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Christos Pavlou Architecture:让城市回归自然虽然并不是一个很新的理念,但它现在正变得越来越重要,特别是像尼科西亚这种没有把绿化和公共区域作为其城市规划优先考虑的城市。

Christos Pavlou Architecture:Bringing nature back to the city although not a new idea it is a growing imperative especially for cities like Nicosia which has failed to make greenery and communal public areas a priority in its urban planning.




During lock-down we rediscovered the essential value of our houses, realising once again our need for more outdoor areas, balconies and rooftops to exercise and practise our hobbies. The need to freely breakout to enjoy open-air spaces and connect with nature and neighbors has become more desirable than ever during the pandemic. But again the virus issue came only to emphasise what is already known through systematically forgotten and ignored, the urge to accelerate the process of incorporating nature in our cities in creative ways.




A house that brings nature back to the city, promoting shared spaces and social dialogue between its residents is what inspired us to design the ‘’garden house’’. Our design emphasises the potential for private urban gardens and the microclimates they create to improve living conditions within cities and slow global warming.




Not hiding behind fences and fully glazed on one side, our proposal aims to form a physical continuation of the adjacent public green area. The house seeks to establish a unified relationship between the neighbourhood, the private garden and the public park. Urban elements such as building, street and public space are not treated as absolute activities in isolation but as one single homogeneous configuration as the house becomes part of the park and the park is included in the house.




The integration of green areas into the house incorporates the planting of gardens on 60% of the ground floor, the use of green terrace on the first floor, the provision of bee-friendly landscapes and 40 kinds of native wildflowers. All areas inside flow on the outer spaces and are organized around a green central courtyard placed in-between two white cubic volumes. Making space for nature in the city not only brings beauty to the urban fabric but encourages the return of local bird species and bees maintaining thus urban biodiversity; furthermore, it promotes human health and well-being.





建筑公司:Christos Pavlou Architecture
公司地点:塞浦路斯 尼科西亚
结构工程师:Andreas Charalambous
景观设计:Solomou Landscaping
机械工程师:G. Katsambas
电气工程:eplan electrical consultants LLC.
铝材设计:Rabel 3D systems.

Project Name: The Garden House in the city
Architecture Firm: Christos Pavlou Architecture
Firm Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 182 sq.m
Structural Engineer: Andreas Charalambous
Landscape: Solomou Landscaping
Mechanical engineer: G. Katsambas
Electrical engineer: eplan electrical consultants LLC.
Aluminium design: Rabel 3D systems.
Project Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Budget: 320.000 euro


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