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SHUISHI: This is a stroll for the soul, a quest for thought, a philosophical journey of conversation with nature. The succession of the seasons is like the melody of the soul, We follow the steps of nature, seeking a sanctuary for our hearts within the passage of time.



01 一幅流动的画境 A Flowing Landscape Painting

虽由人作,宛自天开 Though Created by Man, It Appears Divinely Conceived


In his book Yuan Ye (The Craft of Gardens), a Ming Dynasty master gardener Ji Cheng remarked: “Although gardens are man-made, they should appear as if naturally formed.” This idea suggests that poetic conception should be the base for garden creation, we should take inspiration from landscape paintings, and, through artistic pruning, achieve an appearance as if untouched by human hands, so as to construct a flowing natural landscape.




The marvel of Oriental gardens lies in their intimate interaction with people, making people feel as though they are truly among mountains and forests. Within the garden, the mountains and rocks are deliberately irregular, and the creeks and wide streams dance between the stones, creating natural melodious sounds. The intertwining ravines and flowing water resemble a lyrical mountain and water melody, composing nature’s own symphony.


▽朝阳冉冉,画境初现 Dawn Approaches, and the Picturesque Scene Unveils Itself


湿云不动溪桥冷,嫩寒初透东风影 The Motionless Wet Clouds and the Cold Stream Bridge Reveal the Subtle Chill at Dawn in the Shadow of the East Wind


The tiny streams trickle quietly under the bridge, silently soothing the scenery along the way. The lush tree shadows are cast upon the ground, creating layers of light and shade. Wandering within the natural painting, you will feel each step is like a gentle strike on the piano keys of thought, playing a melodious tune that suddenly transcends the worldly realm outside the woodland.




The small bridge lies quietly to the side, leading to a path that extends into the distance. Walking along the path, following the footsteps of time, you go step by step through the long corridor of time, returning to the most primitive stillness of the world.



晓雾冥濛水拍堤,稜嶒乱石与云齐 Morning Fog with Water Slapping against the Embankments, and Rugged Rocks amidst the Mist Rising Up to Meet the Clouds


Over the lake’s surface with the thickening mist, a delicate tea house has emerged in the courtyard as if conjured from a dream. It brings to our mind the verse “You can’t see the true face of Mount Lu because you’re in the midst of it.”




The weak sunlight pierces the vigorous morning mist, shining on the mist like twinkling stars. The rising mist from the lake surface seems like floating feathers, gently spreading as if the earth were breathing.


▽水岸之间 , 笔墨如烟 Between the Water and the Bank, There Is a Smoke-like Picture



The objects in the distance are concealed in the mist, with the silhouettes of trees becoming blurred and dreamlike, and the entire world is shrouded in a soft and beautiful veil. The scenery of the lake and mountains, with the murmuring water, creates a glimmering scene, reminiscent of a landscape painting where “The mountains look like a range when viewed in face, and look like a single peak when viewed from the side”, offering different charms from near to far, invoking infinite imagination and allowing the soul to become intoxicated in this tranquil canvas.


▽湖光山色,水流潺潺 The Scenery of the Lake and Mountains, with the Murmuring of the Stream


02 一段自然的细语 A Whisper of Nature

明月松间照 , 清泉石上流 The Bright Moon Shines among the Pines While a Clear Spring Flows Over the Stones


The water glides quickly between the fingers, carrying the gentle affection of the years, touching the softest part of the heart, initiating a conversation with nature, resonating the heart with the emotions of the earth. The flowing water is like poetry, gently trickling, as the pulse of time, carrying the secrets of the years, allowing the soul to settle.


▽流水如诗 Water Flowing like Poetry


花龛瀑布侧,青壁石林杪 Beside the Flower Niche Waterfall, at the Edge of the Green-walled Stone Forest, a Small Stream Flows between the Mountain Stones


The creek is flowing in the stones with the gentle breeze causing the water to babble like a tender melody. The chirping of birds in the forest seems to sing for this serene greenery. The sound of the flowing water and the bird calls are woven together to form a harmonious and leisurely canvas, leading us to become lost in the rhythm of nature.


