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B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio:Diverse spaces and versatile components make up the experience of daily life in a freely growing city. People can make use of the opportunities offered in contemporary society without constraint. They can unleash their imagination on these “protrusions” into the urban fabric. It allows new and unique possibilities to happen. Creative people can use these “protrusions” to make spaces that are no longer dedicated to a single purpose, but multifunctional spaces with temporary activities instead. In that moment, the sense, of life and home, is created.


▽城市寄生家具计划 Symbiotic Urban Furniture Project 

©亚洛文化 潮声


平滑城市 Smooth City


Most modern cities have gradually lost their local texture and “protrusions.” We have lost our ability to shape cities, and our lives have become regimented under efficient operating rules. The interaction between people and cities is no longer as diverse as it used to be. With the decrease of individual activities, the transient sense of home has also disappeared.


▽平滑城市smooth city


▽人们在网边创造出的生活the life near the mesh


▽随手挂urban casual style


▽“生长”出生活的城市空间urban space with life


▽城市家具urban furniture



寄生家具 Symbiotic Relationship



A symbiotic relationship is defined as such: when two creatures live together closely, one is gaining energy from the other, or they are benefiting mutually. To meet people’s diverse requirements, we bring individual life and urban space together through designing new urban furniture. We call this multi-functional facility “Symbiotic Urban Furniture.” Through this furniture series, we hope to bring back a sense of home to urban public space.

The furniture relies on the urban spaces, and the urban spaces become lively because of the furniture.


▽家具“寄生”在城市构件上the symbiotic relationship between the furniture and the urban space




城市寄生家具计划 Symbiotic Urban Furniture Project

北京UCCA Lab的“生活之内——Jya艺术项目”曾展出过第一批《城市寄生家具计划》。在第九届深港城市\建筑双城双年展中展出的是第二批《城市寄生家具计划》。第一批家具采用了钢板和黑胡桃为主要材料,在展厅内主要展现了五种城市场景中家具的寄生形态。

The first version of “Symbiotic Urban Furniture Project” was exhibited at UCCA Lab in Beijing. The second version is showed at the 9th Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in Shenzhen. The main materials of the first version in Beijing are steel and walnut. Five different urban scenes were installed in the exhibition to show the symbiotic relationship between the furniture and the city.


▽于UCCA Lab展出的《城市寄生家具计划》“Symbiotic Urban Furniture Project” at UCCA Lab

©Ruijing Photo



“Symbiotic Urban Furniture Project” is in the section “More-than-Human Adventure” and the special section “Shelter for Urban Animals.” In “More-than-Human Adventure,” the furniture is on the outdoor stairs, offering space for people to enjoy the sunshine and meet new friends. On the large stairs, a large table and a long table are for gathering. The long benches also offer space for people to sit together. If anyone wants to be alone, the individual chair and the small bench are the best choices. When a handrail which people always pass by meets a small table hanged on it, the handrail becomes an attractive space for people to stop, stay, and have a cup of coffee. When the large rough column is embraced by a chair and a table board, it becomes popular.


▽“城市寄生家具”们“Symbiotic Urban Furniture”


▽家具排列在场地中arranged furniture


▽台阶上的家具the furniture on the stairs

©亚洛文化 潮声

▽俯瞰家具the bird view of the furniture 

©亚洛文化 潮声

▽可以排排坐的长凳&可以一个人看书发呆的小凳子与小椅子 the long bench for people to sit together & the small bench for people to read and think alone

▽挂在栏杆上的小桌板the small table on the handrail

©亚洛文化 潮声

▽挂在墙上的置物架the shelf and information board hanged on the wall

©亚洛文化 潮声

▽“寄生”在台阶上的长桌和板凳the long table and benches relay on the stairs

©亚洛文化 潮声

▽竹集成材自然的质感Laminated Bamboo Lumber keeps the natural feeling

©亚洛文化 潮声
©亚洛文化 潮声



In the special section “Shelter for Urban Animals,” a “shelter” for people and cats relies on an easily ignored corner near the equipment of fire hydrant. The corner becomes a comfortable space because of the furniture. The “shelter” embraces people and the lower space made of soft cloth is the comfortable home for cats. People and cats become “roommates” and good friends here.


▽猫“窝”a cat in the “shelter”

©亚洛文化 潮声

▽“寄生”在墙角的家具the furniture relies on the corner

©亚洛文化 潮声

▽城市空间中的“窝”the “shelter” in the city

©亚洛文化 潮声




After the opening, people use the furniture in their own way. They have a cup of coffee and enjoy food here. Also, some people sit and turn on their laptops to work on the tables. Near them, someone is reading a book with music in the headphone. Occasionally, people who is painting can be found here. The large tables are great places for people to have a chat or unfold their maps to find the next destination. Also, here is a good choice to enjoy sunshine.

Different people meet each other here. Some of them start their first dialogue. Some of them are still enjoying individual time while they are sitting in the crowd. It is such a surprise that a lot of people take group photos here to keep this happy moment.


▽独处和共享staying alone and sharing in the space


▽“寄生”家具激活了空间,空间“生长”出了生活the space becomes attractive because of the furniture 


▽寄生”家具激活了空间,空间“生长”出了生活the space becomes attractive because of the furniture


▽夜间依然受欢迎的空间 The space is still popular in the night 




摄影:亚洛文化 潮声、谢舒婕、青山周平、锐景摄影——广松美佐江/宋昱明(北京展览的摄影)

Project Name: Symbiotic Urban Furniture Project
Project Type: Furniture for Exhibition
Project Location: 9th Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in Shenzhen
Design: B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio
Design Team: Shuhei Aoyama, Yoko Fujii, Shujie Xie, Shuokai Zhang, Di Ma, Qiyang Zhang (Intern), Ziying Bu (Intern)
Design Period: May, 2022-September, 2022
Manufacturing Period: September, 2022-November, 2022
Exhibition Period: December 11, 2022-March, 2023
Main Materials: Laminated Bamboo Lumber, aluminum alloy
Photography: Anson (Araw Culture Communication Co.,Ltd.), Shujie Xie, Shuhei Aoyama, Ruijing Photo (photos for the exhibition in Beijing)
Sponsor: Cabana




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