中心 Beach sector; an attractive and recreational center within the entire project 

© Stephane Groleau
© Stephane Groleau
© Stephane Groleau


该项目放大了圣劳伦斯河的存在感,同时抓住了场地的本质,并颂扬了其历史形象及其独特的沿海生态系统。建筑语言从该地区植根于木材贸易和造船业的悠久历史中汲取灵感,反映了 19 世纪早期工业家的独创性,现代、简洁而充满力量。这种与众不同的表达方式得益于一种珍贵材料——木材——的使用,其本身的品质能让人联想到码头凿洞和桩基所塑造的景观,而这些景观世世代代都是这条海岸线的标志。

Promenade Samuel-de Champlain amplifies the presence of the St. Lawrence River, while capturing the essence of the site, and celebrating its historical iconography and the unique character of its coastal ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from the area’s rich history, rooted in the timber trade and shipbuilding, the architectural language mirrors the ingenuity of early 19th-century industrialists, finding strength and simplicity in modern interpretations. This distinctive expression finds its support in the use of a noble material—wood—whose intrinsic qualities evoke the landscapes shaped by dock cuttings and the piles that have defined this coastline for generations.


© Stephane Groleau


▽沼泽地码头;并列的码头加强了现有的综合沼泽生态系统 Marshland Wharf; juxtaposition of docks enhancing the consolidated existing marsh ecosystem

© Adrien Williams


最后一期工程是整个项目的核心部分,其开发的海滩让人联想起上个世纪该地区最受欢迎的  “富隆海滩”(Plage du Foulon)。

The final phase serves as the captivating centrepiece of the entire project, with the development of a beach reminiscent of the beloved “Plage du Foulon” that animated the area in the previous century.


▽海滩区;让人联想起曾作为聚集地的富隆海滩 Beach sector; reminiscent of the Foulon Beach as a converging place

© Adrien Williams


▽海滩区  Beach sector

© Maxime Brouillet


▽海滩区;花岗岩墙作为邻近崖壁的结构碎片 Beach sector; the granite wall as an architectured fragment of the adjacent cliff 

© Adrien Williams
© Adrien Williams


主要服务建筑 Pavillon des Baigneurs 由两个拉长的长方形体量组成。第一个体量由花岗岩构成,从曲线形的海滩墙延伸出来,而第二个体量则由木材制成,位于花岗岩基座之上,可将景观尽收眼底。

The design of the main service building, Pavillon des Baigneurs, embodies the elongated form of two rectangular volumes. The first volume, in granite, extends from the curvilinear beach wall, while the second, fashioned from wood, sits atop the granite base, offering panoramic views of the landscape.


▽Pavillon des Baigneurs;为海滩上的游客提供活力与服务的设施点  A service point enlivening and serving beach users

© Adrien Williams
© Stephane Groleau
© Stephane Groleau



The strategic use of high-performance glass blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, seamlessly integrating users into the vibrant beach ambiance. The interior’s white wood pays homage to the sunny character of coastal locales, while the overhangs of the wooden structure artfully frame the threshold and the beach-level snack bar terrace.


▽Pavillon des Baigneurs;坐落在花岗岩基座上的悬臂式木结构建筑 A cantilevered wooden volume sitting atop the granite base

© Stephane Groleau
© Stephane Groleau
© Stephane Groleau


▽悬臂式木结构建筑内部 The interior of cantilevered wooden volum  

© Radio-Canada / Erik Chouinard
© Adrien Williams



The beach epitomizes the societal contribution that an architectural project of this nature can provide. Open and accessible to all, regardless of age, background, or social status, it serves as a new recreational haven for the public.


© Nicole Grenier


▽海滩区;让人联想起曾作为聚集地的富隆海滩 Beach sector; reminiscent of the Foulon Beach as a converging place

© Adrien Williams



The interplay between the mirror of water, the swimming area, and the river creates a seamless connection, with the illusion of bathing and strolling within the river’s embrace, thanks to the infinite line of the overflowing basins. The sandy beach, alongside the beach wall and the sea lyme grass plant bed, crafts a landscape akin to a riverside resort tailored to the unique character of the waterway.


