Shanghai JEGOPLAY Group:Beira Town is located at Guangming Village, Bairuopu Town, Wangcheng District, Changsha. The total planning area is about 3 square kilometers and total investment is about 1.8 billion RMB. The first phase of this project covers an area of 132 acres and its investment is nearly 500 million yuan. Surrounded by the mountain and the river, Beira Town has more than 100 equipments from Germany, France, the United States and other world’s top unpowered amusement equipment countries. Its core value includes independent research and development of children’s high-quality education and training. Beira Town has become a youth quality education parent-child paradise with unpowered theme.


▼航拍贝拉小镇全景  An aerial shot of Beira Town



Beira Town is consisted of 9 themed unpowered playing and training equipment areas: Exploring Flight; Intelligence Valley; Courage Slide; Climbing Relay; Running Acceleration; Forest Crossing; Strongest Brain; Fish Jumping and Box Space. With more than 100 advanced non-powered equipments, which provide high quality training value for children, the park was officially launched in October 2017.


▼俯瞰  The overlook


▼青少年素质教育无动力主题亲子乐园  A youth quality education parent-child paradise with unpowered theme


探索飞行  Exploring Flight


The design concept is to make the dream of hovering over the sky come true. As the first playing space after entering the park, Exploring Flight area contains a large aircraft combination, a pirate ship and other amusement equipments.  With the rich amusement functions, it allows children to have fun during exploring and discovering. The colorful floor mats, together of cartoon sky elements, can also help little kids gain awareness of sky.


▼场地位置靠近入口  The location of this area is close to the entrance


▼场地总览  The overview of Exploring Flight


▼大型组合飞机架 Large aircraft combination equipment


▼海盗船设备 Pirate ship equipment


智慧山谷  Intelligence Valley


The location of this area is in the valley. The natural slope gives this area an excellent view. There is a small stage surrounded by musical equipments, which is designed for performing. Children and their parents could experience the wonderful music play, meanwhile, enjoying the beautiful scenery.


▼音乐设备与绿植散布于山坡之上  Musical equipments and the green plants on the steep


勇气滑道  Courage Slide


The iconic high-rise twin towers and the giant slides are the landmarks of Beira town. The 44 meters long, the 18-meter-high slide is stunning. The tower is surrounded by the mountain and rivers. As a result, the player could enjoy the outstanding view while getting through the long slide till entering sand safe zone. The climbing nets, slides, climbing ropes and climbing points are designed based on the changed terrain. They make the steep slope into a dynamic play area. Kids can play and explore without limitation.


▼俯瞰全景  The overview of the courage slide


▼44米超长滑梯  44-meter long super slide


▼玩沙设备丰富多样  A variety of sand-play equipments


攀爬接力  Climbing Relay


The climbing game is the classic program in the unpowered playgrounds. Brave Everest is 13 meters high, and covers a 20meters x 20 meters field. As the most exciting equipment of the whole park, Brave Everest will help the children challenge themselves and build courage during climbing process.


▼高达13米的大型爬网设备勇攀珠峰  13-meter high climbing equipment: Brave Everest


全员加速  Running Acceleration


This area is consisted of the jungle dragon, the synchronized swing, two-way strop and other equipments. Speed is the theme of this area. Lawn, sand and mound can provide enough space for children to run and to have fun, letting them get back to the most innocent childhood.


▼俯拍全景  The Overview of the Climbing Relay


▼蜿蜒的游龙大攀爬非常有气势  The Magnificent Wriggling Jungle Dragon


▼细节  Details


森林穿越  Forest Crossing


The huge Spirit Tree House in this area is very popular. It is the combination of beautiful appearance and functional playing styles, which brings joyful experience for children.


▼精灵树屋  The Spirit Tree House


▼其他攀爬穿越设备  Other Climbing and Crossing Equipments


最强大脑  Strongest Brain


Exploring the unknown, under the lovely wooden house mask,there is maze castle with a hundred turns. It is made of puzzles, unknown roads and different layers of checkpoints. The maze castle can help develop the child’s brain, unlock their exploration ability. After a lot of test, the kids reach the top and finally win the honor. The whole process is full of challenges.


▼最强大脑,挑战之堡  The Strongest Brain, the Castle of Challenge


鱼跃蓝天  The Fish Jumping


The whale shape landform, together with the sunken sand landform, makes a scenery of whale playing ball; the jumping pillows, together with the whale shape, makes the children feel as if they are living in their own territory, imagining themselves as a free whale jumping into the blue sky. Children can play freely and happily in the sea of happiness.


▼俯瞰,鲸鱼地形  The Overview of the Whale Shape Landform


集盒空间  The Box Space


The box space is the largest building in Beira Town. It functions not only as a comfortable space for children to rest and eat, but also an indoor playground which provides various courses. This indoor playground has different recreational facilities in each functional area, such as the slide from the second floor, the caterpillar drill barrel, the lovely omelet baby, gives children unforgettable experiences.


▼集合空间  The Overview of the Box Space


▼室内游乐设备  Indoor Playground Equipments


▼游乐设备与建筑密切结合  Equipments and Building are closely combined together


▼平面图  The Master Plan


▼三维效果图  The 3D Rendering




Project Name: The Beira Town
Project Location: Guangming Village, Bairuopu Town, Wangcheng District, Changsha.
Client: Hunan Beira Town Tourism Management Co. LTD
Planning/Design Group: Shanghai JEGOPLAY Group Co. LTD
Construction Drawing Design: Architectural and Design Institute of Hunan Province
Equipments: Shanghai JEGOPLAY Group Co. LTD
Design/Finished Time: October, 2016 – October, 2017
Photos: Qiu, Ripei (Copyright belongs to Shanghai JEGOPLAY Group)


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