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Fangxing Design:In April 2020, Shenzhen Ace Design and Development Co., Ltd. was commissioned by Shenzhen Park Management Center to build a permanent landscape exhibition garden for the World Horticultural Exposition representing Shenzhen.






The design team approached the project in two directions: Is the traditional presentation of exhibition garden mode depicting a closer spatial connection or promoting a particularly helpless spatial isolation?

The display nature of exhibition garden often become its dominant significance. In a diverse and competitive exhibition venue, each exhibition garden completes its self-expression through site division, resulting in the fragmentation of the site and narrative – creating spatial islands between exhibition gardens.

The team held that the construction of the exhibition garden can truly connect and interact with the site in terms of behavior.



设计理念 Design Concept


Instead of traditional gardening techniques, the team decided to combine the topography of the site to create a sunken landscape field. The main structure is leveled with the site to completely blend in with the environment. Combining the unique relationship between the site and structure creates a vertical circular circulation line that fully amplifies the experience of visiting the garden.


▽游园局部鸟瞰 Aerial view



The theme of Shenzhen Garden is “Symbiosis Ring”, which showcases the first layer of symbiosis – that is, the coexistence of people, city, and nature. The exhibition subject unfolds its narrative through a double-ring structure, consisting of a downward ring that embeds in the natural ecology of the earth and an upward ring that grows the urban vitality, with the double-ring intersection forming symbiosis, generating the second layer of symbiosis – that is, the coexistence of landscape and site. Shenzhen Garden is located in the center of the entire exhibition garden, facing the surrounding gardens with an “ring” attitude, to convey the third layer of symbiosis – that is, the coexistence of exhibition gardens.


▽设计效果图 Design effect drawing

▽实景呈现 Reality presentation


设计演变 Design evolution


step1场地 Step 1: Site


step2构造 Step 2: Structure


step3装置 Step 3: Device


Making full use of the downward terrain of the venue.

The eco-ring embeds in the ground, gathering mass flow and enhancing spatial attraction, breaking the monotonous landscape spatial pattern.

The vitality ring breaks out of the ground and structures a circular runway to satisfy visitors’ complete loop and welcome tourists with an open attitude.

By creating a green, open and coordinating multi-dimensional interactive effect, the devices offer tourists multiple experiences in aspects like ecology, plants, viewing, thinking, leisure, sports, and education, etc.. Apart from the above, the devices are designed to provide tourists perception of exploration, novelty and spatial release, creating unique Shenzhen story from a three-dimensional perspective.


▽设计演变 Design evolution


园艺构造 Horticultural Structure



There are four detailed points in the horticultural structure design:
1. The four seasons energy diagram is created to display the plants characteristics of Shenzhen under subtropical monsoon climate.
2. The “ring” is used as a container, forging a rich plant layering in the exhibition garden. The selection of arbors is inspired by the natural landscape style of tropical regions, maintaining a four-season evergreen appearance and bringing sustainable landscape experiences to visitors. For the selection of small shrubs, plants with colorful and changing flowering periods are often used to ensure the freshness of the overall color of the exhibition garden. Plants with elegant and refined colors are chosen to present landscaping. The team displayed plants at the bottom and on the back side by matching shading plants with ferns unique to Shenzhen;
3. The team decided to complement the plug-in upper ring runway with the park road, linking with the overall path of the venue, and fitting in with the venue in function;
4. Sound medium, water vapor spray and other atmosphere elements are utilized to shape the tone of whispering in the garden.



游园体验 Experience of touring the garden


The garden is designed to promote a multi-dimensional spatial perspective between the original terrain and the newly constructed structural organization, thereby connecting the main tour line experience curve: Stealth – discovery – entry – depth – reflection – looking back – water experience – viewing platform – overlooking, and a series of behavioral and visual experiences, strengthening the perception of the garden.


▽多维度空间演绎 Multi-dimensional spatial deduction

▽流线设计分析 Streamline design analysis



The design draws on the spatial characteristics of the garden’s winding paths, paired with the circular structure of the inner circle mirror, to create a sense of experience for visitors entering the garden through self-reflection. The use of one-way mirror material elements enhances the visual experience and internal and external inversion during the path. When visitors arrive at the lowest point of the site, they will be surrounded by the mirror image, falling into the illusion of the garden, while overlooking the mirror, they can also see the path they have walked through in its entirety.


▽游园整体鸟瞰 Aerial view



Through the interaction between road height difference and site design, the exhibition garden can present different viewing effects in various spatial dimensions.


▽多维度游览体验 Multi-dimensional tour experience


设计师后话 Designer’s Afterword


When we proposed the concept of “Symbiotic Ring” two years ago, we were confident and expecting for open communication. In the last two years, the International Horticultural Exposition was intermittently opened and closed due to various reasons. It seemed that various exhibition gardens that should have greeted the world has lost its significance. Perhaps “loss” does not necessarily mean no meaning. Let us return to 2020 again. At that time, what we needed was a permanent landscape exhibition garden.


▽施工过程 Construction process


▽平面图 Plan



项目位置:中国 江苏   扬州

Project Name: Shenzhen Garden “Symbiotic Ring” of 2021 Yangzhou International Horticultural Exposition
Design Units and Personnel: Shenzhen Ace Design and Development Co., Ltd./ Liu Zhiyong, Zhu Ziqing, Ma Jiajia, Chen Ziyue Cooperation Partner: Shenzhen Park Management Center Project Location: Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Project Area: Site area of about 2300m2/construction area of 1200m2
Design and Construction Year: Designed in 2020/construction completed in 2021
Photographer: Chen Jie




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