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MOON Architects: Returning wanderers “this place is my hometown at peace”, and passing visitors “wait for the road before dawn”, and every memory takes root in their hearts.




The inspiration of ROOTS design and inspiration originated from the seeds accidentally sown by artist Mao Ying. She recorded the fragments of these random seeds rooting and germinating, and combined her memories of living in a foreign country for more than ten years and the fragments of consciousness to extract a large-scale art installation The concept of ROOTS conveys the state and mood of “returning travelers” and “travelers” in a foreign land in a constructive way. The memories and stories of coming to a foreign land are like the growth of plants in nature. ROOTS uses nature as inspiration to construct a series of metaphors for the process of planting, rooting, sprouting, climbing, flowering and fruiting. The short but brilliant encounters flicker like light. The weight and lightness seem eternal in the ever-changing time and light.


▼ 具有仪式感的空间地景装置 The installation has a special appearance and a sense of ritual



In the design, keywords such as linear, interweaving, vertical, tubular, upward, light, and three-dimensional are extracted, and the geometrical abstract construction of planting, rooting, sprouting, climbing, flowering, spreading, and entanglement is constructed.



▼ 透过树枝看装置 Look at the device through the branches



The viewer relaxes himself in the forest, brings emotions into a non-material state, experiences the feelings and a wide range of emotions it brings, the experience and power it brings, and imagines the relationship between self and the world and nature , Still water flows deep.


▼ 装置与周围环境 The installation and surroundings

▼ 装置夜景 Installation night view

▼ 装置灯光细节 Installation lighting details



When ROOTS was exhibited in the forest, the artist Mao Ying described the endless entanglement and connection between man and nature: “We are emotional beings. I believe that art has transcendence only when it can touch our senses. When the participants saw the scene of ROOTS on display, when the passive object transformed into a part of the work and the scene, what I expressed became no longer important, what was important was what the viewer felt, this the scene itself has meaning.”


▼ 装置中不断生长的青苔 Growing life in the installation

▼ 细节 Details



Through extensive research on 3D printing materials, MOON Architects has finally determined in order to achieve recyclability, light weight, high strength, high light transmittance, high surface gloss, corrosion resistance, and UV aging resistance. PETG pellets were selected, and ROOTS was made by 3D printing.


▼ 3D打印小样研究过程 Prototype research process

▼ 打印过程 Print process of ROOTS


ROOTS是木月建筑设计事务所 (MOON Architects)的一次艺术体验的尝试,试图将观者从纯粹的观察者,变成真实的体验者,见证如何化司空见惯为别出心裁,化日常之平常为神奇。

ROOTS is an art experience attempt by MOON Architects, trying to transform the viewer from a pure observer to a real experiencer, witnessing how to transform commonplace into ingenuity, and transform everyday ordinary behavior.


▼ 森林调研 Forest Research

▼ 搭建过程 Construction Process

▼ 邀请了近30位艺术家见证ROOTS在森林里亮灯 Invited nearly 30 artists to witness ROOTS lighting up in the forest


ROOTS是‘设计上海(Design Shanghai)2021’展览的受邀作品,同时也受邀在上海市崇明岛的‘一吨森林’进行展出。

ROOTS is the invited work of the ‘Design Shanghai 2021’ exhibition and was also invited to exhibit at the ‘One Ton of Forest’ on Chongming Island in Shanghai.


▼ 平面图 Plan

▼ 前视图 Front elevation



▼ 立面图 Elevation

▼ 剖面图 Section

▼ 装配图 Assembly





Project Name: ROOTS
Design Firm: MOON Architects
Website: www.moon-architecture.com
Contact e-mail: info@moon-architecture.com
Design & Completion Year: 2021
Principal Architect: Mao Ying
Design Team: Zhang Shuhang、Fu Yibin、Jia Wei、Cai Li、Fan Xuanqi、Wang Xin、Li Dandan
Curato: Tan Zhuo、Chen Xi
Structural Consultant: Zhao Zihan
Construction Consultant: Mei Caizhao
Project Location: Design Shanghai 2021、Shanghai Chongming Island
Area: 10㎡
Photo Credits: Lu Yunbo、Liu Ruite、MOON Architects



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