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Belt Collins:Shenzhen Shimao Shenzhen International Center is located in the eastern CBD of Longgang, Shenzhen. Planning has super high-rise office, Commercial complex, High-end apartment, Top luxury hotel, Cultural exhibitions and other formats, Intended to help Shenzhen absorb technology development from Hong Kong, Headquarters Economy, High-end industrial resources such as modern service industry, Promote in-depth cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong,Create the eastern core of the Greater Bay Area.


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The landed exhibition center faces the Longgang Dayun Greenland Park. The east side greets the future super high-rise main tower; the north side is adjacent to the central green space. The west side echoes the landscape mountain, Have a unique landscape and city resources.


▼总平面图 Master Plan





When the scrolls of the Silk Road Landscape Map spread out with the veins of the city, The vast landscape stage is also built. Together with this treasure of the times,
The interpretation of the present is the elegance of the present.

The architectural design of the exhibition area is based on the “contemporary interpretation of traditional national rhyme”. It reflects the core concept of “screw scroll” + “three-dimensional garden”. Before planning the landing landscape, The designer made a detailed analysis of the structure of the building. It was found that there was a rotation angle of 120° between the layers. Through the line of sight analysis of the building, the designer constructs the main landscape path around the building in two “petals”. Ensure the visual experience of the interior of the building.


▼概念分析 Concept Design

▼效果图 Perspective



If the building is a scroll that can only look at the picture one or two, then the landscape is to spread the entire scroll. Visitors can enjoy the content. Because the building itself is rich in shape and color, the landscape above is a simpler, calmer color and architectural style. And use elegant lines to increase the visual sense of the project atmosphere.




For the designer, the significance of the landscape is not only the expression of the landscape itself, It is even more about whether the landscape can make the project have commercial value. Social value, Cultural values ​​have been further enhanced and played.


In the project of Shenzhen Shimao Shenzhen International Center, In order to fully release the building tension, Increase the value of the building, the designer’s height for the trees in the landscape expression, Shrub density, Waterscape width,
The size of the lawn has been fully considered and discussed. To ensure that it is outside a certain distance, you can also feel the artistry of the building and the coordination of the landscape. Only the landscape and the building achieve two phases, the inner meaning of the project can be presented and extended. In order to spread the sound that resonates.




The designer used a large water surface to create a technique. Extend the landscape space; there are green plants on the surface of the water. Breaking the monotony of the water while echoing the landscape world beyond the water. The sidewalk and model roads are built around the water features. Visitors who drive to the exhibition area can soothe the tired thoughts of driving from the waterscape. Visitors walking into the exhibition area can stroll through the water view. Experience the joy and relaxation of hydrophobicity.




Complementing the mirror waterscape is the lotus leaf in the banded waterscape and the lotus flower in the pool. Such as the pure land that is hard to find in the world, waiting to bring a soul baptism to all beings. Projecting a gaze through the interior of the building, it meets the borderless waterscape and the falling water retaining wall. Immerse yourself in the joy of this water world, this moment, all the troubles are left behind. I just want to devote myself to this paradise on earth.




In the plant configuration of the exhibition space, Designers have adopted innovative and breakthrough methods. Using a compartmentalized plant configuration, forming multiple plant groups in a small space, Like a diamond cut, Divide the boundaries between groups and groups clearly and clearly. And arrange a neat order, and each group is like a finely polished diamond. The edges and corners are brightly lit.




The choice of plant species, the designer gave up the regular ornamental plants. Instead, I chose cactus, Agave is a highly individual plant subject. Because these plants have a distinct expression, when they are placed in the same group, it is easy to make the landscape effect irresistible if not handled properly.




Therefore, the designer has undergone several rounds of adjustments. Choose to separate these plants into a block group, within the group belonging to the plant; Use the same attributes between plants and plants to enhance single-category expressions,Then, these impactful plant groups are subtly blended to form a symbolic landscape of strong experience.




There is a large green lawn outside the exhibition area. From indoor to outdoor, The quietness of the heart began to be shaken, Facing the wide lawn space, Those who want to shout, The idea of ​​running incessantly jumped to my mind at this time. At this moment, the lawn space is cleverly transformed into the “Aladdin’s Lamp” that fulfills the wish. Regarding any mood you want to release, you can enjoy it here.




Not only that, Dynamic lawns can also be a dominant social place. It reduces the function of secondary dusting, allowing people to have a clean and natural environment to enjoy art exhibitions, Participate in outdoor games, Enjoy group yoga and more. The lawn of Shenzhen Shimao Shenzhen International Center has plenty of space. Enough to accommodate friends, relatives, neighbors… Wait until the weekend, about three or two friends, bring parents and children, Or sit on the lawn and bathe in the fresh sunshine. Or accompany the children to have fun and laugh, this moment, the years are good, the time is soft.




Mountains, water, wind and forest are planted in landscape paintings created by traditional culture. It coincides with the concept of the integration of Chinese landscape culture and nature. All living beings are born out of the mountains and waters. Today, with the landing of Shimao Shenzhen International Center, People will return to the wisdom and strength of the landscape culture. Go find the silence of the soul.









Project introduction
Project Location: Da Yun New Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Estate Developer: Shimao group
Landscape Design: Belt Collins
Design Style: Modern
Design Year: 2018
Completion Year: 2019
Site Area: 29000㎡
Landscape Area: 25000㎡
Category: Exhibition area
Photographer: ARC.QW Photography


项目中的植物、材料运用 Application of plants and materials in this project


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