HASSELL: 体育场公园位于西澳大利亚珀斯波斯伍德半岛,新近落成的Optus珀斯体育场便坐落于此。由HASSELL设计、占地41公顷的公园为这一世界级的体育娱乐场馆创造了美不胜收的公共空间,同时也为珀斯当地社区和游客全年无休地提供了一系列令人印象深刻的娱乐设施。

HASSELL: Stadium Park on the Burswood Peninsula in Perth, Western Australia is home to the city’s new Optus Stadium. The 41-hectare precinct, designed by HASSELL, provides a stunning parkland setting for the world-class sports and entertainment venue, as well as an impressive array of casual recreational facilities for Perth’s community, and visitors, to enjoy year-round.


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A major attraction within the precinct is Chevron Parkland, a 2.6-hectare nature-play space that’s designed to engage children and families with the natural environment and connect them with the indigenous cultural heritage of this land known to the Aboriginal community as ‘Whadjuk Noongar’ country.  

Significantly, the Stadium Park development has rehabilitated this prominent site on the eastern foreshore of the Swan River – once a waste ground of the city – to provide a collection of scenic promenades, cycle paths, and flexible event and play spaces, filled with landmark public artworks.






Rehabilitating Stadium Park – creating safe and healthy foundations for fun 

The Stadium Park site had endured significant environmental degradation over many years, due to its past uses as a sewerage treatment facility, cement works and rubbish tip. The Chevron Parkland site presented its own challenges, with its location between the river and the lake making it prone to geological instability and flooding. 

Designers rehabilitated the entire site, making it safe for the community and local wildlife. The capping of contaminants in latent soils, reduction of fertiliser use, and bio-filtering of surface water has improved the micro-organisms found in both the soil and the water. Site flooding has been mitigated through the creation of a series of mounds and undulations; with key play structures situated above the 1-in-100-year flood level and incorporating deep pile footings. 



雪佛龙公园由六个主要区域组成,分别代表了努加(Noongar)的六季——Djeran、Makuru、Djilba、Kambarang、Birak及Bunuru, 再由组合植栽、所用材料、自然游乐主题及教育标识元素得以呈现。另外,还有14件公共艺术品点缀于景观中,其中有十件作品由原住民艺术家创作,八位来自当地Whadjuk社区。

Chevron Parkland comprises six key zones, each representing one of the Noongar seasons – Djeran, Makuru, Djilba, Kambarang, Birak and Bunuru – through planting palettes, materiality, nature-play themes, and interpretive educational signage. A collection of 14 public artworks is also woven through the landscape. Ten of these works are by indigenous artists, with eight of the artists from the local Whadjuk community. 




“我们希望孩子们在雪佛龙公园中发掘对自然的热情。更理想的是他们能成为公园的主人,移动摆放树枝石块,堆起堡垒和小屋,踏出新的小径,搭起瞭望台,挖出秘密据点等,逐渐塑造出公园独具一格的特色。”HASSELL资深景观设计主管Hannah Galloway说。

Another key objective of the Chevron Parkland design was to create an expansive area of urban bushland, where children of all ages can play safely with opportunities to roam free, fully immersing themselves in the natural environment. 

“We want children to discover their passion for nature at Chevron Parkland. Ideally, they will become the stewards of the park – shaping its evolving character through the migration of sticks and stones, the building of forts and cubbies, and forming new paths, lookouts and dens,” said Hannah Galloway, Senior Associate at HASSELL.





To encourage engagement and creativity, a series of nature-play zones were created offering a mix of structured and unstructured activities. They include various climbing, balancing, tunnelling and ‘chill out’ elements, with sand pits and lookouts. Each zone is separated by indigenous planting, creating a sense of discovery and adventure between activities. 

The wider Stadium Park also incorporates a more structured sensory play-space with musical instruments, trampolines, climbing ropes and more. A community arbour links the new HASSELL-designed Stadium Station to the Swan River, BHP Amphitheatre and Boardwalk, playgrounds and picnic areas, and a community sports oval is available for public use on non-game days. 





The design has introduced thousands of native plants creating a beautiful native setting with spectacular vistas across the river to the city. This naturalisation of the parkland and its lake and river edges, provides habitat and food for endemic insects, fish and bird life – including species suitable for foraging by the endangered Black Cockatoo. Native wildflower planting for endemic fauna also supports the cross pollination of plant life throughout the area. 

Risk consultants and the Royal Life Saving Society assessed the waterside play area – informing our positioning of pathways, bio-engineering to water edges, benching of banks, sightlines, signage and CCTV. 






“One of the new stadium’s defining qualities is that it’s set within a park. The parklands are full of engaging places and spaces for community sports, relaxation, entertainment, events and more. There’s something for everyone 365 days of the year.” said Galloway.

Optus Stadium is transforming the way fans experience major sport and entertainment events, re-shaping this Australian city and its landscape in the process.

Every design decision for the multi-purpose, 60,000-seat Optus Stadium in Western Australia was about achieving a singular vision – an unsurpassed visitor experience every time, every event.