▽耳畔潺潺的流水声,如诗般细腻 The Babbling Sound of the Water by the Ears, Delicate as Poetry



The water is like melodious music, flowing gently down from the stone cracks, emitting a natural clear sound. Let’s slow down the pace, melt with the flowing water, and talk with the time, to perceive the delicate life and the profound nature. With the sound of mountains and rivers, the annoying noise is gone completely.



03 一场岁月的交响 A Symphony of the Years

拨云寻古道,倚石听流泉 Clear the Clouds to Find the Ancient Path, and Lean on the Rock to Listen to the Flowing Spring


Each stone tells a story, and every texture marks the passage of time. Listening to the voice of the stones is listening to the deep affection of the years, and is a dialogue with nature, and a resonance with the natural world.



声喧乱石中,色静深松里 The Boisterous Sounds amid the Stones, and the Tranquil Hues Deep within the Pines


Japanese gardening master Shunmyo Masuno once said: “Stones possess the soul of stones, and wood bears the spirit of wood. In the relationship between people, between humans and nature, and between humans and objects, doing what one ought to do with full dedication and living fervently, makes for a meaningful lifestyle.” The true essence of life is akin to the stories each stone narrates—sometimes stirring, sometimes serene—creating a delicate and rich tapestry of the connection between humans and nature.



深溪横古树,空岩卧幽石 Deep Streams Run beside Ancient Trees while Secluded Rocks Rest in Tranquil Stone Gardens


Gardens have always harbored a special sentiment for stones, drawing people to constantly explore and engage in dialogue with them. Each resonance with a stone is a perception of the rhythm of life, like listening to a symphony of nature. Attune your heart to listen, and you can embark on a journey of the soul.


▽水石相接,静卧其侧 Where Water and Stones Connect, We Lie Quietly by Them


04 一缕飘渺的梦境 A Wisp of an Ethereal Dream

海上升明月,天涯共此时 When the Moon Rises above the Sea, We Share the Same Moment across the Ends of the Earth


When the lanterns are first lit, we see a bright moon and a pool of clear water. The bright moon is hanging on the universe like a silver plate, shining upon the vast water area. The rippling water surface is like a silver mirror, reflecting the bright moonlight. When we stand by the water and taste the clear light, we feel as if we are in a fairyland.



湖光秋月两相和,潭面无风镜未磨 The Lake and Autumn Moon Echo with Each Other in Harmony while the Windless Pond Is Like an Unpolished Mirror


The lakeside lanterns are swaying, and the water is sparkling, like a vast expanse of starscape. Wandering through the interplay of light and shadow in the forest, you will be immersed in the beautiful rhythm of the night, enjoying nature’s dreamlike canvas of light and shadow.




A bridge stretches over the lake as if it is the gateway to a dream. The water is flowing quietly, with its glimmer twinkling in the night, pulsating like the earth’s heartbeat.




The night breeze caresses your face, carrying the fresh scent of flowers and earth, letting it permeate the entire woodland. The sound of the breeze rustling the leaves between the trees is coming to you as if nature is whispering by your ear, recounting a story that belongs to the night.


▽夜阑人静,心感于林 In the Deep Silence of the Night, the Heart Is Moved by the Forest



项目名称:青岛海信 · 君玺
项目规模:大区 37000 ㎡ ,示范区景观 5800 ㎡
照片摄影:ZOOM 琢墨建筑摄影

Project Name: Qingdao Hisense Junxi
Project scale: 37000㎡ , Demonstration Zone 5800㎡
Completion time:2023
Owner: Hisense Group Co., Ltd
Design unit: SHUISHI
Job Description: Landscape Design
Landscape Design: SHUISHI Landscape Changsha Studio, Landscape department VI
Photo Photography: ZOOM ARCH Photography Studio




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