▽海滩区一旁的无边泳池让人产生沐浴在河中的错觉 Beach sector; a swimming area offering the illusion of bathing in the rive

© Maxime Brouillet


▽海滩区;一面无边的水镜扩展了河面 Beach sector; a mirror of water with an infinite overflow line magnifying the river surface

© Maxime Brouillet
© Nicole Grenier
© Maxime Brouillet


▽圣米歇尔码头逐渐消隐的结构,营造出一种独特场所感 Evanescent structures at St. Michel Pier, emulating the genius loci

© Adrien Williams


海滨长廊位于海滩两侧,展现了不同的功能和氛围。在西面,游客可以穿过一系列模仿海岸草地的花园,将自然轮廓与本土海岸景观特有的植物组合融为一体。同时,Pavillon de la Côte 和 Frontenac Quay 等建筑元素为项目增添了一丝现代感。在东侧,码头边的小径突出了现有的沼泽地,最终形成了一片广阔的绿色平原。Pavillon de la Voile、体育设施、野餐平台以及通往河流自然边缘的通道汇聚成一个多功能的空间。

Flanking the beach, the promenade unfolds with diverse functions and atmospheres. To the west, visitors traverse a series of gardens mimicking the coastal meadows, blending natural contours with a plant composition characteristic of native coastal landscapes. Meanwhile, architectural elements like Pavillon de la Côte and Frontenac Quay contribute to the project’s contemporary expression. On the eastern side, a dockside trail highlights an existing marshland, culminating in an expansive green plain. Pavillon de la Voile, sports facilities, picnic platforms, and access to the river’s natural edge coalesce into a versatile space.


▽Pavilion de la Voile, 服务于家庭和体育运动者的庇护站 A sheltered stop for users of the Family and Sports sector

© Stephane Groleau
© Stephane Groleau


该项目进一步为恢复这一被忽视地区的生物多样性提供了机会,共种植了 1 055 棵树、28 950 棵灌木和 117 000 株本地草本植物。此外,还努力振兴圣米歇尔沼泽,保护对该地区动植物至关重要的生态系统。

The project further served as an opportunity to restore biodiversity to this neglected area, and 1,055 trees, 28,950 shrubs, and 117,000 native herbaceous plants were planted. Efforts were also made to revitalize the Saint-Michel marsh, preserving an ecosystem crucial for the area’s flora and fauna.


▽沼泽地码头 Marshland Wharf

© Adrien Williams



The outcome of this multidisciplinary effort is a project seamlessly woven into its environment, resonating as a resounding success among visitors since its inauguration. It stands as a source of collective pride and identity, aligning perfectly with its objective—to offer users a meaningful, enjoyable experience, while championing goals related to public health, ecology, biodiversity, and climate action.


© Adrien Williams
© Stephane Groleau
© Stephane Groleau
© Adrien Williams




项目名称:Promenade Samuel-De Champlain, Phase 3
客户:Commission de la capitale nationale du Québec (CCNQ)
项目经理:Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI)
首席设计师-建筑,城市设计,景观:Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker, Réal Lestage, Eric Lizotte, Caroline Beaulieu, Lucie Bibeau, Grégory Taillon, David Gilbert, Mélissa Simard, Luca Fortin, Maria Benech

建筑设计:Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker
景观设计:Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker, Option aménagement et Williams Asselin Ackaoui
合作伙伴:Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable
工程:AtkinsRéalis, WSP, Tetra Tech
工艺工程:François Ménard
承包商:Construction BML – Station de la Côte, station de la Voile et Boulevard
广场站、水镜和游泳区:Construction Deric
Côte 凉亭和 Voile 凉亭:Construction Citadelle
Pavillon des Baigneurs:Bauvais & Verret

图片来源:Adrien Williams, Stéphane Groleau, Maxime Brouillet, Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker / Luca Fortin, Nicole Grenier、加拿大广播电台/Erik Chouinard、加拿大图书馆和档案馆、McCord 博物馆档案馆、魁北克档案馆

Project Name: Promenade Samuel-De Champlain, Phase 3
Client: Commission de la capitale nationale du Québec (CCNQ)
Project Manager: Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI)
Lead designer – architecture, urban design,
landscape: Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker, Réal Lestage, Eric Lizotte, Caroline Beaulieu, Lucie Bibeau, Grégory Taillon, David Gilbert, Mélissa Simard, Luca Fortin, Maria Benech

Architecture: Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker
Consortium – landscape: Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker, Option aménagement et Williams Asselin Ackaoui
Partner: Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable
Engineering: AtkinsRéalis, WSP, Tetra Tech
Process engineering: François Ménard
Construction manager: Pomerleau
Contractors: Construction BML – Station de la Côte, station de la Voile et Boulevard
Construction Deric – Station de la plage, mirror of water and the swimming area
Construction Citadelle – Pavillon de la Côte et pavillon de la Voile
Bauvais & Verret – Pavillon des Baigneurs

Photo credits: Adrien Williams, Stéphane Groleau, Maxime Brouillet, Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker / Luca Fortin, Nicole Grenier, Radio-Canada / Erik Chouinard, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, Archives du Musée McCord, Archives de la Ville de Québec


将河岸归还给人民,2.5 公里长的废弃高速公路与铁路走廊被改造成了重要的娱乐和文化活动场所


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