The stadium’s innovative design – a collaboration between HASSELL, Cox and HKS – feels distinctly local, with architecture and landscaping that reflect the state’s proud sporting, cultural and Aboriginal heritage.




– “碗”状建筑造型令球迷/歌迷们在体育场的任何位置都拥有绝佳视野

– 国内文娱设施中座位跨度最大的

– 橄榄球模式可容纳六万人,长方模式下可容纳六万五千人,演唱会模式下最多可容纳七万人

– 可举办任何类型的活动——不论是澳式足球、板球、橄榄球还是英式足球,或是演唱会及其它大型文娱活动

A stadium for fans – first and foremost

– ‘Bowl’ configuration gives fans great views from anywhere in stadium

– Widest range of seating and hospitality options in the country

– Seats 60,000 (Australian Rules Football mode), 65,000 in rectangular mode and up to 70,000 in concert mode

– Suits all events – from Australian Rules football, cricket, rugby and soccer to concerts and other major entertainment




– 醒目的古铜色外立面——阳极氧化铝涂层——展现了西澳独特的地质

– 世界一流的LED灯光系统,夜幕降临时能变幻出东道主队的颜色

– 轻量织物打造的体育场顶部覆盖了85%的座位,应对当地炎热晴朗的气候

– 穿过天鹅河直抵市中心的绝佳视野

– 片区内周边的景观设计突出了该地区的土著历史与文化

A place-based design drawing on ‘the best of the west’

– Striking bronze facade – in anodised aluminium – reflects WA’s unique geology

– State-of-the-art, world-first LED lighting captures home-team colours at night

– Lightweight fabric roof covers 85 percent of seats in this hot, sunny climate

– Spectacular vista across the Swan River to the city centre

– Precinct landscape highlights area’s Aboriginal heritage and culture




– 澳大利亚最大的两个“超级屏幕”(340平米)展示了最前沿的科技

– 内部空间设有超过1000块屏幕,保证不间断的直播覆盖

– 体育场实现无线网络全覆盖

A facility for the digital age

– Two of Australia’s largest ‘super screens’ (340sqm) feature latest technology

– Over 1,000 screens across the interior allow for uninterrupted coverage

– Full Wi-Fi capability throughout the stadium


平面图  Plan


水系分析  River Analysis污染物及交通分析  Contamination and Transportation

项目名称: 珀斯体育场公园及雪佛龙公园
位置: 澳大利亚珀斯波斯伍德半岛
景观设计: HASSELL 
规模: 41公顷(体育场公园)/ 2.6公顷(雪佛龙公园) 
竣工时间: 2017年12月 
客户: 西澳大利亚政府
总包/开发商: Multiplex
协作方 建筑设计: Westadium Consortium(HASSELL、COX和HKS联合体)
原住民文化顾问小组: Whadjuk工作小组
顾问 景观设计承建商: Deep Green Landscaping
公共艺术顾问: FORM
艺术家: Tjyllyungoo Lance Chadd, Jade Dolman, Chris Drury, Flint Edwards, Sharyn Egan, Miranda Farmer, Kylie Graham, Norma McDonald, Barry McGuire, Laurel Nannup, Fiona Reidy, Kim Scott, Jonathan Tarry, Chris Nixon & Tom Lucey (with Ned Beckley, Sam Price and Steve Berrick)
图片: Robert Frith (Acorn Photography); Peter Bennetts; HASSELL

Project name: Stadium Park & Chevron Parkland
Location: Burswood Peninsula, Perth, Australia
Landscape: Architect HASSELL 
Scale: 41 ha (entire Stadium Park)/ 2.6 ha (Chevron Parklands) 
Completed:  December 2017 
Client: Western Australian Government
Contractor/Developer: Multiplex
Collaborators Architecture: Westadium Consortium (comprising HASSELL, COX & HKS); Indigenous Consultation Group: Whadjuk Working Party
Consultants Landscape Contractor: Deep Green Landscaping; Public Art Consultant: FORM
Artists: Tjyllyungoo Lance Chadd, Jade Dolman, Chris Drury, Flint Edwards, Sharyn Egan, Miranda Farmer, Kylie Graham, Norma McDonald, Barry McGuire, Laurel Nannup, Fiona Reidy, Kim Scott, Jonathan Tarry, Chris Nixon & Tom Lucey (with Ned Beckley, Sam Price and Steve Berrick)
Imagery:  Robert Frith (Acorn Photography); Peter Bennetts; HASSELL


项目名称: 珀斯Optus体育场
位置: 澳大利亚珀斯波斯伍德半岛
建筑师: HASSELL / Cox / HKS  
规模: 60,000人
竣工时间: 2017年
客户: Brookfield Multiplex 
协作方: Cox / HKS
图片: Peter Bennetts

Project name: Optus Stadium
Location: Burswood Peninsula, Perth, Australia
Architect: HASSELL / Cox / HKS  
Scale: 60,000 seats 
Completed:  2017
Client: Brookfield Multiplex 
Collaborators: Cox / HKS
Imagery:  Peter Bennetts


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